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Ned was rescued an auction where the auctioneer announced that Ned was a Fresian cross with cancer. (Ned is a Percheron) I observed the sores/masses on Ned's mouth and sheath and believed them to be habronemas (summer sores) rather than cancer...therefore, a treatable condition. I contacted 2 veterinarians, explained what I had seen and was informed that due to the fact that the horse was in good condition, was black (rather than white and susceptible to cancer) that the condition was most probably summer sores and not life threatening. I then contacted the auction house and begged for a chance to save this young horse. Ned was rescued on 9/8/02 where he was given 4 tubes of Zemctrine and a vetalog shot. D.V.M. observed Ned on 9/11/02. Ned is currently under intense medical treatment for his condition. Once the condition has responded to medication, a further evaluation will be made.



Ned has found his forever home with Jayne of Rancho Del Rio in Anaheim, CA. Looks like Ned will be meeting Mark Rashid during his Clinic at the stables in March!!! Ned is the star of the stables and is quite certain that everyone that arrives has come to see him!! He is such a ham and a cutie. He really loves kids and showing off. Attention, that's his favorite thing!! HA!


Ned, the lovely 5 yr. old Percheron Draft boy will be given a new name once his adoption is final. His new name will be Hootie!! Isn't that a great and cute name? Why Hootie? Well, if you look at the star on his forehead, it somewhat resembles an Owl! And, when his prospective adoptor contacted Lydia Hiby-Internationally renowned animal communicator-to talk to her about Ned, she asked what he thought of the name Hootie. Ned indicated that Hootie was a fun name. Brings a smile to the person saying it doesn't it? HA! Sooo Hootie it is!

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Ned has been sent to Rancho Del Rio (Anaheim Equestrian Center) to be fostered and where it is hoped an adoptor will be be found.


Ned has responded beautifully to the treatment prescribed by the vet. Sheath is almost normal and mouth sore is healing!! The mouth sore would heal quicker if Ned would quit scratching it!!! We are using an oltimer's remedy of Flowers of Sulfur mixed with Mineral Oil into a paste. The Flowers of Sulfur dries out the sore while the Mineral Oil keeps it from drying out so bad that it cracks! Awesome stuff!! Something to be said for some of those old cowboy remedies!!

OBSERVATION: Ned appears to have had some ground training. He leads well, stops, backs, ties, loads in a trailer. Picks up his feet upon request. He lunges on the long line. We have not tried to drive him with long lines as of 10/27/2002.



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