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I received a message from someone regarding the condition of a horse listed on Craigslist. (The ad has been removed). It listed a 3 yr. old horse for sale for $850. After reviewing the photo, I contacted the owner to see if we might be able to assist.


9/10/2012 - New Pics

Steve doesn't even look like the same horse that came to TIER in such sad shape. We are so proud of him and his adoptive Mom...Peggy! Thanks for giving him a chance!

Lookin GOOD!

8/24/2010 - 8/24/2010 Update!

Love the Zebra-Leopard Mask! Glad to hear he had a visit from the Chiropractor! He's Lookin GOOD! Latest Update from STEVE's Mom:

8/24/2010 - Here's a few pics of Steve taken a few weeks ago. As you can see, he was so busy Hoovering food he didn't bother to pose. He's filled out nicely, we estimated that he gained about 40 lbs in the first month (when the pictures were taken, one month since he came home) and he's filling out nicely. He eats anything put in front of him. The big goof loves to shove his feed to the outside of the corral then stick his head through the bars and finish his meal. As a result, there's a huge (about 6 inch section) of his mane rubbed out. Time to move his feed tub into the middle of the stall.

Steve was seen by the chiro on the 3rd and the report was:

R&L Gluteal/lumbar spasm
L& R shoulder, shoulder blade
neck tight R>L

TMJ and Atlas/Axis OK
Thoracic Vertebrae and ribs OK
Lumbar Vertebrae L2-6 post
Sacrum base post
Ilium R and L

He was really tight on the right side of his neck to the point where he couldn't turn his head properly. We did notice way more spooking behavior on the right side before the adjustment.
He is also much better with having his feet picked up since the adjustment and is doing well with that.

It's time to start some light ground training with him, very short sessions as his attention span and focus are about 5 seconds! He's plenty old enough to learn to longe, and can work up to some ground driving and long lining. Will update as we progress.


7/20/2010 - Update!

Update from STEVE's new Family:

Steve is doing great! He's eating all of his food, not eating any poop and seems relaxed and happy. On Sunday we took him down to the public arena to let him run loose for a bit.

He's only been a short distance from home up until now, so this was new to him. He's still unsure about curbs, especially if there's water in the gutter. Crossing over the bridge was a bit confusing, but he followed Frankie (QH Stablemate-Big Brother) and was fine.

John took him out in the arena and turned him loose, and he wasn't sure what to do at first, just followed John. With John's encouragement, he discovered the joys of running loose. He took off at a run, with his back end twisting up in a buck, punctuated by several farts. Since this seemed to be his gait of the day, I didn't get a chance to observe his other gaits (the ones with his feet on the ground). When he got tired, he slowed to a walk and approached John, ready to be cooled down and taken home.

This is the first horse I've had that can flip himself to the other side when rolling. All of the others have done one side, get up then roll on the other side. Steve goes down and is able to roll from one side to the other. He handled his bath and the wash rack like a champ. Of course he rolled when we put him back in the stall.

Our camera is missing which is why no pictures. As soon as we find it, we'll send a bunch.

We moved him next to Frankie on Sunday. We wanted to do more work on his new stall, but we wanted him to have the benefit of the cover for shade. So, we moved him next to his new Big Brother.

7/11/2010 - UPDATE

One of TIER's long time supporters/volunteers recently had to put down their beloved 20 year old TB Schoolmaster. Peggy and Dartanion had been together many years, many miles of dressage and partnership. This horse gave his all and when his time came, Peggy was there to give him the final gift to help him cross the Rainbow Bridge. His registered name was Elk Party and he had personality galore! May he be running the fields with old friends in the meadows on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge!

On the day that we brought in STEVE , Peggy and her husband had stopped by. It was Peggy's husband who named the skinny Blue Roan and they both fell for this young gelding. TIER has had the pleasure of knowing this family for many years, their excellent care of their horses, Peggy's knowledge of horse care, etc.

It is with great pleasure that we announce that STEVE now has a home with Peggy and her family! There just are no coincidences! They stopped by that fateful day and it was an instant connection with the skinny blue roan. They immediately fell for him and I was surprised that they expressed an interest in adopting him so soon after the loss of her wonderful Schoolmaster.

Once STEVE settled in a bit, had his shoes removed, his teeth examined, etc. and we were sure that his weight loss was not due to any illness, Peggy and her family filled out the adoption contract and arrangements were made to have STEVE transported to their home.

The awesome Ingrid, who had dropped everything on her schedule to bring STEVE to TIER was contacted to see if she might transport him over to his new home. As usual, Ingrid did not hesitate to say yes and plans were made to deliver him before Peggy's husband came home from work so it would be a surprise.

STEVE loaded right up in the trailer and headed to his new forever home. Congratulations STEVE, Peggy and family! STEVE will have the best of care and will learn many new things as he matures and shines!

Thank you to everyone who reached out to help TIER help STEVE. It was my distinct pleasure to say......"STEVE, you are going HOME!"


We finally got pictures of Steve's teeth. There was a partial cap that had been shoved into his upper gumline on the right center tooth which we removed. Looks as if he has had some trauma to his teeth/mouth. Lower teeth, bottom right center tooth, there is a separation of the gum where a portion of the underlying tooth is exposed. Wolf teeth are still present. From what we can figure, Steve has probably just turned 2 yrs. old.

If you view some of his other pictures, there are two small white trauma spots on his nose where a noseband might go. He has an indentation on the left side of his neck and the beginnings of a white spot/pressure spot on the top of his withers.

He had his shoes pulled today and got a trim. The shoes had apparently been on awhile.


Donations are down and we are not really in a position to bring another horse in. In emails with the owner, I was told the horse had been gelded appx. 2 months ago, was losing weight and the owner had been told he was now eating his own manure. After telling the owner that it would be unlikely that they could get the sale price they were asking for a 3 yr. old, untrained, skinny horse and explaining about what could happen to him should they decide to send him to auction, the owner agreed to send him to TIER as they were unaware/not knowledgeable about these things. This was not an uncaring person, they were only going along with what they had been told to do.

I went to view the horse. Sigh. He is apparently only about 2 or 2.5 yrs. old. He is shod all the way around. He was tacked up and on display for my viewing. The horse was drenched in sweat and had a worried look on his face. He was obviously stressed. He had been in training for 2 months according to the owner. It is my thought that the stress is what caused him to lose weight so dramatically and to eat his own manure.

I do have to commend the owner. Somewhere inside them they knew that things weren't right. As they are not horse savvy, they went along with what they were told to do with the care/training of the horse. When it became obvious to the unknowledgeable owner that the horse was declining, they realized they were in over their heads and thought selling him would be the best thing to do. After we contacted the owner, they were quite open to our possibly assisting in rehoming him.

When I went to view the horse I knew he needed to come to TIER. The facility where the horse was kept was very clean all the other horses were in good weight, pens/corrals were in good repair, people were quite friendly (including the trainer). It is my belief that this type of training was way too much for this young horse and it was taking its toll.

I do have to say that I have seen some of the old time Vaquero trainers that do a magnificent job of working with their horses. These types of trainers usually work their horses in a Bosal / Mecate allowing a more skilled horse to "graduate" into ever lighter equipment. Once a young horse is solidly trained with a bosal, a bit is added and the horse is gradually shifted from the hackamore to a bit. The Vaquero's I have met don't even put a bit in a horse's mouth until they are 5 yrs. old.

This was not the case for this horse. He was tied in his stall, tacked up with a chain from the roof attached to his halter. The reins were tied to the saddle horn. Lots of pressure for a young horse. He was drenched in sweat. Amazingly, I was able to keep my mouth in check and was able to converse with the trainer and then take the owner aside to tell them what I thought without insulting the trainer which could have put the horse in a precarious position.

After speaking with the owner, they decided they would give the horse to TIER. Even though funding is lean and our emergency funds are wiped out due to taking in Dancing Shecky, I could not walk away.

I contacted one of our wonderful supporters who had previously transported Big Red & Tsan Tsant to TIER last year. She was there within 20 minutes and he was brought to TIER. After he unloaded (this horse definitely has manners and listens. He is a thinker!) and allowed to relax awhile, his demeanor changed. From being on high alert for cues/commands to rolling in the round pen, sniffing around and eating hay. He has a very kind eye, is personable and listens very well. He responds to cues to back up, lead, pick up feet, move left/right, etc. with a light touch.

He appears to be a QH with maybe a dash of TB thrown in. Who knows? After checking his teeth, he seems to be about 2 to 2.5 yrs. old, clean legged. He has white marks on his face from a previous injury, raw places under his chin from the tack and only one dent on the left side of his neck. The farrier will be out next week to remove his shoes because I cannot turn him out with other horses since he has iron on all fours. As soon as funds allow, we will have the vet out to examine his teeth, etc. Hopefully that will be next week also.

We ran the gamut of names for a Blue Roan. Azul, Azure, Blue Boy, Baby Blue, Smokey, Blue Smoke, Blue Mist, etc. etc. Thanks to the husband of one of our loyal supporters and volunteers who came over yesterday, he has now been christened.......wait for it......STEVE! HA! A good old plain/strong name.

STEVE........welcome to TIER.



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