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Sunny-The Golden Girl
Sunny was rescued as a stray by the Inland Valley Humane Society & S.P.C.A on 11/23/2011. There is no background information on this poor mare. She is approximately 15 years old and looks to be a Quarter Horse. Sunny will be coming to TIER on 12/3/2011. She will be evaluated by our vet & farrier, fed properly, loved on by our volunteers and begin the long road of recovery.

Trainer Evaluation: She has a good mind and is very willing. She is not for a beginner since she is green under saddle. She is a kind horse and loves attention and pampering. She has an old injury on her left hind leg, so would not be a good choice for extreme riding. She is sound for average trail riding and loves to get out on the trail. Sunny is very smooth at negotiating hills, and rough terrain. She needs to be ridden in a bosal. She does not work in a bit or a mechanical hackamore. Sunny is quiet when being handled on the ground or when ridden on the streets or trails. She ties, loads, trailers, and bathes. She is good with her feet. She can be ridden by different people and responds well.


2/26/2017 - We lost our dear Sunny-The Golden Girl

We went to move Sunny from the arena to her stall and she would not move.  Her breathing was labored, her gums and tongue were purple!  The vet arrived a short time later and indicated that she was in Cardiovascular Distress. She was having a massive heart attack. The decision was quickly made to help her cross the Rainbow Bridge and she was euthanized.

(This is the last picture I have of Sunny. You can tell she was not well)

This was such a shock!  She had not shown us that she was not feeling well and had been running around with Mariah in the arena the day before and overnight.  We miss her loving personality and big brown soft eyes terribly.

10/12/2016 - I have recovered from the cellulitis!

Sunny's bout with cellulitis from a shoe boil has fully resolved!  Yay!  I was very worried.  The 3rd set of Excede shots (2 initially by the vet, 2 more after 4 days and 2 final shots at 10 days) did the trick!  The opening on the shoe boil ceased to drain and has healed.  All swelling (chest, both legs, midline) has disappeared.  Sweet Sunny is back to her old self.  I hit a button on my camera that caused it to do things that I couldn't figure out for awhile.  Finally got it back to the right settings this evening and will take pictures soon.

9/27/2016 - The Veterinarian Came Out to Help Me

THANK YOU Sherry B., Kathie, Susan, Judi, Diana, Belinda, Laurie, & Catherine, for your generous contributions to help with Sunny-The Golden Girl's Vet bill!

Dr. Gibbs gave her 2 shots of Excede and she will receive two more this week. If the swelling/cellulitis has not responded within 10 days of the first injection, we may have to do another course of this antibiotic. She is on 2 Phenylbutazone (Bute) in the morning and 2 in the evening. He feels she has a good chance of full recovery. Yesterday, the swelling had migrated to her right leg, right pectoral and under her right elbow.

The shoe boil itself is draining and has reduced in size. We are cold hosing all the areas of swelling 2-3 times a day (Sunny hates being hosed! Always has.) I flushed/cleaned the open wound with saline, used Betadine scrub and then cover it a couple times of day with Red Kote (scarlet oil) to promote healing and keep the flies away.

9/25/2016 - Oh No! My Elbow!

Sunny-The Golden Girl could use a little help! A shoe boil developed on her left elbow. We treated with DMSO and put a donut ring on her left foot. 9/22/2016 there was noticeable swelling down her leg. Contacted the vet and he advised to administer Tucoprim & Bute. Turned her out with her friend Mariah so that she would move more and get blood flowing. Pics are from 9/23/2016-Red area is from RedKote, we also put a poultice on the swelled area. Swelling has moved to her shoulder, midline and left pectoral. 9/24/2016 the shoe boil broke open and quite a bit of bloody w/pus fluid drained. Vet was called as the spread of the swelling (cellulitis???) has us alarmed. Vet will be out this morning. It may be that the Tucoprim just hasn't had a chance to do it's thing or that she needs a different type of antibiotics.

Funds are quite lean right now, If you'd like to contribute to Sunny's vet bill, we would be so grateful! Every dollar counts and makes a huge difference!


2/21/2015 - Girl Time

Sunny & Mariah

6/6/2013 - Trainer Evaluation

She has a good mind and is very willing.  She is not for a beginner since she is green under saddle.  She is a kind horse and loves attention and pampering.  She has an old injury on her left hind leg, so would not be a good choice for extreme riding.  She is sound for average trail riding and loves to get out on the trail.  Sunny is very smooth at negotiating hills, and rough terrain.  She needs to be ridden in a bosal.  She does not work in a bit or a mechanical hackamore.  Sunny is quiet when being handled on the ground or when ridden on the streets or trails.  She ties, loads, trailers, and bathes.  She is good with her feet.  She can be ridden by different people and responds well.

3/14/2013 - Looking Good!

1/17/2013 - A little Saddle Time

HUGE THANKS to Sandi Anderson for taking time out of her busy training schedule to put a little time & miles into Sunny!

Sunny ABSOLUTLEY HATES a bit. But, she is very responsive when a Bosel is used.

She's pretty rusty, but with some consistent work Sunny will blossom. She does well on the trail and is (as ALWAYS) a sweet/kind mare.

5/7/2012 - 6 months after arriving at TIER

Amazing what proper care can do in 6 months! Thank you to our Supporters for helping the horses of TIER! We could not do this without you!!

4/27/2012 - Gold or Creamy Blonde?

Gold, or Blonde Cream? Still wondering what color Sunny will eventually be! No matter...she is gaining weight nicely.

It's hard to get a good picture of her because she wants to graze.

On her way to more weeds & grass!

Of course, she had to find whatever mud is still around from the rain. Rolled in it, clomped through it.

1/1/2012 - The Golden Girl Gets A Float!

The Golden Girl is slowly putting on weight after her LONG ordeal of not having enough to eat. To help her process her hay & pellets better, Phillip R. arrived on New Year's Day to remove all the sharp edges on her teeth.

Phillip feels that she is closer to 20 yrs. old. We were originally told that she was 15 or so years old. She had MANY sharp points on her teeth and they were in serious need of care.

She was extremely good for Phillip and seemed to be grateful for his talents. Once her teeth had been properly taken care of, she (as usual) buried her head in her feeder and commenced eating her hay!

12/10/2011 - Bath Day!

Thanks to Peggy, Sunny got a much needed bath! She wasn't too fond of being sprayed with the hose, but she did enjoy the shampoo and brush treatment!

Andie helped out with getting some of the oily, dirty crud out of Sunny's coat.

Clean and feeling better!

And of course, pictures of her after she rolled in the arena!

Thanks for the spa treatment ladies!

12/7/2011 - Sunny gets a pedicure!

Val Dean (farrier) was out yesterday to pull the shoes/pads off Newman & Melvin BJ and trim a few of the other residents. His first client of the day was Sunny!

The Golden Girl was a real lady about having her feet done. When Val Dean moved to her hind feet she was a bit unsteady do to being weak, but he got the job done. She has good feet, some small cracks, no thrush. No abscesses at this point either! Her rear ankles are a bit puffy as is the area where the old wound is on her left hind leg. Val Dean felt that the swelling will decrease once she is a bit more mobile. Right now her main concern is eating! She has finally gotten to the point where she will eat for awhile, doze in the sun and then eat some more.

12/5/2011 - The Golden Girl Arrives!!

Thanks to Kristy & Bonnie..........The Golden Girl (Sunny) is here. She's settling in and eating, eating, eating. Beautiful Big Brown Eyes and SWEETNESS Deluxe!

Per Kristy, she loaded and trailed like a champ!

She is VERY thin and her fuzzy coat camouflages just how depleted her poor body is.

She has an injury to her left hind that was obviously untreated and resulted in cellulitis. It does not hamper her movement and there does not appear to be any heat in the leg. I am not sure that we can put her on antibiotics at this point due to her physical condition. Dr. Hoyme will be out to evaluate her and we will then have more information on how to proceed with treatment of the injury.

In the meantime, she is VERY interested in food! Bonnie fed for us this morning because our neighbor had an emergency and I took her to the ER. Neighbor is fine. Bonnie said that Sunny was quite vocal this morning about saying hello and where is breakfast!

12/4/2011 - Transport Delayed.....

Sunny was supposed to arrive yesterday but the winds were horrible and we didn't want to chance a misshap on the drive to TIER.  The winds are so bad that we are feeding pellets because the hay just blows away before the horses can get a few mouthfuls!  We have already gone through Twenty-five 80 lb. bags @ 17.85 a bag!  20 more bags are arriving this morning.

Hopefully, she will be picked up this morning and brought to TIER before the winds kick up hard again.

Initially, she will be getting Pawier vitamins, Rice Bran, pelleted feed and some low sugar Senior feed mixed together and soaked.  I will probably add some Pro-Bi (prebiotic) to help her tummy get some good gut flora going.  This is the mix that I feed to starved horses when they arrive (it's the same mix I feed to the old timers too!)

Of course, she will also be getting alfalfa hay.  Eventually we will add some Orchard hay to the mix to keep things moving through her system. All feed amounts will be increased gradually.

Vet will be out during the coming week to do an evaluation, check her teeth, etc.  Our farrier is scheduled for the coming week and she will get her feet done then.


Photo taken 11/23/2011

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