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Tsan Tsant
Tsan Tsant was in the Lancaster, CA shelter with Rocket/Big Red. They are very attached to each other.


11/23/2011 - Tsan Tsant has Crossed the Rainbow Bridge

Prayers have been answered and Tsan Tsant is now out of pain.  The decision to help him cross the Rainbow Bridge was made after the vet did another exam and found a softball sized stone in his bowel. His best buddy, Rocket, is having a difficult time.  Rocket keeps looking for him and calling.

I opened up the gates on Rocket's & Tsan Tsant's pen, the roundpen and the gate to the arena.  Rocket spent about 1 1/2 hours running around looking for Tsan.  He kept going up to all the dark colored horses to see if it was Tsan.

I had let Rocket out after Tsan was euthanized so that he could sniff him or whatever and know that he was gone.  He didn't approach the body and just grazed.  He didn't get upset when we walked Tsan out to put him down nor afterwards.  But, about 7 minutes after the truck left with Tsan's body Rocket began hollering and getting hyped up.  I figure this will go on for a few days.  I just hope that Rocket doesn't colic over this.  

Tsan Tsant & Rocket were brought in together on 12/23/2009.  They had been at the Lancaster shelter for some time and were in desperate need of a home for Christmas.

Tsan was the nicest old gentleman.  He loved his treats and greatly enjoyed being brushed by volunteers.  He was always kind and careful around the young volunteers.  Although he is greatly missed, we are thankful to have known him for awhile.  Godspeed Tsan!

There have been no major changes good or bad in Tsan's condition. He continues to be uncomfortable. Banamine injections have been given twice a day. Per the vet's instructions we gave him some Bran Mash with shredded Beet pulp. He only ate a little bit.

Vet will be out again this morning. PLEASE send good thoughts for Tsan Tsant to get better.
11/20/2011 - Tsan Isn't Feeling Well

11/19/2011 (VolunTIER day) Tsan Tsant was exhibiting gas colic symptoms. He was uncomfortable, not eating and periodically lying down. Tsan is prone to gas colic at times. He is usually given 30 Ranitidine tablets which work well. This time they didn't seem to be helping much and at 8:30 am he was given 9 cc's of Banamine and again at 3:30 pm.

The Banamine helped somewhat, but on Sunday morning he was still very uncomfortable and had only passed a small amount of manure. We contacted Dr. Rebecca Blair. Dr. Blair checked his vitals. He does not have a temperature and heart rate was within normal range for his situation.

Dr. Blair did a rectal exam and indicated that Tsan had a lot of gas and a slight impaction. She tried to tube him (water, epsom salts) using a soft hose, but Tsan wouldn't have it. She sedated him, tried again with the same results. A little more sedation and a stiffer hose did the trick and she was able to insert the tube/administer the water/epsom salts. (Treatment, 2 injections of Xylazine, farm call charge all added up to 140.00! She also gave us a new bottle of Banamine as our on hand supply was running low which brought the total up to 215.00).

Tsan Tsant received 11 cc's of Banamine last night. He is up and moving so far this morning, but we will be watching him closely. Please send positive thoughts/prayers Tsan Tsant's way. The poor old boy has had a rough time of it the last couple of days. THANK YOU!

9/25/2011 - Getting the Brush Off

Tsan Tsant was fortunate to have his own groomer!

VolunTIER Gabbie did a great job brushing Tsan Tsant. That "wind knot" in his mane was not easy to get out!


Tsan Tsant is doing well. Especially under the watchful eyes of Rocket-Big Red. HA! He is starting to shed his wooly coat. With the warmer days and cool nights his winter jacket isn't sure if it should shed out or hang on!


As you can see, Tsan is having difficulty deciding what color to be after he sheds his winter coat. Black? Brown? Brown/Black? Black/Brown....
After a good hosing off he decided he is partial to brown and rolled in the dirt. Other than having a dirty coat, Tsan is looking well and will be gorgeous once he sheds his winter coat.

Of course, Rocket (Big Red) is never far from Tsan. Poor guy can't even touch noses with other horses without Rocket trying to herd him away.
Fortunately, Tsan Tsant has no major issues. He does have an old wire cut/scar on his left hind leg below the ankle but above the coronary band. Tsan is on joint supplements as he is older and we hope to be able to have the chiropractor out to adjust him when funds are available. He could really use an adjustment.

Another picture of Tsan Tsant after rolling and getting quite dirty.


VolunTIER Andie came out the other day and gave Tsan a grooming session.  Tsan has a wooly winter coat and with all the rain/mud he looked like a refugee!  He was finally beginning to shed and was in need of some cleaning up.  After Andie was through removing tons of fuzzy winter coat Tsan looked marvelous!  Of course, he still has the fuzzies, but he looks so much better.  He was a really good boy while being groomed in the roundpen.  Andie improved her skills on putting on a halter, tying a horse and leading since she hadn&rsquot been able to visit for awhile.  Once they were done Tsan got some WinTreats cookies for being such a good boy.

Tsan got his feet done by the awesome farrier and he is now ready to go out dancing!


Our vet really liked Tsan! He thought he was &ldquocute as a button.&rdquo He was pleased to see that he is &ldquobright eyed and bushy tailed&rdquo, just a sweet old boy.

Tsan does have a small overbite, but is not parrot mouthed. Nothing to be concerned with and his teeth are in good shape. He will have his teeth done in a few months when we have the dentist out to do some of the other TIER residents.

Our vet thought he was still a bit thin (he did not see Tsan&rsquos original pictures of when he was nothing but a skeleton!) but attributes some of that to his being older and in need of toning up. I explained that Tsan had been in a limited enclosure for quite awhile without turnout so he didn&rsquot have the opportunity to use his muscles. Vet felt that with regular turn out, continuing with the pellets/senior feed and plenty of hay, his muscles will build up.

Also, when the vet was checking his teeth, he indicated that he figures Tsan is in his early 20&rsquos and not 25 yrs. old. Good! His heart rate was normal, good gut sounds and nice energy. The vet didn&rsquot feel that a blood test was needed as there was no indication of any problems. He feels that with regular exercise, Tsan will fill out nicely. His movements are not stiff and there was no indication of arthritis even at his age. Feet are good and flex tests were good. Tsan is doing great!

I turned him out in the arena today so he could have some room to run, roll, walk around after such a long time in a small area. He loves it and I will be leaving him out overnight with Big Red.


Tsan Tsant has a home for Christmas because of YOU!

Just a quick Xmas eve update. Tsan arrived safely yesterday evening. Loading him at the shelter was an adventure because of Red being anxious. Tsan just stepped right in the trailer and waited patiently while Red kept us all entertained for awhile, but the drive & arrival was uneventful.

Here's Tsan Tsant this morning. He is absolutely the sweetest old horse. Been there/Done that kinda guy. (That's Annabelle in the background). He's pretty laid back and very friendly. He pulled all his hay out of the feeder!I guess he needed to inspect it! He loves the soaked pellets mixed with Equine Advantage and ate every bite before he started rearranging his hay to his liking.

We were delighted to meet the gentleman who had been sponsoring Tsan at the shelter. He was waiting to meet us when we arrived. His name is Dusty, he rides a Harley Davidson and has the most beautiful and sweet girlfriend named Charmaine. Dusty had purchased a beautiful blanket for Tsan which the shelter gave to us to bring home. Dusty also provided several bags of apples (Tsan only likes to eat 1/4 a slice at a time according to his Shelter friends) and we also brought home a huge bag of carrots! It is our hope that Dusty and Charmaine will be making the drive to visit us soon!


Just an update on the status of getting Big Red & his buddy from the shelter. We are so appreciative of the kindness and generosity shown by everyone who donated to help us get these boys out. Thanks to those who sent words of encouragement and support! We could not have done this without people like you!

A bit more information has come to light regarding the black gelding. At the shelter, he is called Tsan Tsan (pronounced Zan Zan). It seems there is a gentleman who really took a liking to this Old Soldier. The gentleman has been visiting him, bringing apples to him & Red, donating funds for some of his vet bills & farrier visits. The gentleman does not own horse property, nor can he afford boarding fees, etc. or I think he would have tried to adopt this lovely old boy. But, he did name him Tsan Tsan. So, unless we find more information on this horse about his past, for now we will stick to calling him Tsan Tsan.

I have relayed to the Shelter that the gentleman is welcome to come visit Tsan Tsan once he is at TIER. It really made me feel good to know that there was someone other than Shelter staff that was giving these horses individual attention.

Due to my schedule and the schedule of the lovely lady who is doing the transport, it looks like we will be picking these boys up Wednesday or Thursday. This means that the boys will be Home for Christmas!

I received some updated photos of Red and Tsan Tsan. As you can see, they have both put on weight! Yay! Tsan Tsan can use a little more weight from what I can see in the pictures and your contributions will be utilized to purchase pellets and a balanced Senior Feed for both of these boys. Of course they will receive hay, supplements if needed, turnout and lost of hugs!

The Shelter informed us that they are both due to have their feet done. Apparently, the shelter pays 75 per trim. We assured the Officer at the shelter that we will have both boys attended to by our farrier. Our farrier costs are 30 per trim. That is quite a bit of difference in price! We will most certainly post updates for everyone. Thank you all for your continued support.


The second horse came to my attention when I was speaking to one of the officers at the shelter who said that Big Red has made a friend and he is very attached to him. His buddy named Tsan Tsant also needs a home.

Our current funds are earmarked for feed, farrier care, supplements, regular maintenance & care, vet care and a little bit set aside for emergencies. At this time, we do not have a large amount of funds set aside for "extras". It's been a very lean year for everyone and donations have been low. Such a difficult year for animals and people!!

When a new rescue comes to our facility we ALWAYS have our Vet do a FULL evaluation so that we know precisely what needs to be done to help the animal now in our care. This usually consists of Blood Tests, Flexation examination, Oral Exam (teeth), Eye exam (if their are injuries/cloudiness this can be a bit more detailed) checking their feet to see if there are any problems (cracks, thrush, founder, white line disease, abcesses, etc.) temperature, heart rate, basically an overall wellness exam. As you can imagine, this is not inexpensive for horses. Once the vet has done the initial exam, we adhere to his recommendations for feed & care. That could change depending upon the results of the blood test.

If their health is not too compromised, wormers are adminstered. Also, the vet will give them a tetanus shot. These two horses most likely have had all their shots & worming done and have been evaluated at the shelter. But it is our policy to have our vet do an evaluation on each new arrival.

We are very lucky in that we have a nice lady who will do the transport for minimal costs (most likely just gas) once we receive word from the Shelter on what the adoption fee will be and when can bring these two lovely horses to TIER.

All in all, we need about 500.00 to give these 2 boys a Home for Christmas!!


Tsan Tsant doing yard work

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