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#258. Chestnut TB mare. Thin blaze. White on 3 feet. Appx. 3 yrs. old. Appx. 15.3 hands. This mare is racetrack trained only and would require someone experienced in retraining race horses. A really cute mare.

Update: This mare is 4 yrs. old. It was found out today (5/25/01) that she is approximately 35 days in foal. There is a heartbeat. It is NOT known what the mare was bred to.



It has been awhile since I updated you. Lacy is flourishing and so is baby.  I am letting a local 4H group that comes out to the place that I board her at ride her as part of their program. She seems to enjoy all of the attention she gets along with alot of carrots. She is an attention hound.

Her baby, Savanna, is now a yearling she was born on March 24th, and one of the most gorgeous horses I have seen. Her confirmation is so well balanced and she just floats when she trots. She is a light liver chestnut with four socks and a blaze. She is alot like her mom in the department of not liking shots though. She is going to be a knock out in the hunter ring. I count my blessings everyday that I have them. Thank you.


Lacy had a beautiful filly, four socks, full blaze, fantastic confirmation and great legs. Someone was a real fool to put Lacy at the feedlot. We are working on leading, grooming, picking up feet. Savanna (baby) is a real sweetheart just like her mom.


Lacy is my sweet little girl. Since I rescued her at the end of May 2001 she has put on weight and her tummy is growing and growing with a baby. I have done a lot of work with her since June. It took a while to gain her trust and I have found that she is very sensitive. Lacy has a club foot on her right front so I have had my farrier do some corrective trimming. She is moving out better but only shows no lameness when shoed. I have worked her in a round pen, saddled her, bridled her and even ridden her. She is trained pretty well, but does not prefer to be worked she would rather be groomed all day long. Since Lacy is pregnant I have taken every precaution to make sure she is properly vaccinated, wormed, fed. She can not stand to get shots. She tenses up and becomes a bundle of nerves. I do my best to settle my sweetie down, but she is convinced that shots are monsters. She is due to foal the last week of March. It is going to be Christmas is March since I have no idea what type of horse she was bred to or if she was a recipient mare.


Just wanted to give you an update on Lacy. It took a couple of days and handfuls of treats to get Lacy to allow me to touch her. She arrived Monday and by Thursday I had a halter on her and was leading her around no problem. We did a little bit of round pen work and she moved out beautifully. She had an exam by my vet and all of her vaccinations and worming. My farrier will be out tomorrow. Lacy has excellent ground manners and I found out that she is a scratch hound. She just can't get enough of it. I started her on vitamin supplements and added grain to her schedule. (She needs some weight on her)

I was so excited yesterday she whined at me when I went to feed her her grain and trotted into her stall. She seems to be adjusting and settling in just fine. I am taking pictures this weekend so you can see her all trimmed up. She had some funky dreadlocks in her mane and tail.


This wonderful young mare (recently found out to be in foal) will be going to her new home this weekend with Lori. Lori orginally expressed a strong interest in this mare before it was found out she was in foal. When I told Lori that the mare was found to be appx. 35 days in foal, her comment was: "Wow!! I think that is wonderful new life is always a blessing." Looks like Lori is pretty opened minded and quite willing to give this mare and new addition the time she needs to settle in and learn. Yahoo Lori! Lacy will be leaving for her new home with Mom Lori on Monday.



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