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Ash - #126 Gray Arabian Yearling Colt. Appx. 14.2-3 hands. This little guy is so cute! He is curious and bright eyed! His coloring is somewhat rose/gray with a strip. Big boy for only being a yearling!



We recently had to put our mare down, ash is now buddying up real well with our Big Red. It has been real lonely with such a big empty space. We are just trying to keep things going. We don't like this side of rescuing. It is very hard on our hearts. And it reminds us that none of our animals is a permanent fixture. My husband said our family is down by one.


Well, with weather getting better I was finally able to set up the vet check. And after I talked to my vet on the Phone we decided that it was perfect timing to have Ash castrated. It all went very well, very interesting procedure. Vet gives him a good bill of health and gave him all shots also. He estimated his age at 1 1/2 yrs. He said maybe around 8/98. So we have slowed down a bit with him and just taking more time getting to know his personality. He seems to be warming up more and more everyday. He is getting less skiddish with things. We have taken him for walks along fences with Dogs that seem like they want to eat him up and he just ignores them. He is like a big dog himself on a leash. But he listens real well.

We have never found any markings on him and he is quite large for an arabian. I put a full size halter on him and it fits well ( big head) So the vet and I have said that he seems to be arabianX. No biggy though, he seems like he will be smart like the arabians and be big enough just for the task of trail riding in the hills with my thick butt! I cant wait to have a lifelong companion to do this with. He seems to be getting more gentle everyday, and he takes great lessons from the other two elders I own. Thanks once again for the opportunity to have him.


Ash is warming up real well. He prefers my husband over me right now. But he  is more in tune to him also. I am still being fair, and spending equal amounts of time with all my animals.  He doesn't have the runs any more. And seems to be getting used to more noises. He used to jump at the sound of a dead leaf in the wind, And now I can spray water in a bucket and he has no problems. He is nose shy, Yet once you get your hand past that, He loves to have is forehead rubbed. I think this is funny. He gives my husband hugs everyday. But he snorts at me. I'm thinking it is my smell, Perfume, goats, etc.


Well, he now has a new name (Ash) and home with a great lady named Jaime! Thanks so much Jaime for being there for this frightened little boy.

Here is Jaime's first update:  Ash was pretty antsy when we were trying to get him, But once they got his  lead on he was pretty good. He got in the trailer and did fine, which surprised me. He seemed to handle the trip real well also. he has been overly  curious and got real sweaty. All my animals get curious to something new just as he is curious to be here. And he just kept turning to all the noises. some dogs ran down about 30 yards away in another yard and he about jumped out of his skin. Poor guy is just turning in circles trying to figure out where he  is.

Anyhow, He is doing good. Im going to give it 2 weeks to gain my trust and  for him to know that there is love here and no worries. And then hopefully   when I get the vet out he will be fine and comfortable with it. Then I will talk to the vet about gelding him and updating him on what he needs. He did seem to have the runs a bit though. I cant tell if it is stress related, so if it persists I will have the vet out sooner.  So hopefully everything will go just as smooth as it went today. And I will  have some great updates for you. He seems very smart so hopefully it won't take him long to gain some trust.

Thanks to Lori for picking Ash up. Lori also picked up PrimroseX (#121) and will keep her at her home until her new owner Alison can arrange transport for her! Way to go ladies!



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