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Debbie worked hard to save this guy from the deplorable conditions he was in. She managed to bring him to her home and begin rehabilitation. Due to the long term neglect, dear Sonny was unable to stay with her for very long. His brief visit to Debbie and her rescue horses made an impact that stays in her heart today. His presence also affected the rescue horses she currently has in a deep moving way.

Sonny, you gave absolutely everthing you had to those around you. Thank you for spending time with us before duty called you to the Rainbow Bridge. Hopefully you are helping those on the other side of the bridge that felt lost and unloved. We love you all.

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At 22 years old, I was acquired by a lady and her family, who said that they wanted me and would care for me. I do not know why they brought me home.......for I was always very hungry and needed a good drink. I was wasting away and didn't have much energy left.

At 23 years of age and on June 19, 2000.........I was taken home to my final and forever home. My new mom and dad cared for me and kept a close eye on me so that they were sure that my adjustment went well. After a short time, I was deemed healthy and shotted and vetted so that I could remain in the best possible condition that I could be, given the condition that I was in.

You see, I was totally emaciated at about 200 or 300 pounds under weight. My new sisters......Dynasty, Luna and McKayla were very good company and helped me to see that this was a place were I would NEVER again go hungry or be without water. We had a good, green pasture of about an acre to graze in (and I had weaned myself up to all day) and play all day. Water was abundant and my belly was never empty! Breakfast and dinner were always fed and we all had our own homes to rest for the night. I was even given lunch, which was a treat that my sisters did not always know about!

I showed everyone whom I came in contact with just how sweet and pleasant I was to be around. My grooming was a little tougher to do for my she needed to be very careful around the areas that only had skin over the bones. I was getting better as the weight was just starting to show on me. Time was allowing me to rebuild my strength and trot around like a colt again!

I had a great life in my forever home!!!!!

I had to leave to the Rainbow Bridge this evening.............however, I was doing the things that I liked the best.......being alive and grazing! It was my time and I went very quickly and without much distress, but I really hated to leave with no advance notice. My mom is quite upset without me around and my dad is coming home early from school to help to ease some of her pain. I only wish that I could have stayed with them a while longer so that they could have seen just how handsome I could be, on the outside. They all knew of my beauty inside and appreciated every moment and every day that they could spend with us in the pasture!

Sonny Ryan

 Please treasure the time that you have with your loved ones! Life is too short.

I have no words that could express all that Sonny has taught us! Just how someone could care so little about a living creature and to have that guy show no loss of trust for the humans that would care for him!

Sonny was a great friend and will always be remembered



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