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Chuck is a Saddlebred. He was rescued by Jayne M.

I wanted to update you on Charles "AKA" Chuck. I call him Charles now, he seems to prefer a formal name. LOL! He is happy, healthy and living with me in Newport Beach. I ride him bareback on the trails around my house and in my yard.

If you remember when you found Charles at the feed lot he was starving to death and sunburned brown. He now has all of his weight back and his coat has turned black. He is so beautiful most kids that meet him think he is Black Beauty! Not only is he good looking but he is a gentleman and a joy to be with. I te

ll everyone he was rescued so they will know that older ( he's about 22) starved horses can regain their health and be great riding partners. Everyday I feel lucky that I found such a great horse all thanks to you!

Take care,



I am sad to say that I had to put our friend Charles down today. We found out last weekend that he had kidney failure and would not last the week. He died in a very dignified way. I feel very lucky to have had these last 6 1/2 half years with him. He was such a wonderful friend and companion. He was so special to me and many others and he will be missed, but not forgotten.

Thank you for what you do to rescue these magnificent creatures, if it wasn't for you I would never have know how fantastic it is to share life with an older horse.

Here is a picture I took of him Sunday morning.



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