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Destiny Spirit
#647 - Chestnut/white Paint Filly. This is one of the foals that was born late and weaned early. Upon arrival she was very small. She is finally putting on weight and starting to grow.




Destiny is growing bigger and from what I gather must be almost 18 months old now. She is doing great. She is still small though, about 14.2 hands and I'm not sure if she'll get much bigger. She has small bones and feet and has a really petite face. I call her my little princess. Man, is she spoiled! (my fault!) I adopted another foal (filly) from the BLM who is roughly the same age as Destiny about a month after I got her so she could have a playmate. She is definately the main mare. So bossy!!! Not to mention she loves to eat manes and tails. She turns on the hoses, pulls off everyones fly masks and loves to play tag. She comes and nudges you with her head...your it!....and she starts running. Although one day when I was cleaning stalls she decided it was time to play and "tagged" me face first into the dirt! What a brat! But she's my brat, and I love her to death.

I have started her under saddle (never mounted yet) and she is doing beautifully. She lunges perfectly, anticipates and takes cues, and is really willing to please. She readily accepts the bit and does not mind being cinched at all. I will continue to ground break her throughout the end of this year, long reining her from behind with a cavesson, and have her master that before I attempt to mount her (probably next summer when shes closer to 2 and a half). She is going to be a fun ride, thats for sure. It's two mustangs are like rent horses...she's the one with all the oomph!
She would make an awesome show horse as her movements are flawless and she is some looker. Her markings are beautiful. I can't even tell you how much money I have been offered for her. I've even been told to name a price. My response is always the same, "There isn't enough money in the world".


The farrier was out Wednesday and she did great. No problem whatsoever. Farrier says that she will grow out of the angled pastern and there is no need for corrective shoes. I will just need to take a little off the front every week or so with a rasp and she should be fine.

The doctor was out yesterday and gave her the 3 way immunization. I passed on the intra-nasal strangles vaccine as I think she is still too little. Maybe when she is a yearling I'll give it to her. Maybe not. I feel that the strangles immunization is still questionable.

She is so great! I wish I had five more like her!!!!


Just wanted to give you an update on my beautiful girl.

"Destiny Spirit" is her new name. Everybody yelled at me because they thought Spirit wasn't a "pretty" enough name for her.

Destiny is an absolute dream. Within the first hours of having her, she let me braid her mane and tail and completely brush her out. On the second day, she was halter broke and letting me lead her around the pen like she had done it a hundred times before. She is so loving and affectionate with everybody, horse or human. She nickers and whinnies at the other horses to say hi and will barely let you muck her stall because she wants to be right by your side. She is so calm and trusting that if she is laying down, she will let you sit right in front of her and she wont even attempt to move or get up. Once a day she is let out into the arena with a 1 1/2 year old filly so they can run and play for half an hour to an hour. She loves this time the most. It is so cute to see her run and frolick about. She has grown taller and has lost her protruding belly (after several wormings) and her coat is soft and shiny. She gets 2-3 flakes of alfafa per day supplemented with Grow Colt, sweet feed and baby carrots.

The farrier will be out this Wednesday for a trim. She will lift her hoof no problem, but is still a little squiemish when I try to pick them so it should be fun. She has a slight too much angle to her left pastern so we might also have to do some corrective shoeing.

Gail- I am so estatic that she is mine. I am honored to be able to take care of such a magnificiant animal. To think of the fate she would have had if not for you........
Destiny Spirit and I am forever indebted to you. You gave her the chance to grow into a happy, healthy mare. A opportunity her mother never had.

I cant wait to get another one of these incredible foals. My heartfelt respect goes out to you for what you do for these animals.


Her new name is Spirit and her new mom is Lana! Lana has already given Spirit a beauty treatment and braided her mane! Now....about that manicure, facial, massage......



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