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Jypsi Treasure
Black Filly with White Tail - Adopted!

Her new name is Jypsi Treasure!



I have several picture of Jypsi, me our gang and the new home for the horses.

Jypsi is doing great - she is so smart, she can get herself through any gate if it is not locked with a chain. I feed in the morning and my husband cleans stalls am and pm and then feeds at night. He lets the horses out together, when he cleans in the morning and when it is time to feed at night they all go to their own feed buckets so he can close off the baby and the bay for special feed. No one complains. It took Jypsi a long time to aclimate to the new baby - she was 10 months when I got her. But now Jypsi is almost ok with her - Jypsi just wants her to know that she - the baby is low man on the totem pole.

We are supposed to have rain all next week so it will get pretty muddy here. Hope all is well with you. I love my baby's so much - Thank you for bringing Magic and Jypsi to me.


Today makes 1 week since Jypsi arrived at my home. She is so super and the boys - Shadow and Hawk really love her. I have rescheduled their gelding appointment so that they can spend more time with Jypsi. She loves them too.

She is such a stinker - chewing on the plywood between her and the boys - tipping over water buckets - taking down the tack - halters and blankets, lead ropes an throwing them all over the place. My other babies are much better - but I am sure she will retrain them-)

It took her a couple days to settle in and now she loves the place - she gets to take a walk with me each night out of her stall and around the other stalls and next to the boys. The mares are a little slower in being sociable with her - they want to make sure she understands that she is 3rd mare - not first mare. Actually Jypsi does not care about that - she just wants to be friends. A sweet lovable little girl - what a doll. I love her so much - and as I said - so does Shadow!

Thanks Gail - she is a gem!



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