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Bo Jangles
#216 Bay Arabian gelding. Appx. 14.3 hands. Appx. 5 years old. This little guy is really cute and very nice. He did not seem to be high strung at all. He rides very well, english or western.



My little one, Bo Jangles, has me wrapped around his little hoof. Oh my God, is he a character!

I had a horse a few years ago who almost killed me and my boyfriend on different occasions. I had never had fear of horses until I had him. I haven't been able to feel the same about the horses I've owned since him. But my Bo Jangles has taken that out of me. Since the moment I saw him, No. 216, on your site, there was just something about him. He and I are riding now! Although he has every bad habit in the book down pat, I know he wants to learn to be a better riding horse and to please me.

His best friend and next door neighbor is Tyler, my sister's horse! They go frolicking in the arena together. Just by the expressions on his face, I know exactly what he's thinking, and I think he knows what I'm thinking, too. I just LOVE HIM SO MUCH, Gail!

In August we're all (the Happy Hoofers, I and Toni) going out to the back side of Big Bear riding in the hills for an extended weekend. I can't wait!


I was in a hurry to get that poor thing out of there. In my haste, I neglected to notice while on his premises that the horse had strangles. I brought him to the new stables and learned within the first 20 minutes of his plight. It was lucky to find it so soon, he went immediately into quarantine and he remains there until Christmas day. But, Gail, he's doing SO WELL and the vet is pleased. He and I (the horse and I, not the vet) are in love. He is just a beauty and what a little dickens he is! I love his naughty little style. He consumes my clothes while I'm raking the stall and I walk away full of loving slobber and green slime!

His hooves, as you had probably noticed, were atrocious. The farrier fixed them up and now he carries himself much more proudly! His name is Bo Jangles. I will provide before and after pictures for possible inclusion to the TIER site. It is very compelling to see how he looked when he came to me and now!

Thank you for all you've done. God bless you!



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