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Woody (Woody)
Woody is a gorgeous Quarter Horse with the "Bulldog" build. He was a Blue Ribbon winner in Western Pleasure until he developed Navicular in his left front foot.

Woody's left front leg is not completely straight and added to the development of navicular over time. He was no longer able to do his "job", win ribbons for his owner or be ridden. So, this lovely horse with the huge expressive eyes, Star on his forehead and "Guys Just Wanna Have Fun" attitude was sent to TIER instead of going to the feedlot. Due to his size, big build and weight, Woody would have brought top dollar at the slaughter plant.

Instead, he resides at TIER as an ambassador for his breed, teaching children how to groom, lead, pick out feet, give treats and lots of hugs!


9/25/2011 - I'll Just Eat....

VolunTIER Julia spent her day cleaning pens and grooming Woody. 

Although Woody really enjoyed the attention and the good brushing, his focus (as usual) was on food!





5/12/2011 - Mother's Day 2011

Woody is still looking good at 20 years old!



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