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Be kind to the animals for they are the True Innocents!

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These companies will donate a portion of their sales to TIER.
You must use the link below for TIER to receive their donation.
IGIVE - over 500 merchants are members of IGIVE.
Amazon Books & a lot more
Barnes & Noble Books
CD Now CDs & Music
Country Supply Horse Supplies
Enter 'TrueInnocents' in the COUNTRY-CARE Code during the checkout process.
Food 4 Less
Community Rewards
Once enrolled, type in/choose True Innocents Equine Rescue as your charity
Jeffers Horse, Livestock & Pet Supplies
Scroll down for more info.

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IGIVE - over 500 merchants who pay a rebate % to TIER - AND it's tax deductible to you! Each new shopper that signs up earns $5 (a bale o' hay!) for TIER when you make your first purchase. So sign up today - tell a buddy!

Donate money to TIER when you shop at Jeffers!
Shop for the Best Discounted Pet, Equine, & Livestock Supplies!
Click on the button above to enter Jeffers' site.
(Be sure to come here and enter their site this way every time!)

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Apply for an Action For Animals or Morris MasterCard to help TIER.

TIER will receive $10 per activated cardholder, plus a percentage of your purchases.

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