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#173. Chestnut TB type gelding. Star. Appx. 16.1 hands. Appx. 10 yrs. old. This horse rides hot. He jumps very well on a lunge line, but has been jumped extensively and is soured on jumping. He would require an experienced rider that does not intend to jump him any more. Enough is enough. Tattoo is T18730.



This picture is of him last summer. I have some recent ones of him but none of them turned out as clear as this one (he is out in pasture and I have as cheap digital camera, I was trying to get some good pictures of him munching on the knee high grass to no avail).
We've been having a lot of fun. He does not get worked on a regular basis. He is boarded about 30 minutes away, which is inconvenient for me (I have a rather busy schedule for the next year or so), but he is having a blast. He has a 5 acre irrigated pasture (green year round) and is maintaining weight well. It's pretty surprising. When he was on a dry lot or in a stall he had free choice hay and you had to constantly be supplementing him with grain and high energy/fat feed to keep any weight on him. Now he is looking better then he did then on just fresh grass. I guess there is no substitute for good pasture when available.
I've ridden him a bit. Saddle fit is a challenge and he is quick to let you know if he feels it is an improper fit I've been putzing around BAREBACK! This is big for us. He is a very sensitive horse, but has actually done better because he is not concerned about the saddle. That is if I don't get scared and bale at his silly little spooks, etc.


JD is doing great. He is perfectly sound now, and will follow you around the turnout like a lost puppy dog. I have lunged him a little bit and he is really settling in to what I want. He is calming down and after a few initial (heartless) bucks he calms down. I still haven't really asked him for much because we are just working on teaching him to like being worked with. He is so good on the ground that his behavior when being saddled and mounted is puzzling (though it is improving). Musty has completely stopped pacing and is getting really fat. I know I promised pictures but I keep forgetting to bring my camera. Next time, I promise!


I just popped by to give an update on JD. His abscess has healed up quite well and he has a beautiful stride at the walk. Him and Mustang are getting along fine, but to tell you the truth, JD he has found a soul mate in a friends quarter horse gelding (he comes over on the weekends for trail rides with Musty, and lets JD eat hay right out of his mouth). JD still has a pad on the hoof with the abscess so that rocks and such don't aggravate it. My dad has been taking him for walks in the evening (in hand), he has such a big stride that he makes a perfect walking partner and really sets the pace. He is really sour about anything having to do with being ridden. Last week I put a bit (D-ring eggbutt snaffle) in his mouth and he was fine, but when it came to the saddle he hated it. He doesn't do anything really bad just lays back his ears and grinds his teeth (he threatens to bit but isn't really serious about it). On sunday I rode him a little bit. I'm trying to go really slow and get him to enjoy being ridden again. We walked around for about ten minutes and then we called it a day. He really wanted to go faster, but was very responsive to hand and seat cues, and will do patterns off of your seat on a loose rein. I will work on getting more pictures.


Well, here is a pic of JD, formerly # 173. The farrier comes out to look at his feet today, and if I can work it out his teeth will be done tomorrow. He is really sore at the site of an burst abscess so the farrier may put pads on him (I just want to make him comfy, he acts like his front feet bother him) He is the sweetest guy and I'm going to turn him and Musty out together this evening to see how they get along. He is such a good boy! 


He is home ! It turns out it is more of a 4 hour drive, plus we did hit traffic, so we got in around 1000pm. Then I hung around until he drank some water (he was eating fine, but wasn't sure about the new water). He is incredibly sweet, and let me touch and pet him as he was eating without even batting an eye. We were kicking around a couple of names and I will let you know when we finally settle ( Tonka, as in Tonka Truck, Rhythm, or Vandal?). He loaded fine with a little coaxing and trailered great (after an initial couple of kicks that I thought for sure would be the end of the trailer). I will update you more later. I just thought I would let you know that he is home safe and sound!



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