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The listing read: #4685
10 year old gelding. 14.2 hands. Very gentle and broke to ride. Hes been used as a trail horse.

Wiley was scheduled to ship to slaughter at 5:00 pm on 9/23/2019. Thanks to our AWESOME supporters, we were able to purchase him before he had to board a truck with many others for their last ride.


10/30/2019 - Wiley Arrives!

Thanks to our supporters who came together at the very end to help with Final Qurantine Care & Transport expenses.  Because of YOU, WILEY has arrived! 

Thanks to Ruby Lingo who transported Wiley from Texas to TIER, he arrived around 3:30 PM in great shape.  She made great time!  Wiley came off the trailer nicely and then walked calmly with Ruby to his pen while I took pictures.  His neighbors on either side are Lincoln & Pirate the pony.

Wiley is a little guy with big sweet eyes!  He and Lincoln touched noses and he then went over to meet Pirate.  They touched noses and Wiley screamed at poor Pirate who had one of those "What the heck you yellin about?" looks on his face.  Paco was in the background hoping Wiley would come over, but Wiley ignored him and started eating his Teff/Alfalfa hay.

The TIER residents were excited to see him and sent out welcoming whinnies.  Can't wait to spend some time with him and get to know him after a few days of settling in, getting used to new water, hay, ground, temperature, surroundings, etc. He did let me rub his nose before I left him.  I'll let him settle for a few days before I do anything with him.  

I did get to meet Dalton in person and stroke his nose.  What a gorgeous boy!  He will continue on to his new home and arrive there tomorrow.  Happy Trails Dalton!
10/4/2019 - Quarantine Update

Morning update from QT/Kathy: Wiley was a bit on edge this morning but I think he had a close encounter with a skunk that I’m guessing hit my low electric fence.  I have a strand that runs just off the ground to keep the coyotes and raccoons away from my hens.  If I had to guess based on clues that would be my conclusion.  He didn’t get sprayed but it all went down in the corner where he stands so the sound of the snap alone would have set him off. 

Picking up some poultice today as well and get him started on soaking this afternoon.  I may end up getting some new born sized diapers and wrapping it if he doesn’t stand well in the bucket.  I may have found some good alfalfa at a decent price so we’re making the trip to check it out.  150lb bale of “premium” for 20.  Got my fingers crossed it is good hay. (Alfalfa purchase is to help transition him to what is fed at TIER).

10/3/2019 - Vet Visit

What a brat!  HA! Vet estimated he is 18 yrs. old and not 10 yrs. old like we were told.  Wiley is touchy about his hind end and tried to kick the doctor.  So...he was sedated for the vet.  He seems to trust Kathy and allows her more slack, but strangers get his cranky behavior. 

Kathy had managed to open the abcess on his left front foot and it is pretty significant.  Vet recommended soaking in Epsom salts & Betadine.  She will give it a shot and if he isn't cooperative, she has a few tricks up her sleeve.  He is to continue on Bute as needed.  His nasal discharge continues although it has decreased quite a bit.  Vet recommended continuing with the Uniprim antibiotic.  If he hasn't improved by Monday, he will be back to give him Sodium Iodide by IV. 

10/1/2019 - Quarantine Update

Wiley continues to meet me at the gate, no longer concerned about the halter.  Still sore but less so and there are still hints of drainage.  He offered me his foot today.  He has been completely off of Bute for a few days. Nose is still snotty so will contact vet today about extending meds.  He continues to eat and drink well.  

10-1-2019 follow up:  Vet extended Wiley's uniprim about 4 days.  Said if he’s still snotty we can talk exceed. Wiley is going to be a chunk monkey for sure once it fills in across his back.  

9/27/2019 - Wiley QT Morning update

Update from Quarantine Manager Kathy:

Wiley’s sinus faucet has finally been turned off.  His nose was crusty this morning but nothing dripping out. Eyes were clear.  He took a few minutes to catch and to come in but stood still in the stall to come back out. His foot still hurts him but he’s getting around a little better.  He let me hold his foot this morning and I was the one to put it down.  Baby steps.  Tonight I’ll try and poke around a bit and see if I can get closer to the abscess.  He also stood there after I took his halter off and let me scratch him and I was the one to walk away.  

Just found out the boys will be seeing the Senior Veterinarian on Thursday, 10/3/2019.  Kathy will haul them to the Veterinary practice about 8 miles down the road.  If we waited until the senior vet was available to come to the QT facility it would be longer.  Also, it will be cheaper this way than having to pay for a Farm Call.

9/25/2019 - 9-24 and 9-25 Quarantine Updates


Evening update.  Both horses pooped and peed so I won’t be doing checks throughout the night.  Wiley didn’t eat all of his flake of hay but drank about a half a bucket of water.  Dalton cleaned up all the hay but didn’t drink much water.  It appears as though he’s a dunker.  Neither horse cared about the wheelbarrow in their stall but Wiley was concerned about the picker.  Dalton didn’t seem to notice and just kept eating. Dalton cleaned up his meds tonight.  Wiley still picking at it but he’d eaten enough I’m hopeful they will all be gone by morning.  My guess is he won’t take too kindly to oral meds if it comes to that. Dalton is far more familiar with treats.  He ate a piece of pear and a small alfalfa cube. Wiley wasn’t interested in either.  I left a small pile of soaked cubes in Wiley’s stall with the hopes he will develop a taste for them. That’s about it.  Wiley has a very weird pastern angle on his right front. I’ll try to remember to take my phone in the morning and get a pic.  And Wiley had finished his meds by 10.

9/25/2019 AM UPDATE

6:37 AM

Morning update.  Both water buckets empty this morning and I refilled them at 10 last night.  Forgot to take phone so maybe this afternoon when I get home I’ll get those pictures.  Dalton cleaned up everything last night and licked the mats clean.  Huge wet pile and lots of poop piles.  Very food motivated. Nickered at me this morning. So cute. Wiley is soooo goopy eyed this morning and strings of snot. I wiped away what he’d allow but will need to halter him and clean it well this afternoon.  I also think I’ll have to put something on it.  It’s very yellow so I suspect super acidic and probably burning the skin. He ate about half his hay last night but cleaned up the grain with meds and the small pile of alfalfa cubes (soaked of course). It appears as though his foot doesn’t hurt him as bad.  I gave him another dose of bute this morning and think I’ll just go to one a day for the next couple days unless I can get to the abscess and relieve the pressure.  This morning he was much better about the stall pick but he wants to turn his butt to you when you approach him.  I don’t feel threatened but it is one of those behaviors that isn’t allowed so we are working on that.  He let me touch his leg this morning and unweighted it so I left it at that.  The bottom line of his neck is odd and kind of bulges. While I was scratching on him I ran my hand across it and he penned his ears.  I’d like to get a vet appt next week and have one of the more senior vets look both of them over. 

NOTE:  Now you see why I love this Quarantine facility.  Kathy at Starburst Ranch is the best!!

9/24/2019 - WILEY-SAFE!!

UPDATE-Dalton & Wiley

The boys were picked up from the kill pen and made the trip to the vet for their runny noses and for Wiley's hoof issues. Both boys are now on Uniprim for whatever Crud it is they have going on. Lungs are clear...thank goodness. Wiley's eyes are full of goobers as is his nose.

The hoof issue was on Wiley's left front and appears to be an abcess. (Whew!). Vet dug it out as much as he could, but Wiley wasn't too sure about it. Abcess will take awhile to resolve and Kathy at the Quarantine facility will be soaking that foot...if he cooperates. HA!

Both boys were hungry upon arrival. They got a handful of Senior so that this evening they will eat it a bit better when the meds are put in. Dalton heard the feed bag and knew what it was. Wiley seemed surprised at getting goodies.

THANK YOU to our transporter and to the fabulous Quarantine facility. We know they will get the royal treatment at Starbust Ranch!!

And...THANK YOU to our supporters who have helped us to help these boys!!  WOOT!  WOOT!  Love ya'll to the moon & back!!



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