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Valentine Secret
PMU baby



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He was doing fine until he hit a "growth spurt" just after he turned 3. His hind end was growing normally, but it put tremendous pressure on his misshapen front legs. Basically, his legs could no longer support his weight and he was in tremendous pain. In May 2003 after consultation with the vet, the decision was made to humanely euthanize him.


They're all (Dakota Mahogany, Valentine, & Excellent Luck) in a good place where they're getting lots of love and attention---the gelding and wobbler have bonded with Barbara of Pegasus, and the yearling is developing a bond with her husband (the one who always stands guard over his feed so the others can't get to it.) All we ask of them is that they relax, enjoy life, eat well and heal.
John is beginning to bond with the yearling, who apparently has a fear of humans after going through the trauma of two surgeries. John stands by and guards the yearling while he's eating so the gelding can't come and try to eat his food. The wobbler and yearling also have learned that carrots are delicious, so the gelding is no longer getting triple rations. In short, all good news we can rest assured that these three are getting excellent and
loving care.
Valentine Secret is really frightened. We put them together by themselves in a semi large enclosure in quarantine. It has worked out well as the two older ones protect Valentine Secret and make him feel more comfortable and safe. Also, the two older ones have bonded. I took a picture of the three of them lying down together side by side. They love their buckets full of grain, natural glo, bran, vitamins and herbal remedies, but I don't think
the two younger ones have ever had carrots - so the stifle injury, who loves carrots, eats theirs.

They had their hooves trimmed. Dakota still had shoes plus loose nails in his hooves and his hooves were extremely long. They also had their shots and wormers. John (my husband) was able to bond a little with the foal at that time but for the most part he is very distrusting of humans (not my husband). It's going to take time.
They have toys in their enclosure and the older ones encourage the foal to play with them. He follows their lead and they handle him like a mom would. Considering what they have been through and all their physical problems, I think they are doing very well.



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