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A situation has come to TIER's attention that we need help with. A friend of TIER's (and past rescuer of a wonderful TB Gelding from from the feedlots in this area) boards her horse at a very well maintained boarding stable that takes excellent care of it's guests. One of the mares being boarded at the stable, needs help. This mare was well cared for until her owner got into health and financial problems. The owner was not able to pay the board on the mare and as a result, the boarding stable can no longer keep the mare. The stable manager has gotten a release from the owner to sell the mare. The stable manager is willing for TIER to take the mare before they are in a position that they have to send her to auction. They only ask that the back board of $550 be paid.

The mare may also have a thyroid problem, as bloodwork was done some time ago and thyroid was indicated. No further tests were done nor medication administered. The mare is very, very overweight. Founder was a concern. The lady who informed TIER of the situation called a farrier and had her feet done. She is sound. The lovely lady who was made aware of this situation, notified TIER, and had the mare's feet done, has given us $50 towards the back board for this mare. I am also donating $50 towards the back board. That means that we only need $450 to be able to bring this lovely mare to TIER. We will then need funds to give her the medical assistance she needs. She will need testing, and possibly medication.



It's been almost a week and still this is so hard. I think this is the hardest thing I have ever gone through before in my life. I can only thank God for His unfailing Grace and Hope for eternal Life so I may
once again be reunited with my beloved Amber. It was the worst day I can remember. It all started out as a normal busy day. I woke up and fed, fly masked, and fly sprayed like any normal day. Everything was normal. Everybody was fine. I went out to do some errands and pick up some hay. When I came home everybody was anxious to be let out as I was a few hours late. Amber whinnied at me and snorted as if to say, "Finally mom!" I told her I was sorry and I would let her out with her friends GT and Lacy for the rest of the afternoon and a little snack as soon as I put the hay away. My husband was gone on a business trip and I was all alone. I put the hay away and let everyone out. Amber first of course as she was the alpha and had rightly earned the precious treatment. She ran to her hay and I pet her and loved her a bit before letting the others out to join her. I went in for lunch myself and after fed the dogs. I glanced out the window as I loved to see the horses right in my back yard! Something was wrong! Amber was laying down. I could just tell
something was different about it. I had just let her out about 15-20 minutes ago. How could anything be wrong? I ran out to check her and she was all sweaty and looked like she was in pain. I ran to get the phone
and emergency phone list to call out the vet. I called Dr. Silverman and he was coming out as he was not far away. I tried to get her up. She wouldn't stand. I kept trying and finally she got up only to take a few
steps and go down again. I knew something was really wrong. Everything flashed in my mind. Her previous surgery, all the times we have had, the fear of losing my best friend. I tried to get her up again. She got up
and once again took a few steps and fell down. She was in so much pain. She was groaning and starting to roll. I stroked her head to calm her down letting her know the doctor was on the way. I prayed and asked God to help me get her up. He did and she walked for a bit but went down one final time. The vet came and gave her a shot of Banemene and something else for pain. He helped me get her up after the medicine kicked in and checked her. She had something hard near her bowel. He feared it was more stones but usually they were more in the front of the intestine. He helped me get her into the trailer and called in to Chino Valley Equine Hospital to get her x-rayed to see if it was stones. I got there and she was down in the trailer. They were very nice to get her up but she was to weak. They couldn't get her to stand long enough to take the x-rays. They let her lay in the grass. Gave her more pain medicine and told me she needed surgery. It would cost 5,000- 7,000 and I just didn't have it. I asked for them to call Dr. Hoyme as my cell phone had no reception. They did and told me he was on his way home. They had to shock her to get her up. She was still in pain even with all of the medicine she was given. I offered to leave my address so they could sen
me a bill but they refused and told me not to worry about it. I rushed her to Dr. Hoyme and she was down again. My heart was sinking. I was desperate. I had to save my friend. I couldn't let her go. Dr. Hoyme
helped me get her up but she went down right outside of the trailer. I begged her. I begged God to help her. Dr. Hoyme took a blood sample and it came out normal. Her heart rate was slow but rightly from all the
pain medicine she had. Finally we got her up again and into a stall. I filled out the paperwork to have the colic surgery and put down the deposit. It was now 7pm when she went into surgery. It seemed like forever. I watched them pull out her intestines. It looked good. I prayed for God to save her. I prayed for her to be okay. Then something hit me. I was being selfish. Then I prayed for God's will to be done as I knew He had a perfect plan even if I might not like it. I prayed that if it was His will to take her that He knew best. Even though I didn't want to be without her I knew I had to trust in His decision as He knew what was best for Amber. It was now 7:30pm. They still couldn't find what was wrong. And then I saw Dr. Hoyme stop. He turned to me and had his helper open the door. He told me she had a tumor. It had grown around her small intestine and strangled it. He could do more surgery but it was right at the bowel and it would be very difficult. He would have to take out 12 feet or more of her intestine. He told me the surgery was very risky and she would probably die within the first few days even if she made it through the surgery. And even if she made it through that she would be back in for surgery every year or so due to complications. My heart sank. How could this happen? Not to my Amber! Not to my little girl! I didn't know what to do. He said he would give me a few minutes to make a decision. How could anyone make such a decision? Risk her living a life not fit for any horse to try and keep her or letting her go. I didn't want to let her go. She was one of the most important things in my life. She made me whole. She was a part of me. But I couldn't let her live in pain. I couldn't put her through anymore. I reluctantly told him to put her to sleep. I remembered a book I was reading, "Living Beyond Your Limits" by Franklin Graham. It said the difference between believers in Christ and non-believers is that believers may face situations where loved ones have cancer or other life threatening circumstances but instead of saying good bye to their loved ones they know there is a better place then this so they say see you later. I could not watch him give her the shot but I could feel when she was gone and I whispered to her "See you later Amber." I was in shock. How could she be gone? I didn't know how to live without her. She was such a crucial and vital part of my life. I could feel a part of my heart was gone. I will never be the same. Not without my little girl. The little girl who God used to ultimately change my life. Before her I didn't know what I was going to do with my life. I was a waitress and had dreams of doing this or that but nothing struck my heart that I was really passionate about. Then as I was searching the internet on horse rescues I was guided to TIER. I volunteered and found Amber. At first she wasn't anything that hit my heart. She was a nice horse just like the others. Then I was fortunate enough to be sponsored to have a horse of my own. Amber was that horse. I was excited to have a horse as I felt it may be something I would be passionate about. I loved horses as a child but was never able to have one of my own. I had no idea that that little horse would spark a fire of passion in my heart and guide me to what I was meant for. Working with and training horses. She taught me all about horses and riding. She taught me about unconditional love and what real friendship was. She led me to research John Lyons training. I rented videos and tried to work with her with what I saw. I wasn't perfect but boy was she forgiving. I would try something and it wouldn't work and she would look at me as if to say, "It's ok. I know you'll get it. We'll get it together." She never let me down. We learned giving to the bit and college level leading. I would kiss and she would come. She was always there to listen to me when I needed someone to talk to. She was my wise old girl who was always there to listen and make me feel better. We went on trail rides together and she taught my 7 year old friend Serena how to ride. She was so gentle with her and would come over to her anytime she came to visit. She loved bossing around the other horses and my husband too! She was so smart and intelligent when we started our certification together I had taken my wild


Amber was laid to rest on August 2, 2003 after a bout with colic. She was taken to the vet clinic for surgery where it was found that a tumor had strangulated her bowel so severely that euthanasia was the only option.

An update with pictures will be coming after Amber's mom has had a chance to adjust.

Thank you Amber for the gift of you!!


Been doing so much I just don't know where to start. I looked for you at the Equinne Affaire but didn't find you. Hope all is well with the whole family. All is awesome here.

Got the roof up and am just about to put in shavings and the railroad ties for the feed area. I will take pictures and send them to you when it's done. Amber hated the whole roof process but now she seems to enjoy the shelter! I now work only part time with my husband in his business which is doing very well. Paying off debt and fixing up the house finally to the way I like!! Decorating and setting up the whole back area. I have someone tilling in all the poop mid April. That should give for a nice pasture area for the summer! Kahoots right up the street carries a great blend of pasture seed. Amber will be in heaven.

I had a blast at the fair. I got John Lyons Ground Control Manual and his latest videos Training from the Heart. It is breathtaking what that man can do with horses! I should be in his certification class in Colorado with Amber by the end of this year or next. I can't wait. I met John and his son Josh and talked with them both about their program. I have researched and spoken to many that have been and just have been dying to go since last year! I am also enrolling in ABC. It is a Animl Behavior Collage that trains you to be a dog trainer and run your own business. I should be starting in about a month. That is also very exciting since I have a new puppy named Harland, we call him Harly! He is really cute. Garcia and Jerico broke out on New Years Eve and got hit on Van Buran. It had to be fircrackers. They actually broke through a window cause I had them locked up in the house to be safe. It was very hard for me. I shut down for a long while. Still am very hurt but I just can't wait to see my boys again! At least they are safe and sound now and that can never happen to them again. I know you feel my pain. I am so sorry about Floyd and Slick. Just know Buster,Garcia, and Jerico are now playing with them at Rainbow Bridge and they are all waiting for us to come meet them someday! That is all that keeps me together sometimes.

At least I have my special little Amber girl aka monster face! She is spoiled rotten. She loves her home and bossing everyone around. She is such an alpha! She bosses the babies,Sunday,Samire, Lacy, Josh, Harly, just about any horse or husband who comes in! HA! She is doing really well with her ground manners. Oh! I forgot! Lacy is her new friend! Cathy next door had this just under 2 year old mustang filly she adopted about a year ago. Then about 6 months ago she broke her arm and hasn't been able to ride or work with the horses. Nevada Lace her paper name is from the BLM and was all by herself in a round pen with a drag rope and rope halter. She was very scared. I didn't even know she was over there until Cathy showed me. I tried to go up to her very slowly and she stood there leaned all the way back shaking. She just didn't like people! They had done all kinds of things to her from catching her to freeze branding. Before she broke her arm Cathy worked with her and taught her to tie, almost groom all over, and could love on her head on her right side only due to the freeze brand on her left. Anyway to make a long story short. She has now been donated to myself and Amber. She is doing very well. She is still scared but we are just being patient and working on it. I was the first person to get her to do inside and outside turns. Many others tried to get her to turn inside but she refused! In the first 5 minutes on our first visit she did about 10-20 inside turns. I can now get half way back her body but not behind her front legs. I can touch all around the front of her legs but not the back just yet. I can rub her freeze brand and am able to go on that side alright now. That took a long time!! But it was worth it!! I took off the halter and rope and now work with her in the round pen. I work Amber right in front of her while she watches so closely. They have been turned out together after about a month of progressively getting them closer and closer. Amber is the boss and Lacy is fine with that. They eat right next to each other and everything with no problems! Her and Amber are on a strict training program with the ground training (Amber does riding lessons as well but mostly ground work) I want them both to be spook proof. It is going to take many many many many many hours but now I have the time to do it. My trainer Robyn moved just a little while ago. :( I have been on the hunt for a John Lyons certified trainer in this area with no luck yet. But I did find Ed Thorton who is about 1-2 hours away from here and he has weekly and monthy trainings as wellat his facility. He has been certified 3 times!! I am investigating that as we speak. Amber and I may be taking some time and spending it over there. I still go to the library in Norco every week and study the videos and books. I also watch Johns videos and the Ground Training Manual is now my Horse Bible! I am registered for the perfect horse magazine and book which is awesome! Go to it is great! Thnaks again for bringing me the most special spirit into my life I have ever had a relationship with. I think of life without Amber before just three years ago and I can't imagine it. She is everything to me. We share a special friendship. We are there for each other no matter what goes on around us. And now to see her with her new friend Lacy I just can't stop smiling! They love each other! Amber will never again be left by the horses next door. She has her own herd. This is what I have wanted since I brought her home. I just had to be her herd until Lacy came home. Well I know this has been I book! I just haven't updated you in so long. I am very sorry about that. I will work on keeping in touch. I am horrible at that. I am out with the girls just about everyday from 10-2 or 4. I have the house phone with me so give me a call sometime. I would you to see Amber and Lacy. Thanks again. I hope to hear from you soon!!


Amber is feeling happy and spunky! She is so smart and so sweet! God truly blessed me with the most wonderful horse in the world! Thanks to you two angels!! We have been trail riding with Robyn every week and with Cathy next door a few times a week as well. We have some people coming out this month to get out all of the rubbish and set up the land to be tilled and seeded with pasture grass. Boy Amber is going to love it! Diagonals are our practice now. We are getting much better together. She has taught me so much it is unbelievable! She is so responsive to the college level lead, it's amazing. She just had a full spa treatment with coat conditioning, mane and tail conditioning and skin conditioning. This new shampoo I use is awesome. It is therapy for me to make her all shiny and pretty! She is doing better with the worming. Still doesn't like it but she handles it much better. I had to get a new ferrier because Dave just never called beck! Surprise surprise! But God sent me Paul who has an awesome sense of humor and is so gentle with Amber! He spent about 10 - 15 minutes with her just to get to know her before he would work on her. He said she had sexy legs! Amber loves him. The trails out here are nice. I like going through the orange groves. Robyn started us a few weeks ago on night riding. A little more scary for Amber but she handles it so well. The trust we have for each other grows day after day! I often sit and just watch her thinking of all we've been through together. What we've learned and how we've grown. She willingly lets me handle her ears and face to trim those whiskers of hers! I just cannot thank you enough for brining this special soul into my life! I don't know how I was without her before! Her transitions are so nice now. Well I have to go ride now. All this talk is making me antsy! Hope all is well with you! Tell all the babies I love and miss them! Mom says hi! God bless!!

Love Steph and Amber


We are doing great! The weather has been crazy but the stall is staying pretty dry. Hope all is drying well over there. I've been busy working nights now and spending all day with Amber! It is just the best!! I am taking a real estate course once a week and I really enjoy it. On dry days Robin comes out for our training days. I will be riding Amber out on trail next week if it is nice. We have been working really hard together. What a difference communication makes! I met John Lyons and got an autograph at the Equine Affaire. That just made my weekend!!! I also picked up his other book Communicating with Cues. It is just awesome!! Since it's been raining so much lately Robin calls me all the time with homework that can be done from the ground! She is a firm believer of ground work! It really has made such a difference in Amber! And our relationship as well. The pasture panels are coming Thursday. The new roof and second stall panels should be here soon. It took longer for the roof cause it had special order parts since it is custom made. Then we should be all set up with two nice size patures,two stalls with shelters, and a square fence area made round with barrels for a training round pen. Things seem to be coming along just great! Amber is still coming to me when I call. We work on that twice a week. Next week we start trotting to me, that should be fun!

She is very light on the bit now and her neck melts like butter when you pick up on the rein. That is from hours and hours of give to the bit lessons that we work on every day. We work on giving to the bit from the ground and on the back. She is so smart and does so well. I have complete communication with the rein and hip and we are doing much better on the communication with the rein and the shoulder. I have taught her a cue to put her head down so I can grrom her ears and put her bridal on. This cue also works for when I want her to drop her head from her back. All the things we are working on are so exciting! I just am so glad to have her as part of my life. Robin takes her on trail every weekend when it is dry. This will be my first. I can't wait. All the training with spooking in place and sacking her out really seem to help. She still gets scared she just doesn't try to bolt. What a wonderful thing!! She is eating very well. She drinks about 15-20 gallons of water a day. I still ad the apple cidar vinegar just to make me feel better! She gets timothy orchard grass morning and night and her night meal includes revive Evergreen, Focus WT, and Innsure. She does real well. Her ribs are about gone. It has taken her a long time to put all her weight back on but she looks really good! The vet says she is just older and it takes a while to build the older ones back up! Dr. Stevenson will be out at the end of the month to give her her shots again. There are two he said she should have twice a year. She just had her feet done. Dave really does a great job. I will have to shoe her for the summer. I plan to have a buddy for her by then and be riding a lot. I hope all of the babies are doing well! Tell Blaire I said hello and I miss you all. I know I've said it before but I will make it out there sometime! Thanks again guys for all you've done and putting such a special angel in my life! I don't know what life would be like without her now!!!! Who would I groom and talk to every day!!! Ha Ha!!

Love and respect always,

12/7/1999 - Amber has been adopted!

Nicki, a lovely lady who has helped more than one horse through TIER, wanted to also make a difference in the life of a young person. A young person who dreamed of owning a horse, but could not afford one. Due to Nicki's devotion to horses, children, etc. one of TIER's most devoted volunteers named Stephanie, is the proud adoptive parent of Amber! Thanks Nicki and Congratulations to Amber and Steph!!

Stephanie and Amber are undergoing training twice a week with a trainer. They are both progressing, getting to know and understand each other.

It is pure joy to watch these two learn together! When Stephanie is not training with Amber, she is working her. Stephanie also does pen cleaning and does the feeding twice a week. She travels an hour one way in order to help out because I am recovering from surgery and Blair can't do it all (although he had been)!

We are delighted to have Stephanie and Nicki as a Tier family members!

Amber-Grace.jpg (12671 bytes)

Amber is now ready for a new home! She has been gone over by the vet and prounounced in good condition. We did have her tested for thyroid, as she has 2 small goiters under her neck, but the tests came back negative! Yeah!

We have had Amber evaluated by a trainer. She is rusty, but intelligent. Will go Western, but does better English. She has a hard mouth, but does fine in a hackamore. Knows her leads and responds well to leg cues. When asked to back up, she was somewhat confused for awhile and then did well. The trainer said that quite a few folks don't do backing up and that she probably hadn't been asked to do so for a  long time. It wasn't that she didn't know it, it was just that she hadn't been asked to do it. Once she remembered what backing up was, she responded well. Amber does not know round-pen, but she is learning. She would require an advanced intermediate rider as she has a bit of energy. She is affectionate, but a little headshy. Loves attention and goodies! You can tell she likes her goodies as she has a little pot belly and needs some toning/working.

Amber is a registered QH/Arabian with a freezebrand on her neck. She is over 15 yrs. old. As soon as we have the freezebrand read, we will know who she is and her age.


Who the heck is Amber? She is the mare that was at a boarding stable and had been abandoned by her owner. As some of you know, we asked for help to pay her back board, have her hauled to TIER and to get her a medical evaluation as it has been indicated that she might have a thyroid problem. Amber is a bay arabian mare and at this time, we are told, she is quite heavy. She is not up for adoption at this time. We must see what Amber's needs are before we even think of adopting her out. Amber will be coming to TIER on Saturday!



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