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TIER's New Facility 2015
Aerial photo of new property prior to TIER moving in.


1/15/2015 - TIER MOVE: Our Volunteers

We want to acknowledge the AMAZING efforts of the TIER VolunTIERS who have helped with our move to the new facility.  So many wonderful, talented, hard working folks have joined together to help us make this transition.  There have been many things that needed updating, reinforcing, rehabbing and redesigned.  We are so very appreciative of the time and effort our VolunTIERs have made during this first phase of our move.

Listed in no particular order...

Kristy M., has single handidly managed the whole sheebang at the new facility.  Her efforts in all things great/small ensure that we will have a beautiful, well arranged and functioning facility for the horses!  She has created the springboard for a beginning and future progress at the new facility.

Janice M., spends hours at the old facility and the new facility.  She helps with horse chores at both facilities, cleaning out the feed room/tack shed, garage, etc. and then packing for transport.  Janice was at the old facility EVERY Saturday caring for the horses and has been at the new facility for several days.  She worked hard on making the home on the property clean, fills water buckets, etc. the list goes one and on.  She also brings apples and bananas!

Cindy H., has helped trim trees, work on the front gate, been a contact for services in the area AND Safely Transported TIER horses to their new home!  She & Scott H. loaded/transport 75 bales of Teff hay from the old place and delivered to our new facility!!

Ingrid L., our friend and realator who helped make all this possible.  She also Safely Transported TIER horses to their new home!  She continues to donate time and help as needed.

Scott H., has donated time and materials to build & install a BEAUTIFUL front gate. A well planned and lovely gate that required designing and welding. 
Richard & Linda E., have helped trim and cut the trees damaged by the snow storm.  The big project that has turned out AWESOME was the removal of the backs to the large shedrow so that we can attach large runs for the horses!  Richard is also helping Scott to install the new front gate.
Ray S., Continually helped at the old facility and then went to the new facility to lend a hand.  From what I have heard, Ray was helping with the tree debris, cleaning corrals, filling water buckets, feeding, unloading horses, setting up panels (those things are HEAVY!), etc. etc.  He even brought his lovely wife to visit at the new facility.

Andrea W., Also is a regular at our old facility and has been at the new facility helping with the tree debris, cleaning corrals, filling water buckets, feeding, talking to the horses and works hard on making the home on the property clean.  She makes a mean Blackberry granola bar that I love and the horses do too!

Terri V., Ranger John, Brett T., Robert & Alex:  With short notice of help needed, I contacted Terri and asked if she could put a work crew together to help Thurman take down the Hay Cover at the old facility.  Quick as a blink she and her crew were out here taking it apart!  These busy beavers got the roof off in not time.  John & Robert returned to take down 1 of 2 support sections and will return yet again to get the last support section down. 

Kurt, Andy, Joey
, Wonderful young men who have been such a help!  They have helped Thurman in all things he has tackled so far (dismantle of feed room, medicine stall, transport of pipe, water barrels, fencing, etc., etc., etc.  They also took a day to load the last items (garage/house) into the container before it was moved to the new facility.  AWESOME young men.  They are an absolute delight, respectful, hard workings and fun! 

John H. (our newest volunTIER!), This man is so giving!  He came out an helped with fencing, debris clean up, trimmed trees (there are quite a few trees), cleaned up around the trees and made a berm around them so they would hold water. And many other seemingly small tasks that mean so much to getting the new place in order.  A VERY welcome additon to the VolunTIER team!

Diana P., Has helped us so much throughout the years!  Helped Kristy back in November with the garage and tack room clean out/sort and load into the container.  She is one of several errand runners who picks up needed items for us.  Diana donated hoses to the new facility so we don&rsquot have to use our old duct taped hoses!  She is a great organizer! 

Melissa E., has been helping us for years.  Cleaning stalls, grooming horses, helped with the massive clean out/sort/load of container items.  She recently donated a microwave so that Kristy would have it while she was here and it will eventually move to the workshop for worker/volunteer use!

DJ R., came out every Saturday for years at the old facility to clean, groom, whatever was needed.  She also helped with clean out/sort/load of container items before she moved out of state.  Hopefully we will see her on her next visit to California.  We miss her lovely smile, hard working ethics, fun conversations and long-flowing red hair!

Marilyn M., came out every Saturday for years at the old facility to clean, groom, whatever was needed.  She also helped with clean out/sort/load of container items before she moved out of state.  We hope to see Marilyn again when she visits California.  We miss her British accent, twinkling eyes and shining personality.

1/14/2015 - TIER Move to New Facility Blog by Kristy! DAY 9 &

I feel like I am cheating when I combine two days but time is zipping by and I fall asleep before my head hits the pillow!

Day 9 was spent setting up for more corrals, organizing, odds and ends projects, the plumber finished up his work, AND we had the shipping container with all TIER supplies delivered (in the DARK- yikes!).

Any volunteers for unpacking???

Today, Day 10, I think really shows the most significant changes however. All the corrals with shelters moved from the old facility are up as well as the corrals for the 4 shed row stalls. We still have more to complete though...

I have so many THANK YOU's to those that helped in the past couple days- Cindy and Scott, Andy, Dave, Ingrid... our plumber Robert, our handyman Rogelio, AND I'll let Gail add in her volunteers at the old facility!

So where are the pictures huh??? I promise tomorrow I will have some from these past couple days. Downloading from the phone is slow and I'd like to get some zzzzzzzzz!!!

1/13/2015 - TIER Move to New Facility Blog by Kristy! DAY 8

We can really use volunteers if you have a few hours to spare. We have easy tasks and tasks that could use some muscle power. Feel free to contact us if you can help!

I can't believe that 8 days have already passed! It was a quiet day here at the new facility but we were still very busy. The roads and conditions from the rains made moving and setting up corrals not safe so we organized and carried on with clean-up. Tackled the ranch office and we had the plumber out repairing and replacing outdated valves, slight leaks, and such.  And of course, making pathways through the mud!

This is the beautiful gate being installed!  Gate construction & materials donated by Scott Henderson and Cindy Henderson. Installation by Scott & Richard East. THANK YOU!

And Richard did an incredible job with the shedrow turnout stalls! This was a HUGE job. You would not believe how much work this took and now the stalls are bright/airy. Before they were dark with deep pits in the center where horses had been tied in the middle. Our wonderful Richard opened them up to let the sunshine in and workers spent days/hours putting new DG in the stalls. AWESOME!

1/11/2015 - Move to New Facility Blog by Kristy! DAY 6 and 7

RAIN DELAY! We were in full swing yesterday on DAY 6, more corrals and shelters going up, feeders being hung, DG and grading, continuing all the little projects, gate on front road (Donated & Built by Scott H.) installation started (installation by Scott H. & Richard E.), and I'm know I'm missing more... too busy to get pictures and even update the blog last night.

Today was a rain-out. It started raining through the night and by this morning everything was a mess. We still trudged on however and today wasn't a complete loss, there were some indoor projects we worked on after the horses were fed this morning. So I am catching up on paperwork and rest today as we'll need to make up for lost time tomorrow!!!

We still have tree debris piles and some stuff to move into the workshop/storage that came over yesterday from the old facility.  Volunteers Welcome!  We do need help with the remaining debris removal, organization of workshop, help with corral cleanup, etc.

Area behind shedrow that will be large horse runs in need of grading, etc.
1/9/2015 - TIER Move to New Facility Blog by Kristy! DAY 5

(The Donks, Jackie & Paco Arrive)

THE GANG'S ALL HERE! Quick little update today because I really need sleep and tomorrow is going to be just as busy...The last of the TIER horses were hauled to the new facility today!!! It was exciting and yet I am sure bittersweet for Gail at the old place. We had incident free loading, hauling, and unloading (Ingrid L. & Cindy H. did the transport!) for all the horses and that is AWESOME!

(Virgil......the last to arrive at his new home)

Now we just have to finish moving the rest of the TIER stuff- corrals, supplies, and such PLUS the old site needs to get cleaned up a bit for the new owners.

At the NEW facility we are still plugging away at finishing all the little projects.

Full crews of volunteers at BOTH locations... I want to thank EVERYONE who came out to help today. I truly don't know what I would have done without such incredible help!

1/8/2015 - TIER Move to New Facility Blog by Kristy! DAY 4
DAY 4 -You know when you have a big project- work, home or school and it finally feels like you crossed that mid point... That's what today was like with the horses. Most of the TIER horses have been moved to the NEW PLACE. Welcome home guys!!!
We did have to put up several temporary corrals but that's okay- we were certainly prepared in case that happened. Most of the horses are loading and hauling like champs which is beyond spectacular however in order to load with the minimum amount of stress, all work stops at the old facility. Some horses just take a little more patience than others which means we get a little behind with the breakdown and hauling of corral panels and equipment. So we have temp corrals ready to go so we can keep moving forward!

Today, in my opinion, you can really see the new facility projects coming together. Corrals and shelters coming together, more locations staked out and prepared, lots of DG moved into places it's needed, the shed row project is in full swing, and many many little projects here and there are getting done.

And the horses make it really fun! They are SOOOO excited when they hear the trailers coming down the road. Lots of nickers and whinnies to go around!

Today's volunteer shout out goes to... Ingrid and Cindy for hauling- you guys amaze me, Andie and her nephew Bryan (the we can do it crew), Janice (thanks for coming with me on that Home Depot trip so I wouldn't look like a zombie wandering up and down the aisles), Ray (his last day here volunteering and he will be missed!!!), Richard (gave some great ideas and has done just a great job on the shedrow), we also got to see Thurman, Curt and Andy this evening briefly as they were at the old facility working hard!

I also have to thank Rogelio our handyman, Valerie and her crew, Sebastian, Curtis and the rest of our contractors!

Thanks for reading everyone and even more thanks for all your support for our rescue! Kristy

1/7/2015 - TIER Move to New Facility Blog by Kristy-DAY 3

Day 3 Updates:
Today was incredibly busy and we accomplished LOTS. There are now 15 TIER horses settling into their new home. More permanent corrals and shelters went up and a couple temporary ones 'just in case'. We are still plugging away at the landscaping clean-up.

And the horses are entertaining! Every time a couple more horses are arriving- a chain of welcoming whinnies begin. They hear a trailer coming and they all perk up as if to say "I wonder who is on the moving box this time!". Once they settle in their pens, they seem to say "Hey where were you?".

Today's shout out goes to great crew of volunteers... Ingrid and her son Curt & his friends, Cindy, Ray, John, and Richard. You guys ROCK!

And since the question has been asked a few times... what do we need? Well here is a specific list which isn't everything but would be extremely appreciated:
1. Volunteers willing to help onsite with various tasks like unloading, paddock cleanup, landscape stuff like tree trimming and raking, daily corral clean-up, hanging up feeders, cleaning buckets, moving and organizing TIER supplies and such from the storage container into the workshop, tack room, office.

2. Sponsorship/donations for painting of the front entry gate, shedrow stalls and buildings and workshop.

3. Sponsorship/donations for more pipe panels for larger paddocks. Remember we are moving into a facility twice the size and we need to maximize our use of space for the horses!

4. Feed donations. This move is costly and while we are diligently budgeting to the penny, we still need the same funding for the daily expenses of horse feeding and care as usual.

5.Sponsorship/donations towards our upcoming projects... a larger hay barn and feed room, security lighting, workshop/tack/office building wiring repair and upgrade to eco friendly energy saving.

6. Sponsorship/donations towards equipment including repairs. This move is really hard on our existing equipment because everything is being used way more than usual.

Okay, I am off to finally get some sleep! Thanks for reading and thank you for supporting TIER!!!

1/6/2015 - TIER Move to New Facility Blog by Kristy! DAY 2

Day 2 of the big move! Wow, tired doesn't even begin to describe it and we've just begun the main move. Up till now it's just been preparations&hellip

I literally rolled out of bed (air mattress!) at 6:30am- made my coffee and started the day bright eyed and bushy tailed. Okay maybe that didn't happen until the second cup but...

Today we accomplished quite a bit. The list of activities included fence painting, continue on the tree trimming, DG in the shed row stalls, HAY delivery, AND 8 horses were moved!!! Of course with 8 horses at the new facility, the crew could breakdown and move over the first batch corral panels and shelters. There was also the obligatory trip to Home Depot (I think we need their sponsorship!)

Let me tell you it was super exciting to see the first arrivals here. The horses were fantastic. They settled right in and seemed really comfortable- like they really do know it&rsquos their new home! It was so nice to see them looking around, rolling, and just taking it all in. We had a couple of giraffe stretches by Newman to see if he could reach the pepper tree branches next to the arena and EVERYONE did a good solid roll in the dirt.

I took mostly horse pictures, I will have to get a few pics of the corrals being set up as it was too dark by the time they left. Of course we have many more days of moving corrals and equipment left and plenty of photo ops!

I want to give a big shout out to today's volunteers- you deserve a huge THANK YOU and high five to Ingrid and Cindy for hauling (and her hubby for swinging by to bail me out of the blonde moment of the day with the Toro), Ray for doing the odd tasks that I would never get around to doing (he even swung by with his wife in the evening!), and Andie for helping with horses and getting a very delicious lunch among many other things.
Marshall & Kane settling in.

Cindy on the right and Ray on the left- getting ready to unload horses.
Temporary Pens


1/5/2015 - TIER Move to New Facility Blog by Kristy!

Also on TIER's Facebook Page:  TIER Facebook

A daily blog about TIER - True Innocents Equine Rescue relocating from Riverside to Perris, California. Written by TIER Board member: Kristy

Day 1: I flew in to Ontario Airport yesterday and will be spending the
next two weeks at the new property. Preparations for the move have already been in the works for several months- I was actually here last November, packing and organizing, and of course playing with the horses! When TIER officially became the owners of the new property in early December, we finally began to put our plans to work. I'll get back to that later... for now I will show you what went on today!

Last week's snow put a big wrinkle in our plans. Our budget is already super tight- like squeaky squeegee tight. Projects... or those wallet busters... we were hoping to put on the back burner suddenly became really really important to do NOW. Yup, good ol' landscaping tasks like tree trimming. It seems mother nature was trying to help clear out those branches except she kind of made a real mess. We have a lot of limbs down and many more fractured and it need of taking down.

The snow also delayed us a couple days. The grading and clean-up bill was increased.

Some good news- this place is AWESOME! While TIER couldn't afford a "move-in ready" fancy ranch, what we have is a quality, solid, and well designed facility that is going to shine for years to come. The horses will have plenty of space and our volunteers will love coming here.

Today I did some clean-up, setting up temp paddocks for the horses moving, minor grading with the little tractor, and staking out where the corrals will be set up. Oh and of course a trip to Home Depot. Isn't that step 1 of the initiation process for moving?

BIG thanks to today's helpers and all those hours already poured into this enormous endeavor by sooooo many people. And of course our FEARLESS leader, Gail

Shameless PLUG and PLEA... we need more volunteers and of course MONEY. Who doesn't need money- Right? But yeah, if you've ever purchased a house and moved, you know budgets often get blown out of the water. Our budget certainly wasn't helped any by mother nature and we had a few other surprise projects as well.

12/31/2014 - Snow Storm at New Ranch

Calling all Volunteer Lumberjacks! 5 inches of snow & Tree Damage.

Road to front gate

Front GateTree damage by WorkshopMassive (COSTLY!!) Tree Damage throughout the property.  I am so sad for all those beautiful trees.  I know most of them will come back, but it is a blow to our budget. 

The next few days should bring a delightful batch of mud for us to slog through!

12/24/2014 - TIER's Last Christmas at the Ol' Homestead


Aerial of Property prior to TIER move

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