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Win the Case
#226 Dark Bay or Black/Bay TB Gelding. Appx. 9-10 yrs. old. Appx. 16 hands. This horse is racetrack broke only. I was told that his name is "Win The Case". Papers unavailable at this time. He cast himself and has several head scrapes, leg scrapes.

I have contacted the United Pegasus Foundation which is a wonderful TB rescue. They (like the rest of the rescues in this area) are quite full and funds are short. They did say that if we are able to collect the funds to rescue this horse, and transport fee, they would be willing to take him in. Neither UPF or TIER have the funds for purchasing right now. UPF is a wonderful organization and this horse could not go to a better place to rest, recuperate from his years of giving to the racing industry and to learn a new way of life!

Any contributions towards Win The Case's release would be greatly appreciated by TIER, UPF and of course......the lovely Win The Case. (Please indicate on your contributions -whether by check or Paypal-that the funds are for Win The Case).


8/17/2012 - 11 years later!!

Hi All,
I just wanted to let you know that Casey (aka Win The Case) is going strong and still loving life to the fullest at age 21!  I came down to UPF in January of 2001 to see Casey and it was love at first sight and he's been my buddy ever since.  While I did make an attempt to retrain him, he just wasn't into it so he's pretty much lived the last 11 years in full retirement.  Being buds, we hangout and play together.  While he lives in a large stall and paddock set-up, he loves to gallop the "track" in our turnout field, play tag with me and head down to the creek on hot days for a splash.  He really has been living the good life with every horsey whim catered to.  He truly is a pampered pony and the love of my life.  Thank you all for helping him out of his situation so many years ago and helping us find one another.  I've a attached a short video of Casey from this last spring.
All the best,


Thanks so much for posting Casey's story. I just can't tell you what a wonderful guy he is! He loves to work. I've started him loose in the round pen, teaching him his verbal commands and he just picks up on things like a pro! We'll progress to lunging with a cavesson first, then cavesson and bridle, then cavesson, bridle, reins and surcingle....etc. The point I want to make is that we're doing this slowly and in small steps. It is very important to me that he enjoys what he's doing and relaxes while he does it.

I could talk about Casey all day! I just wanted you and everyone involved with Casey and his rescue to know that he is doing wonderfully well and that he is well cared for. I see him twice a day so that I can blanket/unblanket, muck, supplement, groom, exercise, and just be with him. He's with me for life. It's the commitment that I made to him when he came home.

Here's a couple of pictures of him. I took them quickly a day after he arrived Feb. 2. He was in a temporary corral but is in a stall and paddock now. He looks much better now than in these pictures. His coat is much nicer and he's added a little weight. I'll take some new pictures this week and send them to you. I have to admit even though these are older pictures, he looks better in them than in the feedlot pictures. He must have known he was getting a new, happy home.

Well, thanks again Gail! I have been singing your praises, and publicizing yours and UPF's efforts up here in Northern California. More than a few people have logged on to see what TIER is all about. Maybe it'll generate some more revenue for the horses. Thanks for caring about these guys and giving your all. I'll certainly be in touch and help out whenever I can.

Casey working loose in the round pen
Casey and my pup Suki
Casey and his girlfriend, Emma
Casey in his stall


Currently (as of 12/29/00), we are lacking only 250.00 for his ransom/transport! Awesome!

Thank you for your concern and caring. May the New Year ring with many, many

He Won The Case!! There were several folks involved in helping this beautiful guy to go to his new home at the Untied Pegasus Foundation! Although funds were contributed towards his ransom, we were still short of the full price. The Exceller Fund jumped in to make up the difference. Because of caring people, the Exceller Fund and United Pegasus Foundation, Case will have a future. If you are interested in adopting Case, Please contact UPF at



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