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Dakota Mahogany
#207 Bay TB Cross Gelding. Star, 2 rear socks, one front small sock. Appx. 15.1 hands. Appx. 4-5 yrs. old. This horse was in the feedlots previously. He was sold with a group of horses. He is now back because he received an injury to his right hip. The extent or details of the injury are not known. It appears that his right hip is higher than his left and that there is some atrophy. What will happen to him now?



Due to the deterioration in his stifle, he was having increasing difficulty getting around. One day, he went down and the staff at Highroad was unable to get him back up. That was February 2004 and he was euthanized.


Finally, some good news on Dakota---his stifle was X-rayed and according to the vet his problem is caused by a flare-up of an old injury that will heal without surgery. With R&R the vet thinks he will heal and be sound for riding. He also examined the yearling, Valentine, and the wobbler, Excellent Luck, and said he wouldn't recommend surgery for either one. They are healthy and happy and can enjoy a good quality of life as pasture pals. I'm attaching a photo of the three of them taking a siesta about a week after
their arrival at Pegasus.


They're all (Dakota Mahogany, Valentine, & Excellent Luck) in a good place where they're getting lots of love and attention---the gelding and wobbler have bonded with Barbara of Pegasus, and the yearling is developing a bond with her husband (the one who always stands guard over his feed so the others can't get to it.) All we ask of them is that they relax, enjoy life, eat well and heal. But I'll definitely get you some specifics---I'm sure you want to know as much as I do what the vet has to say about Dakota.

They had their hooves trimmed. Dakota still had shoes plus loose nails in his hooves and his hooves were extremely long. They also had their shots and wormers.
They have toys in their enclosure and the older ones encourage the foal to play with them. He follows their lead and they handle him like a mom would. Considering what they have been through and all their physical problems, I think they are doing very well.


If he can receive medical attention, he will be much better off. It was originally thought the injury was to the hip because it was dropped and he favored that leg. Now that he has been forced to move around because of other horses, his hip has come up and the injury seems to be to his stifle. There is swelling on the inside and front. The swelling is soft though, so there is still hope for him.

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