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4/17/2014: MISSY: Welcome to TIER!

Riverside County Horse Coalition had been assisting Missy's owner with feed, but prolonged financial hardship forced the owner to rehome Missy.

Many posts to Facebook, contacting other rescues and emails were sent out in hopes that someone would be willing to take her in. The owners situation was not improving and she was desperate to find her a home.

Although TIER is at capacity, we could not turn away after all the effort to rehome this lovely mare.


10/20/2017 - Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary Missy! You’ve lived with us for three years and I’ve enjoyed every second! Love you bunches sweet girl!  Linda

4/19/2014 - Hooficure!

4/19/2014 Missy had her feet trimmed by our farrier:  Val Dean Call.  Later in the day she had her teeth floated so that she can chew/process her feed better.

As expected, she was a real lady and very good for the farrier.  Right now her soles are pretty flat on the ground.  Otherwise, she just needed to have a good trim. 

Even though Missy was wonderful for our farrier, you can see she wasn't that impressed with the whole thing!  She gave us the "raspberry" once she was done.  HA!

4/17/2014 - Welcome to TIER!

Many thanks to Ingrid for once again providing transport of a horse in need to TIER.  Missy stepped easily into the trailer and she unloaded just as easily.   She was excited to see other horses, but did not get out of hand as Ingrid led her to her corral.

She did rush through the gate and you could tell she was happy to see others.

But WAIT.........what is that in the corner?

OMG!  It's a Donkey!  I LOVE Donkeys!

Donkey Love!  Mariah (Grey Arabian Mare) and Sunny (Palomino Mare) both met her at the same corner as Paco the Donkey.  Oddly, there was no posturing, striking, or yelling.  Missy touched noses with everyone and then kept her attention on Paco. 

Farrier will be out to do her feet in the next few days.  Dentist will be scheduled.  In a few days we wil give her Ivermectine wormer.  She is in GOOD weight, well behaved and excited to have horses around her again.



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