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#79. Sorrell Gelding, 4 white socks. Blaze. Appx. 15 yrs. old. 15.3 - 15.4 hands. This horse has been driven more than he has been ridden, although he does ride. He is a little barn sour at the moment. Sound. He is skinny, but quite an attractive horse.



Bailey is a trick horse! At least I think he wants to be. He's been working on being just a hang-about ranch horse, and lately when he's been tied to the pole (the place where they all get tacked up and groomed, etc.), he's taken to twirling his lead rope in a circle down by his knees, and jumping it with his front feet! He'll bow if he thinks there's something in it for him, and he shakes hands. It's been so fun to watch his personality burst through - he's just like his dad. He's mischievous, but doesn't have a mean bone in him. He's easily bored, always looking for food, always playing jokes on you... it was a match made in heaven, Gail. He and Terry are so happy! Thanks for helping it happen.


I rode Bailey! All I can say is that we have the kindest, most caring,  careful boy! He has a VERY big stride, and he's kind of bouncy, which  is hard for this little western pleasure rider to sit. Every time I got off balance, he went to a walk and waited for me to recoup, then moved back into a trot. He was a breeze to saddle and bit up...  actually lowered his head and opened his mouth for us. Didn't even need to put a thumb on the bar!

He is quiet and sane enough for little kids to ride. Although we won't be putting any kids on him, it's nice to know he's got it in him for the future :)! I don't even think Terry needs to take lessons on Kassie anymore, he can take them on Bailey.

That horse knows a lot more than I do. I think he will teach Terry and me both quite a bit! I tell you, he had the strangest expression on his face when we were done. I pointed it out to the lady who was helping me, and she said "Don't you know a horse smile when you see one? That boy is proud of himself". We're putting Terry on him this coming weekend. He can't wait to ride his own horse.

Terry got pictures of me up on him. They are being developed as we speak, and I will send you some.

Maria, who is incredibly happy at this moment.

BaileyTrot.jpg (14127 bytes) BaileyNme.jpg (17957 bytes)


Bailey and I turned the corner last night in the roundpen. Remeber  when I told you he acted as if he's been mistreated in the round pen?  Last night he did his usual stop, butt turned to me and didn't want to come in. I waited and talked to him, and he finally turned around and walked over to me, trembling all the way. But he came to me. Then I went to pat his forehead, and he pulled his head up and away, and tensed every muscle up in his body, but he didn't move and let me pet his neck. You could see him visibly let out his breath once he realized he was not going to get in trouble. He walked all the way back to the barn with his nose on my shoulder. What a love!


His new name is Bailey (As in Bailey's Irish Creme). His new Mom & Dad are familiar with helping horses from the feedlots find homes as Maria (his new mom) saved an Arabian Gelding last year. Her Gelding was labeled "unsafe". HA! He is now in the process of being prepped for shows, and he adores his dad, Terry! So, Bailey will be going to a home with experience in rescue horses, love, and responsibility! Although Bailey is to be Terry's special friend, he will round out the family quite well and everyone will be each other's special friends! Thanks Terry and Maria!



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