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#170. Sorrell/Chestnut TB mare w/blaze. Appx. 18 yrs. Appx. 16 hands. This mare has been pin fired when she was younger and also has a tattoo. She rides, but is somewhat hot. She is a very lovely mare and could stand a little weight. Would require an experienced rider.

This mare is now named Kodak and is living the life of luxury with her new mom Lori and her husband. Rumor has it that Kodak gives hugs!!!!



I just wanted to let you know that kodak has crossed rainbow bridge. It has been some time and i would have informed you sooner, but just never thought of it.

She crossed rainbow bridge 11/01. I don't want to go into details because every time I talk about her i get break down crying - even after a year and a half. I have never had a horse touch my heart the way she did. Idid contact the breeder and told her i had Kodak...aka Screen Door. That is her registered name. She sent us a picture of her winning at Santa Anita when she was 2. I called the breeder after we put Kodak down and we both cried. Kodak was her first foal out of her own personal mare. She was so happy Irescued her.

I want to thank you for letting me rescue kodak. the last four months of her life were filled with love and security and a home.


She is really doing great. I am still trying to find someone to come out and float her teeth as well as my other horses. Living out in the boonies certainly can be the pits. Gonna have to change that fer to long!!!! Kodak is settling in great. I have put her in with my horse so that they can buddy up. She still stays to her self, but not as much as she used to. She and Natasha pal around. She loves having her behind scratched. her first night here we scratched her behind and stopped and talked about her. She backed up. We scratched her some more and stopped. She backed up. This kept going on until at one point she was sitting on the fence!! (we were on the other side) the kids were all over her. practically underneath her and she didn't budge. she just soaked up all the attention like a sponge. She does give hugs. I saw it with my own eyes. not the first time, but I saw it the second. She was eating and put her head up on my husbands shoulder and gently pulled him in to her. It was really an awesome sight to see. Last weekend we haltered her up and brought her over to where we lunge our other horses. They were giving her lessons. then we put her on the lunge line and she just walked in a circle. I would get up behind her and give her a motion to move a little faster and she would. about halfway around. then when she got by me she would start trotting again!!!! she is getting the idea. she had a bath shortly after that. She just stood there. my other horses always have to do  the jitterbug when they get bathed!!! The picture is after her bath. We took her and Natasha for a walk after that and showed her the neighborhood. You can tell she is a tender foot. The farrier says she may need shoes because TB hoof walls are thin. since she isn't being ridden at this time, we will wait. play it by ear. that's it for the update for right now. we all love her so much and she is a joy to have around.



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