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Remember the Appaloosa that was rescued from Catalina Island, CA? The owner was going to shoot him because he was going blind and could not be used in their riding stable. Well, meet Splash!



Splash went to a home that had hoped to have a nice trail horse, despite his disability. Splash came to us skinny as a rail (I guess they dont' feed you if you can't work!) He is putting on weight and is one of the most gentle, trusting horses I have come across. Unfortunatley, poor Splash is quite blind. We have been trying to find a home for a blind horse, but to no avail until Linda from Equus Sanctuary stepped in. Linda has over 300 horses that she has saved, including a few blind ones. She wants Splash to come live with her gang of visually impaired horses for the rest of his life!! Thank you Linda! To see what wonderful work Linda and the Equus Sanctuary are up to, please go to:

Splash will be leaving for Linda's ranch on Sunday morning. A wonderful woman named Stacey N. will be carrying this precious cargo to his new home and making darn sure he arrives safe and sound!.



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17130 Van Buren Blvd., #45
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Tel: 951-943-0627
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