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L'acey (Kid Rock)
Kidrock - Chestnut QH cross filly (Appendix type?), blaze. Chiropractor indicated she will mature to 16 hands.
Adopted! Kid's new mom is Cherie!!!!!! As some of you may know, Ace a wonderful TB/WB cross Gelding who was rescued by Cherie, crossed the Rainbow Bridge in July 2001. While looking at the pictures of the PMU foals for adoption, Cherie noticed something quite uncanny about Kid Rock's markings......they almost mirror the markings Ace had. Coincidence.....????



Hmmmmmm, guess who??? One very beautiful and sweet pmu baby rescued by Gail!

Yup, how time flies! She's 5 now, and at the trainers!

She's doing nicely! Take a look at the bay in the background!

Just look at this bombproof girl! Take another look at the bay in the background...ha, Yee Haw!

This 'mystery-girl' is Lacey, named 'Kid-rock' by Gail and was one of the pmu babies Gail rescued from Canada. She came to me after the loss of 'ACE', my beloved rescue from TIER 5 years ago. Lacey is a dream! She is a pleasure to be around and we love her with all our hearts. We look forward to many years of trail rides with her, and many moments of quietly watching her graze. We still have her peruvian paso friends, Lacey towers over them, but 'lets' them be the boss...ha-ha...she is the sweetest heart! Merry Christmas Gail, thank you so much for the gift of Lacey.


L'Acey is sooooo fine!!!! She's still the wonderful, darling, adorable sweetie-pie that you knew as a baby! I can't believe that she will be 3 this year! Nothing fazes her, she'll start training this summer (late spring), but we've already been on her back. Just eating her grass by a chair, we got on, she didn't even miss a chew! She's just so special! She comes when we call, RUNNING, usually a few friends tagging along also. I'll have a friend e-mail you some pictures. Had her teeth done a couple weeks ago and the vet had to pull a front baby tooth which I'm going to make into a necklace I board her (and the others) at a friends place, she raises and sells Morgans and has some beautiful horses...well, she tells me that whenever someone comes to look at her horses for sale, they always want to buy L'Acey...she always tells them that L'Acey will never be for priceless pmu filly, saved at the auction, by someone with a heart bigger than the whole outdoors...thank you Gail, and God bless you..


Well, we did change her name, to L'acey, for Ace of course! Little Ace. And she is so much like him, we can hardly believe it! She is very, very sweet, gentle, kind, loving, adorable, and absolutely gorgeous! She is about 14.2 now, and we are giving her a birthdate of June 1, so she can have a birthday party with all her friends (horse and human), and believe me, everyone is her friend! I can't believe she will be two years old! L'acy runs up to the fence when she sees our car drive up, we let her out and give her lots of hugs and pets. She follows us around and even comes when we call her. She loves carrots, Equine Jr., apples and anything we might be eating too! She loves grazing in the yard with her peruvian paso friends, Sugar, Sara and Sunny, and, for her, life is good. I wish I could adopt all her siblings, and even her mother....what special, special horses they are.


We LOVE HER!!!!!! She is a dream come true!!!! She is the IMAGE of Ace in all ways! Beautiful body and a most beautiful and gentle heart and soul! Oh Gail, Thank you so very much for all you do., she is themost precious baby, and a wonderful, wonderful reminder of our beloved Ace. This is just a quick note as John is waiting to go see her and I'm late...She has captured everyones hearts with her sweetness!!! Gail, how do you do it??? We love you!

Cheri and John



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