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Tribute (Burrniece)
#639 - Quarter Horse Filly. Chestnut. Star connecting strip, snip. We call her Burrneese. (Her tail was full of burrs when she arrived.)



Tribute, aka: Burrniece has been adopted! She left today with her new mom Katy, her GranMom - Conypony and her new buddy Charlie!

Thank you to the EPM Yahoo Group for their touching tribute to Caboose & Patti through their sponsorship of this filly in need of a home! Because of you and because of caring folks such as Conypony and Katy, Tribute..aka: Burrniece has found her forever home!


The EPM yahoogroup is proud to contribute funds to rescue the PMU foal "Tribute" from slaughter. We feel that to rescue another is a wonderful way to honor and memorialize a horse that was himself a rescue. Caboose was orphaned as a tiny foal so his mother could be a nurse mare to another foal. He was eventually rescued and raised by Patti of Meadowsweet Herbs. We feel that to save a life is a constructive way to remember a friend that has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Patti is a yahoogroups listowner to a group of horse owners that are dedicated and committed to saving their horses from the devastating disease of EPM (equine protozoal myoencephalitis). We honor her as well for all she does.

With Love,
. . . The entire EPM yahoogroup

In Memory of Caboose

Baby Caboose with Uncle Ghost

Little Caboose had a rather rough start in life.

Orphaned as a day old foal from some nasty nursemare farm in middle Kentucky but rescued from that situation and shipped to another rescue in Missouri where he was cared for until he was about a month old. Patti was told about this wonderful Belgian/appaloosa colt and adopted him and drove to Missouri that 4th of July weekend. His name was Tucker, but it was changed to 'Caboose - a little version of Moose'. (Moose is 18hh!)

'Tucker' (Baby Caboose) before he came home. Approximately 14 days old.

This little orphaned foal had the most wonderful temperament. He was the sweetest horse who loved to play and gallop around the fields. Uncle Ghost took over the role "as surrogate mother" and helped to raise Caboose up to the age of one year. On Dec 24th, Caboose broke his femur bone, and several bones in and around the stifle of the left hind leg. No amount of pins, plates or screws could help with such a bad break. We don't know HOW this accident occurred but assume he was playing in the pasture with the other horses. On Dec 26, 2001 he was humanely put to sleep.

Caboose at 16 months helping fix the fence.

Visit Caboose's webpage on Patti's site.

Caboose April 2000-Dec 26, 2001

Patty also adopted 2 beautiful PMU foals from Canada.


Burrniece & friends
Burrniece & friends

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