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#177. Bay TB Gelding. Appx. 16 hands. Appx. 17 - 18? Tattoo = 29173 or 29178. (The is a star? which I am told indicates that he was imported). This horse is quite thin, but is putting on weight. Apparently, this horse is an old show horse that has sat idle for the last 4-5 years. He was recently ridden at the feedlots and was found to be rusty, but still a nice horse. He would require an Advanced Intermediate rider. (Tommy, unless his new boy decides to change that!), a new mome and a new boy all his own! Yes!

Lesly saw this boy's picture on our website and immediately knew he was for her! She immediately contacted me and then began remodeling her back property in order that Tommy have the best accomodations possible. Her son told her wanted a bay horse and Lesly responded "That's good, because this horse is a bay!" Things do happen for a reason! HA!

Thank you Lesly for being there for Tommy. We eagerly await updates and pictures to add to the Success Stories on Tier's webpage.



Well, the "youngster" is coming along just fine...I can't believe all the remarks I get from the passing riders on how great he looks now. It's fun! Tommy still does not want to go play on the trail. I really don't think he has ever been out on one! I took him up to a trainer a couple of weeks ago to help try and pinpoint any problems. He was looking mighty stiff to me to the right and cocked his head funny to the left...Well! Ah - Ha! He is experiencing quite a bit of pain in one of the upper quadrants of his neck, right behind the ears, extending down about 12 inches. No wonder the idea of being ridden is not one of his favorites. We have been working with some Healing Touch techniques, some massages and stretching and he is coming along nicely. He has an appointment with a pretty well known chiropractor in this area on Oct. 4th. She is coming to do sessions with the horse and owner maintenance training.

He is thriving on all of his newly acquired attention. As soon as he hears us coming out he is right there nickering his welcome. Every night at nine o'clock he is waiting in the same spot for his "good night" carrots and apples.

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Well, it's Monday, time for a first week Tommy update.

We are taking life slow over here.....Don't want to hurt anyone, especially me.....I'm WAY out of shape...... -)

After observing Tommy's eating patterns for a week, I can guess why he had gotten thin...He takes forever to eat. His feedings consist of a can of Equine Sr., a flake of bermuda and a flake of alfalfa at 6:00am and 5:00pm. He stretches the hay to last 5 - 6 hours. He must have been turned out with others for awhile...They got it first. He has gained this week already...He looks great. Tommy does not like to be bothered while he is eating his grain...Quite an attitude thing... :-) Looks like the old owners did try to take good care of him. I think they even took the time to have him "spiffed" up to try to sell him, including having his teeth done, pulling his mane, feet aren't too bad...I'd bet they did not quite know who they were selling too...Must mean they were just STUPID.

He got a clean bill from the old injuries...everything checks out. Now, the fun stuff. We have been taking walks along the trail every evening. Figured I would get us both loosened up before the "big ride" day. I have noticed that he is quite "light footed" as he strides along the paths. He loves to do the jiggy-jog thing that TB's do....especially the racers...With the chewing the bit thing (even with just a halter on) with his head cocked.....Just like the racers.....

Mike and I walked him up to the Equestrian center to turn him out on Friday eve. WHAT AN INCREDIBLE ANIMAL!!! I have not seen such an effortless extended trot and canter in a very long time....His feet barely touch the ground. Wow is all I can say. He loved visiting the other horses up there...Now he knows were all his "neighbors" live on the way up there too, he has talked to them all. He knows now that he is not "alone" for the time being.

OK, so he horseperson came out in me...I had to get on him Sat. morning. Phew! Mind of his own and ready to go....can feel it in the reins. We wound up in the bushes because we were arguing quietly that he WAS going down the path to the trail...I was just about ready to win and a jogger



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