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Trevor Time
#265. Bay TB Gelding. Star, strip, large snip. White on fronts and left rear. Appx. 7 yrs. old. Appx. 16.2 hands. Tattooed. Racetrack trained only. This is a very sweet young horse that is sound, yet thin. He has put on weight while at the feedlot, but still needs a considerable bit more. He deserves to have an owner who is experienced in retraining race horses or willing to work with a recommended trainer. He is curious and kind. Just needs patient work to become the best he can be. Sound. No papers.



Trevor Time, were do I begin ummmm maybe I got offered 5000.00 for him!! I turned it down but it was a nice compliment and two very well known trainers have told me that he will be worth a minimal 20K!!!!!!! He is my dog, that's what I tell everone that comes to my barn, he is free all the time, he is the barn pet. He loves it, he never gets in trouble and he is just happy being able to do what he wants. He loves treats, and just love, he is so personable. Tonight I did just a quick hack around the arena and he is so perfect everytime I ride him. I have trailered him everywhere and it is nice to have a horse act the same somewhere else as he does at home. It is hard to believe that this horse was someones trash, he is very well trained and he knows what treats are, he is not hot off the track and he has had dental
work in his past. What I wouldn't give to know his story.

Thank you for my wonderful horses.......



Trevor Time is SOOOOOOOOOOO sweet, I just can't believe it. I still haven't rode him, I have just been grooming him and loving on him, he loves attention so much. He is not at all spooky, my dogs run around him and he just thinks it is great. My son rides his bike and motorcycle around him and he isn't scared of anything. He loves to be pet though and he knows what grain is, he knows if I even go near the grain bucket. It is really funny.


Wow! This awesome guy has found a home! Not only that, but he will be living with Clayton and Pagan (if she's not off winning blue ribbons for children!) whom Jennifer rescued from the feedlots also. Jennifer contacted me about this horse because her husband fell in love with him. He is on his way home today! Way to go Jennifer!



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