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WinterPeg - Percheron Mare - 14-15 years old
Peg will be our PMU spokeshorse!



Winterpeg has been re-established with her driving background and has been driving both single and double. She was in the San Juan Capistrano parade in April, where she helped pull a wagon down a busy parade route. She is still in training to be used for Mounted Enforcement, and is a pleasure to have around.


WinterPeg - After hours of tolerating beauty treatments (she's ALOT of horse) Peg was ready for her photo shoot! WinterPeg is the TIER Spokeshorse for Premarin, so we hoped to get some very nice pictures of her.

Although she was VERY concerned about the water hose, it was quite obvious this girl has encountered baths before. In fact, she stood through the lengthy beautification process without any problems or fidgeting. She even took a nap!

After her photo shoot, her new Dad arrived. We had told him that we were quite sure that Peg has been trained to drive, but she was a bit confused when I climbed on her back. I had placed a bit in her mouth and there was no problem. Again, it was obvious that she has had a bit in her mouth before. Since the headstall we had was too small, I took it off immediately.

Once Dad arrived, 24 ft. cotton driving lines were attached to her halter and we proceeded to see if the girl knew anything about driving. She's an old pro! Yee Hawww!
Once Peg goes to her new home where she will join Abilene (the paint PMU mare that was rescued from the same auction as Peg), Dad will start working her on the ground and eventually start her under saddle. Peg's new Dad is a police officer with a mounted unit and his plans are to train Peg for crowd control. We will be following Peg's progress after she goes home next Saturday. Her achievements will allow people to realize that PMU mares are trainable, personable, and that their lives need not be over once they leave the Premarin farms. Just because they spent a number of years on the Premarin lines and giving birth to foals that are sent to slaughter year after year doesn't mean they are useless. They don't deserve to be sent to feedlots when their urine collection and foaling days are over. As most horses..........they continue to give of themselves!!

Peg is an example of what can be accomplished. She is also a strong respresentative for PMU Mare rescue!!! Afterall, IT'S FOR THE HORSES!!



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