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#206 Gray Ranch Type Gelding. Appx. 15 - 17 yrs. Appx. 15.2 hands. This is a big, stout boy! He used to be a roping horse, but his last job was as a camp horse for beginners. He rides well, but was in an accident where he fell and when he went down, his rear legs did the "splits". As a result, he is sore and off in the behind. Perhaps chiropractic help for his hips? (Only my speculation.) Time, attention and medical/chiro care could really help this boy. He looks very much like JAKE on the Tier Success stories. A nice horse in need of someone to care for him.



Honey was such a wonderful boy! He lived here with me at my ranch and was taken care of by many people. His personality started to shine as he realized that he was in a good place and being cared for and doted on. A few of us went in together and decided to diagnose his lameness. The vet recommended x-rays of his neck so we did that and found that in-between c2 and c3 his vertebra had completely separated and his spinal cord had grown around the vertebra and there was a lot of scar tissue and bone calcification. This was most likely due to being ridden in tie downs. He also had scars on his back from a bad saddle fit. So he certainly had a horrible life up until his last few years.

We had to make the decision to put him down Oct of '07 because he was have a very hard time walking, and a hard time getting up when he laid down. The vet told us that this would most likely happen. he was never ridable but that wasn't our intention anyway.


Well....Honey is developing a special relationship with Shea. He really loves her. He is very uncertain of others but, really trusts Shea. Last week he was diagnosed with EPM and had a Acupuncture lady work on him. The Chiropractor/Acupuncture lady did wonders for his pain in his neck and shoulders he looked like a different horse after the treatment. Shea and I trailered him down for his spinal tap and Shea cried the whole time. She has a special connection with this horse. She wouldn't even let me trailer him in the night before because she thought he would be to worried. I had to get up at 5:30am to get him to the vet! I don't do mornings! Honey couldn't be in a better place and he knows he is loved.


I will never forget that moment when we walked up to the Hubbard Transport big rig trailer, and there stood the last horse, looking scared and lonely. He stood perfectly still while I walked up the ramp and introduced myself to him. I took him to our trailer and he hopped right in and he endured another 2 hour ride home. When we got home and unloaded Honey, every horse on the ranch whinnied. The next day he looked unsure but was easing up to me as the day went by. Today, Honey's second day on the ranch, he was trotting around and nickering to all of the horses, and he comes to me when I call his name. He followed me around the arena without a halter, and let me pet him all over and clean his feet. He will get his feet trimmed next week and he has a vet check on Dec. 1. I am going to make a video of him to send to Diana Thompson, who does equine bodywork and specializes in rehabilitating injuries. There is also a boarder here who does equine massage and I am making an appointment for Honey next week. In the meantime, he gets lots of love and lots of carrots and cookies! Honey seems pretty happy!!

I'll send some pictures soon!
thank you,


This wonderful guy is going to a loving, caring home with Lola & Shea! Lola & Shea are calling this old soldier "Honey" and have already arranged for a chiropractor/massage person and vet to attend to him when arrives at his new home! Thank you so much Lola, Shea and of course, Shelly for reaching out to help a horse truely in need of a loving, caring, home for life! We will be waiting for updates and pictures!



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