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Mi Suzette
#192. Gray Arabian Mare. 19 yrs. old. Appx. 14.3 hands. Whew! This is one classy looking mare! Quite friendly. Her right front tendon seems to have suffered an injury a long time ago. It is straight, but does not cause her any pain or misstep. Possibly could be lightly ridden. Foaled 4/10/81.

. 0043512 Mr. Mac
0228731 Mi Suzette
. 0094740 Mi Creme Delight

This beautiful, gentle mare has found a home! She will be living with her new mom Sheila and a couple new friends in a very short time.


2/25/2010 - Update!

Miss Suze is doing well but her age is definately showing.  Hard to keep weight on her but she loves her Southern States Equine Senior.  Not sure how many more years I will have her.  Her arthritus is getting worse with her bad leg causing stress on her other legs.  This extremely cold winter has been hard on her too.  Just had her teeth done and the vet said that she is starting to loose them and that is part of her weight problem.  So, now she gets warm mash for her meals.  It just freezes before she finishes!
She has been a sheer joy to own and live with.  I am so honored to have been able to adopt her and enjoy her final years.  She is the farm's matriarch with her grace and personality.


Well, she has been in the "peach state" (Georgia) for a week now and has settled in like she has lived here her whole life! What a elegant and loving mare!

Her 2 week trip here cost her some weight, but she seemed to arrive in good health.... just a bit weary.

During her first week she has established herself with her pasture buddy, Kara had her little toes trimmed gotten some good quality food in her little tummy and received lots of lovin'! (Neck and tummy scratches are the ones liked best!)

We are busy trying to put some weight on her and working with her feet. It looked like it had been quite some time since she had seen a farrier! The farrier did find a small stone well up in her frog that he had to dig out. Miss Suzie was a bit sore afterward, but seems to be recuperating nicely.

She seems to enjoy mealtime and is slowly adding on the weight. Miss Kara better beware when the food is served! Miss Susie MUST be served first!! Seems Miss Kara had forgotten her manners that "guests" are served first and the regulars eat last. It is Miss Suzie's role in life to constantly remind her! (Wonder if Miss Suzie Q will remember that when she is no longer the "guest"!)

 I am thrilled to have this mare and have enjoyed her loving personality. She must have been someone's loving companion to be so attached to humans!

We will keep you posted on her status as the months go by and send pictures as she gets in shape.



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