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Sophie's Choice
#160 Sorrell TB type mare. Strip. Appx. 12 - 14 yrs. old. Appx. 16-16.1 hands. Rides English. This horse was used as a lesson horse for awhile, but was too hot for the job. Instead of finding her a suitable home, she ended up at a feedlot. She was undernourished and shy. She would require an advanced intermediate rider as she has a lot of energy, especially since she is slowly gaining weight. Choice.



She's home! What a beautiful lady she is. So very sweet and well mannered! I think that at one point in her life she had a good home w/ lots of love cause she really likes to be touched. She wants the attention right now, so that's what she gets. Lots of brushing & scratching. Didn't even flinch when I handled her feet. I'll get the vet & farrier out this upcoming weekend. Then we'll bring over the mare next door so they can gossip up close.

Here's the latest on Sophie from mom Stephani

To rip off the TV ad. "It don't get no better than this" !!! Sophie has been home a little over a week, and we are having an amazing time of it. She follows me around like a big puppy, and head butts me if I turn my back to do something. My neighbors are soooo jealous, as they had bent my ear with all sorts of "advice" about feedlot horses and the attitudes that come with them. Blah, Blah, Blah. So much for that little tidbit..

She had a pedicure done, and seems quite proud of her pretty feet. The vet came & gave her a thumbs up. She took her shots like a stoic lady, didn't even flinch. Bath time was exciting, she seems to really enjoy it (not just tolerate it, but enjoy it!). I'll have her teeth floated before we try out bits. She's put on about 30 lbs so far, but I still want to get more weight on her before I get on her back. Till then, she has a nice sized "yard" in which to run around. She's been prancing about, and acting pretty frisky so we'll walk on down the street to the arena and work on the lunge line. 

Thank you Gail for bringing us together. I never even dared to hope that she 'd be so sweet and ready to play so quick. I promise pictures next time. Funny how a camera won't work without a battery.    Stephani



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