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#277. Buckskin QH mare. 13 yrs. old. Appx. 15 - 15.1 hands. This mare is broke to ride. She is a broodmare who may be in foal to a registered QH stallion. (Bred, but has not been checked). She is registered, but her papers were lost. It looks as if she was in an accident as she has scarring along her shoulder and back. She moves a little loose in the back end at the trot. Perhaps a chiropractor could be of help to this mare?



Spirit, thinks she has died and gone to heaven!!! my friend and her kids fell in love with her. and she clicked with them in a way i have never seen. so now she is living with them. the girls ride her in gymkhana...walk/trot type thing. she has had chiro care and massage therapy and therapy on her leg that you can hardly tell she has a limp. in the cold sometimes it can give a little problem, but not a big deal to her. she keeps on going. she is on 20 acres with 5 other horses, has a nice barn to live in during the bad weather, has all the feed her piggy little butt can eat, she looks great. has an awesome shine to her self too, not only her coat, but in her eyes. i BIG difference from the day i picked her up. i really hated parting with her, but if you had seen how these guys and spirit clicked you couldn't have said no either.


i have been doing some stretching exercises on spirits hind leg. the first day i worked with her she just stood there. didn't fight me or anything. i was so happy that she worked with me on this. i think she knows that i'm trying to help her. i'm going to see about massage therapy here soon. need to find the right person. put spirit in with the other horses the other day. some butt kickn' went on and once ms. pea decided she wanted to get in on it i thought ok, enough for one day. everyone up. with her bad legs and can't take a chance of her getting kicked. so i alternate, spirit out the others up, the others up spirit out. course the others think they should be out all the time and keep the newbie up!! today i took spirit down to the bottom of the hill away from the others. i let her go! course i knew what she was going to do!! she took off running up the hill. just wanted to see how she ran. she has a very very nice lope. no gimpieness in it at all. now if i can just get the kink worked out of her in a walk and trot! she talked the whole way up the hill too!!! i just love spirit so much. i can't wait until they can all be in the same pasture together. i know that will help bring out her personality. being in a pen alone makes one tend to be a little standoffish and leary. but when i do go in with her she just loves her hugs and kisses. i thank the Lord every day for my kids!!!! :) they are all special to me! even if ms. pea plowed me down trying to get to her food!!! geesh, you'd think she had never eaten a day in her life the way she bolted out!! but i love her too :)


Spirit is testing my patience! course what she doesn't know it that i have alot!!!!! the other morning i got up she had pushed her pipe corral over about 2 feet away from the other horses. she had this look on her face of "oh mommy look i did good, i am where i should be with the other horses" "aren't you proud of me mommy". course i couldn't help but laugh. got the fence moved back. went to work all was fine. last night she started pacing all over her pen. the horses would be nearby but dark and she couldn't see them as well. i stand out with her massaging her and just rubbing her all over getting her used to me and she relaxes. so i go inside. i come back out about an hour or so later and she has not pushed the fence into a diamond shape and one corner is now pushing against the other horses fence and the leg is resting on their water trough! ok...1am who's up besides me!!??? no one! so what do i do, i call the police!! course they probably think i'm a nut case! so two cops show up!! teeheeteehee we get the pen back (there was no way the pen could stay the way it was because the ground slants and the pen was up in the air and she would have got out or cut herself on the legs that weren't touching. ok, the cops leave. i pull my car next to the fence and put blankets around it so my car doesn't get beat up. i take my truck and put it on a corner well just cuz i could!!! this morning i get up and she has worked up a sweat because tired dummy me doesn't realize she can't see through the truck and she can't see the other horses!!! so she still managed to push the fence off to the side now so she can look around the truck to see them!! ok i'm sleepy now!! but she stinks. so she cools off everyone eats breakfast course spirit has to check every two bitefuls and make sure no one has left!! i later go to the feed store trusting her to stay put! come back and get her new halter on her and take her out and give her a very much needed bath! scrub her up give her some hay to eat when she is done because she was sooooooooooooooo goooood in getting her bath! course now i'm totally exhausted. 3 hours sleep isn't much to work on!!! she is dry and i took pictures (she looks so purdy and so shiney and so clean) and smells so much better!!! she is in her pen with some hay and the others have hay so they will stay close by. ok i know she needs a 21 day quarantine but she may only get a 5 day!!!! i have to consider her working herself up in this heat and causing a heat stroke and killing herself, or taking the chance and hoping she is healthy! i didn't hear of any strangles cases going on at the lot so keeping my fingers crossed she gets the idea she HAS to stay by herself in eyeball distance of the other horses!! ok...she's worn me out and she has only been her 4 days!!! but i sure do love her! and now i can give her kisses without smelling that nasty smell on her!!!!


well she is HOME :) oh she is such a doll. she loves to be kissed on the nose. she was so calm while waiting for her limo ride home. ended up having to hire someone because the trailer i was going to use had a bad axle. we noticed this after we got down the road from my house. so good thing we noticed it then and not after she was loaded. and finding someone on such short notice was a challenge but we did it. and i am going to scan his card gail to post on the transportation section. his name was jim tice. very nice man. he had a camera in the trailer and could watch her the whole ride home. she was sweaty just as soon as she loaded. i had to remind her it wasn't me driving the trailer!!!! she loaded great and rode just as well. she hasn't come in to heat again since she was in with the stallion so if she is in foal she is 30 - 45 days. going to give her a few days of adjusting to her new surroundings before i start having someone poking and proding her. she picks up her feet for you, she does have shoes on the front. as far as her hind end goes will see what the vet says. i have heard that chiro care can cause the foal to be lost and i think the route i will take until after she foals is massage therapy and some stretching exercises. her back hind left leg feels real tight. and she just needs to have it worked gently to get back some of the stretch in it! she trotted fine while we were at the lot but coming out of the trot she stumbled in the back. whatever it is that is wrong with her will be taken care of to help her but also will make sure her baby is not harmed. her sweet face just says how wonderful of a mare she is and how good a friend she will be also. oh she isn't to sure about my dogs. the other horses have been talking to her and trotting around so i think tonight i will put the chain on up front. they are all in safe but the deadbolt won't hurt!!! :) this weekend i will bathe her because she smells like an auction house!!! i did brush her when i got her home and she stood there like a champ. but the tail will have to wait until i can get some conditioner in it to get the tangles out! she is a dun because of the line down her back. oh i could go on about her. will get pics up just as soon as she is cleaned up. and of course after i develop them!!!



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