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Star (Bay)
#260 Older Bay TB mare. Star. Appx. 15-3 to 16 hands. Registration papers not yet available, but will be. This mare is very sore in the front end. Apparently she has been sore for quite some time. She did not get in foal this year and somehow found her way to a feedlot.



Just wanted to thank you all for the help that you have given me and Star and to let you know that her pain finally ended today.More than likely, despite heavy antibiotics she had gone septic and rather than her heart valves it went to her brain.She went quickly with me by her side in the form a seizure she could not shake.

She fought a hard fight and to the end she showed a determination and will to live that simply amazed everyone who came into contact with her-a fighter to the end is how she chose to be remembered,and it will be how I will always remember her.

DealNashua-Star 4/4/82-11/23/01


I called the vet out for her "looseness,"(which is due to her rapidly dwindling muscle tone)and the fact that this medication seems to have No affect on her whatsoever,other than terrible taste. She has her good days and her bad days-yesterday was really bad,and the summer heat didn't help either.The corta-flx didn't seem to be offering any relief even.She and I both were getting pretty depressed and disheartened.

Around here we have an unusual feeding ritual-I don't have the luxury yet of a seperate feed room,so they both stand at the gate and watch me mix it up.When it's ready I unlatch the gate and let Merlin out- we both run out of the barn to his designated "spot," then I come in and give Star hers.She always takes a few steps out of the gate and visits with Mama chicken til I come back(there's nothing she can get into except her own bowl of food)and never any need to close the gate-she doesn't move around much w/o being made to. HA!

This morning I did the usual,but when I turned around to go back and give Star hers-I smacked face first into her!She trotted right out the door with us!This morning she has taken her first "normal" steps.I almost cried.

Doc said that that it would take awhile for both the meds and even the corta-flx to build up and actually start to help,but he didn't say it would be this drastic and overnight when they did kick in!I know we will still have our good and bad days,but this is her first true "good" day since she got here.I'm sure the weather change helped some too-from 90 to 70.

I got a little taste of the real Star too,instead of letting me put her halter on and take her back in-she headbutted me and walked back in herself LOL.As long as I was inside the pen,she was uninterested in her feed(she's been a chowhound lately)and more interested in getting affection-I think she's in her own way trying to say "thanks":o)


Star has improved DRAMATICALLY! After looking at the exrays he thought possibly majority of her pain was not the founder-but rather her tendons,from the way she had become accustomed to standing.She got basic shoes in the front with pads and 2 degrees of wedge.After just one you could see her starting to lean into her legs more.She has stopped taking shuffling baby steps,and now stands normal.It took quite a bit of walking for her to figure out that it didn't hurt anymore.He will be back in four weeks to take out the wedge and pads.Now you can really tell how much her arthritis is bothering her-she limps pretty badly-before it didn't really show up as she was just sore all the way around.I've got her on corta-flex,but we are still in the loading doses,hope it gives her some relief. Thank god for the drop in the bucket discount-Most all of her stuff is coming from them.

I mailed some pictures of her wednesday,you should get them soon.I took them the day the new floor in the barn got put in,Star WAS NOT happy she had to just stand for two almost two hours LOL.She did get plenty of attention from me in that time to make up for it HAHA.She also has a grazing muzzle on it's way, so she can go out with her buddy now that her herd sour is under control.I think she finally figured out that neither of them is going anywhere,and pretty much doesn't even care when he leaves now. I looked up her stats and pedigree on del mar pedigree query,very impressive.Two of her babies are on there as well. Another suprise-Merlin is more than likely a standardbred x(not TBx)-I figured,but was confirmed by the vet and farrier.Surprise part-the shoes he had on were amish DRIVING shoes,and the tiny mark on his back was most likely caused by a harness.Hmmmmm:o)

What is it about the smell of a freshly opened bag of shavings that makes them think they simply MUST roll in it?Star doesn't even wait until I'm finished-she likes to "spread" them herself.


just got in from the vets......Good news is that there is NO rotation in Star's hooves.There is still a lot of pain,but it has been steadily getting better in just a week.I started her on B-L solution and have been weaning her off of the bute-she's actually doing better with the natural stuff,then again it could be the rest,all the leg rubs,and expensive hoof "goop" that is supposed to improve circlation.Whatever I'm doing,or a combination of all,she is perkier(is that a word?)her appetite has gotten better,and the pain is lessening so she is moving around more.I also ordered her some corta-flex for the arthritic ankle.They seem to believe she will be sound enough for trail riding before too long! YEAH!
The farrier-recommended by the vet as best with founder-may not be able to get here til friday,but is trying to make it sooner.
I'll be taking pics today-we've been so busy around here I just haven't gotten to it-but will have to mail them since my scanner died.
Somebody went to the trouble to teach this girl right-unlike her partner in crime Merlin who thinks fly spray is medival torture.She will stand stock still for flyspray,rinsing w/ the hose,and everything else.She spooks for NOTHING-not even barking dogs,or a stupid chicken who tried to perch on her back,not even when I couldn't grab the plastic bags from the shavings fast enough and they blew between her legs!So much for the "flighty" thoroughbred.She is so patient,even with her unexperienced Mom.What a love of a horse :o)

6/16/2001 - SHE'S HOME SHE'S HOME!

Ray (MD Horse Transport) had a nasty storm following him all the way from the Dakotas and had to lay up frequently because of lightning,which she hates,and wind.She got here this morning,about an hour before my hay delivery even,and was in great condition.She was a little drawn up,but was almost completley back to normal this evening with some electrolytes and lots of water. She is a DOLL! She is such a lover and even gives horse hugs by pulling you to her LOL. She is so laid back it's even comical-even the circular saw nearby(long story) didn't even faze her.She has yet to figure out the chickens-she is FASCINATED by how such a little thing can make soooo much noise!She's so curious about everything around her.She follows like a dog,and she puts her halter on by herself-all you have to do is hold it up and she trots over
and sorta "slides" into it HAHA.I have shavings in half of the barn and this evening she decided to stretch out for a nap-I'm glad she feels so safe. Good news though-she is NOT standing all sprawled out like she was.She has not had bute in almost 48 hours and is still up and moving freely.She even got a few wild hairs and trotted the few steps from the back of the barn to the front.She is a little weird too,she takes NO treats-not carrotts,apples,sugar cubes,or even the horse treats I bought? The trailer floor was littered with the pieces of carrot and apple Ray put in her food this morning.Just hay,water and a tiny bit of sweet feed and vitamins thank you!

On another note, we left not long after she got here to go to the local auction down the road with intent of buying some tack and more "horse junk" and maybe a goat for company right now.I did get a cute weanling goat,and also came home with Merlin. Unfortuantely I bought the goat before Merlin.He's a 6 y/o TB gelding,and is the EXACT height and color she is, they look identical except for the star-which he has none.He's a little on the thin side but quite sound.Merlin has definitely "picked" Kenny over me,and now kenny is hooked too-oh won't we be cute with our matching mounts LOL.

I couldn't have gotten her a better buddy if I let her pick one herself! After a few squeals and a few bucks by HER to determine who is boss,they settled down and munched hay side by side. Went out around midnight to check on them and she is sleeping all sprawled out again and he is resting his chin on her flank "standing guard" dozing. The vet will be out monday for both, and the farrier soon after.
Sorry so long, I'm just bubbling over - Lesley


Just to let you guys know,I'm really impressed with my hauler! Ray Melhuish of M D Transport.(Found out per his voice mail he works for Miranda Downs too btw) He calls every 24 hours,and when I told him we were working to get the barn ready(is first horse afterall) so we might not be near the phone he said "Well I'll keep trying til I get ahold of you",and he has!He's actually been calling morning AND night.
He devoted 1/2 the trailer to her in case she considered lying down,but as of yet she hasn't done it.He stops every night for layovers in a stall,and keeps deep bedding for her ouchy feet-he says she still won't lay down in a stall either?He says he stops every four hours to evaluate her and make sure she can go on.When I asked him how long it would take again,he said it all depends on her.He's shooting for the 15th,but if she can't take it that fast it will take longer obviously.I forgot to ask him,but he obviosly doesn't have too many more horses on the trip with her,if any since,he's basing everyone's arrival on her.He also said he's got alot of info for me when he gets here,as he had a mare just like her.Which I can use more info-her being my first horse and all.
I really like this guy(and his australian accent LOL)so whoever recommended THANK YOU! That's where I found him.
I'll let you guys know more as I do.


This lovely lady has a home! Lesley is in the midst of arranging transport to bring this lovely girl to her to spend the rest of her days. A vet check was done and it was found that this mare is foundered. So, Lesley has been searching for a transporter that will assure the mare receives pain medication on her journey, thick bedding and frequent stops. She has found a transporter and the mare will be leaving Friday 6/8/01 on her way home! Lesley has gone the extra mile to help this mare with no expectations of performance, rideability or breeding. This is a true rescue story!
Allright Lesley!



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