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PMU Arabian Cross. Yearling. Rose Gray Filly. Socks on front, Strip, Snip and a Punk Rocker Mane! True Innocents Equine Rescue & United Pegasus Foundation were made aware that approximately 30 PMU foals had made their way to California and were going to be auctioned off. We joined forces and traveled to the auction house to find that the rumor was indeed true. 30 yearlings from PMU farms stood in the pens.

Due to financial and space constraints, we were only able to save 1 yearling.

Kiwi has been adopted.



Kiwi is her usual Miss Prissy self! She seems to think she is the boss of Haven and Jezzabelle. They kind of ignore her until she starts pushing them around with her chest and nipping their bottoms. She moves so nicely! Blair has been working with her and she absolutely loves to work! He has even put a saddle on her and lunged her in the roundpen. Since her knees still haven't closed, she is not ready to ride of course, but she dances around with the saddle on, doing that extended trot, head held high as if to say...."Aren't I pretty?" Yes...she's very pretty!


Kiwi has been sponsored for the month of June 2001 by Shelly P. It was Shelly's daughter who gave Kiwi her name when we first brought her home from the auction! Thank you Shelly for your continued support!


Kiwi is doing awesome! Blair has been working her in the roundpen. She drives very well (lines attached to halter). Recently he put a saddle on her (just to get her used to that...not riding yet as her knees aren't closed). She did the cutest little bucks and then went....."Oh well, I guess I'll let it stay on my back. What do we get to do next???) So cool! Blair also put a snaffle bit on her and she didn't bat an eye. She loves to learn!


She is halter broke and leads fairly well. She will be a small horse once she has matured.



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