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#246 Dark Bay TB Mare. Thin, Curved star. Appx. 15 hands. Halter broke. This is a lovely, friendly, curious, untrained mare! Followed me everywhere I went and put her head on my shoulder. Due to her size, (small for a TB) there is a possibility that she will be sold as a Polo horse. I think she would make a wonderful small English horse once she has been trained. Foaled: 5/19/96
BY: Coach's Call
Poponi's Joy
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Dear Gail and TIER Friends,

Once again it is that time of year when I sit around and think of new and creative ways to show the world that Cinder does indeed have Christmas spirit! I know you are saying that look upon her little face is not one of "joy to the world", it is rather more of a "bah-hum-bug" pout. But, you all have to understand that year-round we pamper the little princess with all that her little horsy-heart could desire...four grassy acres to roam, two handsome boys to keep her company, a warm cozy bed at night, and all of my spare money to keep her in the lifestyle to which she has become accustomed. However, at Christmas time its payback!! In her renewed Christmas Spirit she suffered through two parades in her fancy outfit just to bring joy to many local children. However, it should be noted that in one Prima Dona temper tantrum, she did break her little reindeer ears by trashing her little head around violently and had to be further humiliated by finishing the second parade looking more like a floppy-eared moose than a Reindeer.

May the Holiday Spirit stay with you all !!!!
Happy Holidays!
Cari & Cinder


I know I just sent an update a few weeks ago, but I couldn't resist showing these pictures. My husband and I just completed the purchase of six acres on which we will be building a house and barn. Last Sunday we rode the horses over to the new property and turned them loose to see what they thought about their new digs. Much to their surprise our neighbors across the street have a very big and very curious bull. Well, Cinder and Artie just went nuts snorting, blowing, and running for their little lives...then returning to stare some more. This went on for about 45 minutes until they were lathered and we feared they would be too tired to take us home. Anyway, here's a few pictures to show you the scene.


Sorry it has been so long since my last update. So much has happened in the last year, most importantly we have left Los Angeles for the greener pastures of Dallas, Texas. We packed up Cinder (now known lovingly as Pooh) along with her stable mate Artex, the school horse I used to lease - we bought him so he could retire,and have moved to a nine acre ranchette in East Dallas County. Cinder is doing wonderfully and very much enjoying being the only lady amongst three geldings. She rules over them mercilessly but they still worship the ground she trots upon! Mostly the horses enjoy lazy days grazing, napping, and playing. We do a lot of trail riding and I belong to a club for women which does barrel racing and pole bending. We are having a bunch of fun and Cinder seems to thrive on the varied routine. Anyone who says a TB mare won't make a good trail horse has not seen this little girl in action. She is almost bomb proof which is very shocking to anyone who met her when I first brought her home. We have gone on charity rides with 100 other horse, trailered up to Oklahoma to ride back-wood trails, and once we even tried our hand at cow herding. She has stayed level-headed and willing of anything I ask...well that is except for water, she absolutely would rather die then walk through anything wet and/or muddy. The only problems that I have had here are that she is a bit of a hard keeper and gets cold easily. This just means all the more work for me and pampering for her. She stays up every night and is blanketed about half the year and gets more food than any of the boys. I just had her teeth floated two weeks ago and that seems to be helping with the weight gain. I just love this horse so much and can't believe she was a "throw away". Thanks again for all your hard work and dedication to these horses. I will owe you forever for helping me get my little Pooh!!!
Info on pictures attached: Pic 1 - Cinder leading the herd, Pic 2 - Cinder running the barrels, Pic 3 - Cinder in her Western Gear.

Ho Ho Ho


Cinder is doing wonderfully. She is in great shape, very happy, and very loving. We took her for her first trail ride last week, all through Griffith Park. She was very nervous and prancing at first, but soon she settled in and enjoyed the adventure. She is finishing up her full-time training in the next two weeks and has made amazing progress. We make sure she has equal amounts of play time and work time. She has a wonderful willingness to learn and very graceful coordination. As you can tell we are beaming with pride!! Thank you again for helping us find her.


Cinder was ridden for the first time today!!Short but Sweet. Kory (her trainer) has been lunging her 6 days a week (15-30 minutes)for the past three weeks. She has had Cinder in full tack for two weeks and used two soft lead ropes as side reins so she would get used to contact and weight on the bit. Cinder has learned to pickup the proper lead, and proper head carriage. Its pretty amazing how fast its going, she's a very intelligant athletic horse with great potential. She moves wonderfully with natural floating trot, extended trot, and flying lead changes. Cinder has also put on quite a bit of muscle in her chest and rear. So anyway, Kory got on her today with no problems (no temper tantrums) and my husband lead her around at a slow walk. She gets alot of attention everyday, long walks, turn outs, and training.


I just wanted to let you know that Cinder is doing great so far. She was a little freaked out the first day, very curious, and taking it all in. She DID NOT like the enclosed round pen!!! So we will wait till she adjusts a little more before trying that again. She has a new friend, a big Hanovarian in the stall next to her. The connecting wall between the two is open from her shoulders up so she can socialize. However, I think she likes this horse a lot more that it likes her! We've been taking it slow, walking her around the whole facility so she feels secure in her surroundings. All-in-all she seems happy. I will keep you posted.
P.S. everyone keeps telling me what a beautiful little horse she is!


She has a home, a new name (Cinder) and a new mom (Cari). This cute, cute little mare left for her new home! She will be quarantined for a few weeks and then on to her new carrier with mom Cari. Cinder and Cari will be hitting the trails once Cinder has had some schooling! Congratulations Cari & Cinder! Can't wait to read the updates forthcoming about Cinder's progress!



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