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4/11/2015 - GREAT BIG Shout Out to our VolunTIERs

Woo Hoo! Here's a GREAT BIG Shout Out to our VolunTIERs who came out last week! Andie W., Carol C., UCR Students (what a great group!) and Belinda H. (who cleaned all the pens on the Northeast side of our facility on Wednesday all by herself!)

Thank you for all the hard work you did, the laughter, the smiles and the love for the horses!


7/25/2014 - Years of Saturdays..

Every Saturday.  Rain, HEAT, Wind, Cold, Nice Weather... every Saturday (with very few exceptions) these ladies have come to TIER to clean pens, scrub water barrels, feed hay and supplements, guide new volunteers, assist at fundraising events/booths.  They bring cut up carrots, apples and other goodies every single time and make sure each horse & donkey gets their fair share.  IF they have time afterwards they also brush the horses.  Every Saturday for years. 

Years of Saturdays.  Saturdays full of HARD work, laughter, sadness, my "drill sergeant" mouth.  Years of friendship and support.  Friendship I would have missed had it not been for the horses and the dedication these ladies have given to them/TIER. 

For the past few years, DJ & Marilyn have come to TIER each and every Saturday.  Having these 2  dedicated volunteers each week makes a world of difference for the horses and for TIER.  Years of Saturdays knowing there would be help to do the infinite number of chores.

The company that DJ & Marilyn work for has found they can no longer operate their business well in California and are moving their operations to Utah.  DJ has been with the company for 30 years and Marilyn has been with them for 20 years.  So, DJ & Marilyn will be moving to Utah.  Saturdays at TIER will not be the same without them.

I looked forward to seeing them each and every Saturday.  Watching for their cars to arrive in the cool of the morning seeing their smiling faces, catching up on what has happened in their lives and in the lives of the TIER residents during the past week.  Occasional breakfasts at the Rodeo Café and lunches here and there.  Listening to Annabelle braying as soon as she sees the girls bring out the buckets of carrots, apples, melon, etc.  Watching them as they hug horses, talk to them, lay a loving hand on them while they are cleaning pens, scrubbing water barrels, filling in low spots with DG.

TIER has been blessed with the gift of these two lovely ladies for several years.  I am a richer person for having them in my life.  The will be deeply missed.  We wish them the very best in their new life adventure and look forward to hearing from them in the future.

Thank You just doesn't seem to be sufficient, but it is the best I can do.  DJ & Marilyn, THANK YOU for what you do, have done and for your friendship.  Priceless!

8/10/2013 - Pickin!

Thanks to Bob Hardcastle & Marshall for taking time out of their conditioning routine (for Marshall) to show VolunTIERS how to clean/pick out a horses' hoof.

VolunTIERS had worked long and hard on cleaning pens, filling water buckets and grooming, and then spent time on Pickin Lessons!  We LOVE our VolunTIERS!

Not only did Bob explain the why's and how's of this task, he and Marshall gave each VolunTIER the opportunity to actually pick out Marshall's feet!




Laura & Bob. 

Hmmm...I wonder if Marshall can now be considered a Lesson Horse since he gave lessons (with Bob's help) on hoof care?


Students from the The Veterinary Technology Program at the Platt School of Medical Sciences, with instructors Karen Hartman, MA, RVT & Christina L Garloff, DVM visited TIER for a "Hands On" Equine class in Haltering horses, leading, picking out hooves and grooming. The students were wonderful and the horses loved every minute. (Especially Sammy above.

Dr. Garloff & students

VolunTIER Mel introduced the students from Platt College to all the TIER residents. First Stop: DONKEES!

Sunny, (aka: The Golden Girl) enjoyed the pampering and make new friends with Platt College students.

Woody always enjoys grooming and attention. Particularly if there is plenty of hay available and he has pulled it all out of his feeder!

Sammy thinks that the more people that pay him attention........The BETTER!

5/5/2012 - Animal Ethics and Service-Univ. of Redlands





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