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#128 Sorrell mare. Star/Strip. Appx. 18 yrs. old. Appx. 15.1 hands. This mare is very broke and could be ridden by an intermediate rider. Sweet mare that hasn't buddied up with any of the other horses yet.

Sweetie (this is the mare's new name!) will be going to live in Arizona! She will probably be going home next week! Her new Dad, Rick, contacted me about Sweetie and we had been corresponding/talking on the phone for the last week. Poor Rick must have thought I was a bit controlling because of all the questions I ask all potential new owners! HA! But, it didn't deter him one bit and Sweetie will be going to a wonderful home with 5 acres that she can call home! Thanks so much Rick. (Sweetie can't wait to meet her new dad!)



Well, ok it's been a while, but Sweetie and I are doing great. We and I do mean WE are trying to learn team penning, I don't think Sweetie has been around steers, and you know how those little steers love to eat horses (well that's what Sweetie thinks) lol.. But we are doing ok -)

Sweetie now had a room mate, Gumby. A 16 year old quarter horse I bought from a friend. The two of them are doing ok together.... Sweetie needed a friend and Neil had to get rid of Gumby, so it all worked out good. Sweetie is still a little skittish, but the two of us are also taking riding lessons together.

I'm still using a hack on her as she does not take well to a bit. Well, here is a picture taken with my Ex-wife and best friend Rhonda with Sweetie, just before we went for a ride. That's about all that's new here in Hereford, Ariz... Rick


Just wanted to let you know what's going on with Sweetie. She is doing wonderful. She is going to have her feet worked on Monday. We haven't ridden her as of yet do to her needing her hoofs trimmed and she has no shoes. But we have been walking her a lot and trotting her (running us) in a sandy area. She is soooooo good. We wormed her the day after we got her, didn't see any worms but just did it to make sure.

Her and puppy (Josie a 7 month old black Lab) are doing ok, Josie want to play and run and Sweetie just looks at her like to say DUMB DOG... She is doing good with eating I started her out on Pinto Hay, That alfalfa the was turned extra times before it was bailed, so its not a high grade of hay. Will feed her this hay with some added bag feed till she gets use to good feed again. Other then that everything is about the same here. Well, you all have a good day and I will talk to you all later. Rick and Family.....



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