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#631 - Belgian Draft Cross Colt. Palamino. Blaze. This boy is huge! We call him Junior.

Here are some pics of me & Mom in Canada. My Dad is a Belgian.



We cannot thank you enough for bringing our new baby, Yukon into our life. He brings us both such great joy every day. I can't believe its been almost two months since we adopted Yukon, already he has grown so much. He is such a kind and loving little boy (Did I say little? Ooops!). He settled easily into his new surroundings and loves all the attention he gets from all the people in the neighborhood who come to visit him on their walks in mornings, of course it doesn't hurt that they bring him baby carrots along the way. He loves to be brushed and pampered which of course I do daily. He is so willing to learn, he lifts his feet for cleaning, gets brushed down daily and has no problem letting me rub him all over. He especially loves to be rubbed at his withers, ooh what feeling, boy can he make goofy faces. In another month or so Amber will be coming home from training. I'm sure they will get along great. He loves all the company he has out in the yard. The chickens of course love sitting in his feeder to help him eat his food, they are sometimes even kind enough to leave him a surprise, a green or blue egg. He doesn't mind, he even tolerates pigger who is still a little disgruntled because his girlfriend, my our horse Amber left for school. Nevertheless, they often found sleeping together in his stall or taking a sun bath in the mornings. I'll update soon with more pictures. Everyone that sees him falls in love with him and it's easy to see why. Thank you soo much for rescueing the babies.


This big guy is in the process of settling into his new digs......along with one of his new roomates.....a potbelly pig! He is being kind to his new mom and allowing her to pet him, brush him, spoil him..... What a Good Boy!!


Yukon's dam

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