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#200. Bay Arabian Mare. Appx. 12-15 yrs. old. Appx. 14-2 hands. She has been used as a broodmare. A very sweet disposition and probably rides. She was not ridden as she has an injury directly over her right eye. She is also missing her right eye. Originally I had though that the eye loss was recent (due to the injury above it), but on closer inspection it looks as if the eye had deteriorated some time ago and was not attended to. She moves as if she is used to being blind on that side. She either injured herself in a trailer or someone didn't pay attention to where they were leading her on her blind side and ran her into something (I've seen this happen a lot!). She truly deserves a safe home where someone would pay attention to her needs. A lovely, lovely girl!



 Regina jumped to the rescue on this lovely mare! Seeing that she was in  immediate need of a safe, reliable, loving home for life, Regina let us know that she would, once again, help a horse truely in need. Thank you so very, very much Regina!

Several offers came in to provide a home for this mare. Thank you to everyone for opening their hearts in this matter. A person with rescue experience and experienced in caring for sick, injured, needy animals was chosen. She has been christened BayJinx by her new Mom and was moved asap to her new home where she has the company of other older, gentle horses. A veterinarian was immediately contacted and will arrive shortly to evaluate her eye and overall condition. At any rate, she is being well fed and cared for by her new Mom and will not ever have to worry about being harmed again! Can't wait to read the updates and see new pictures!!

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