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#219 Bay Morab Gelding. Strip. Snip. Appx. 8 yrs. old. Appx. 14.3 hands. This little guy rides well but would require an experienced rider as he has a lot of juice.



Orion is doing great! He has turned into quite the little Dressage pony! He is such a good boy and we are even starting to use him for our beginner, never ridden before, kids. He has turned into the favorite school pony! All the little girls just love him! Whenever they come out for lessons we give them a choice of what horse to ride and 99 of the time it is Orion! Of course, we only let him be used once a day so sometimes the little girls don't get their first choice!

Orion is happy and well behaved. He thinks jumping is something to be left to the bigger horses and he just isn't ever going to be great at it, well, maybe not even good at it. But he loves Dressage, beginners and trails! Here are some pictures of him taken a couple weeks ago. Thanks Gail!


Orion has been doing fantastic with Kelly. We have been working with him and training him. He's still rather green, but is such a quite and level headed little guy that green or not, Kelly has no problem riding him. We have a goal of Kelly's first trail ride with him this summer. He's such a sweety and cutie!


This boy traveled to his new home on Sunday. Orion (His new name) joined his traveling companion and now stablemate, Belatorie in a trailer ride home! Dana, proud new mom of Belatorie volunteered at the TIER booth for the Equine Affaire. When it was time to go home, she not only took her lovely gray TB mare Belatorie, but she picked up Orion (prounounced O-Ryan) for his new mom Kelly C. Dana and Kelly have helped several other horses to find new homes. Dana and her companion Sandy finished their volunteer commitment early Sunday morning, picked up Orion and Belatorie and headed home. When the kids got home they were turned out to work out the kinks and meet some of their new neighbors!

Thanks so much Dana, Sandy & Kelly!!!!


Just a quicky update. I just couldn't help myself! I had to hop on both Orion and Tori last night. They are AWESOME! I rode both of them in
nothing but halters and lead ropes! Orion is LAZY! He thinks there is just no reason on earth to do anything at a speed faster then a walk. Tori is an absolute doll and has lots of energy. She seems like she knows a lot and I can't wait to truly ride her and see what she knows! I will let them settle in now and won't do any additional riding for a little while. Orion should be ready soon. Tori I am going to give more time to since she really needs some more weight! I'll let you know when I ride them for real! Thanks Gail! It sure was neat to meet you and Blair and to talk to you guys! Sandy and I had a blast and can't wait to do it again!!!! Try to plan for March 30 - April 1st for Cabby's first 3-day!!!!

TIER - Dana & Sandy volunteered at the TIER booth during the Equine Affaire Friday, Saturday and part of Sunday. They then picked up Tori & Orion and
took them to their new home. They came bearing gifts.............TIER is the proud recipient of Cabby's First Blue Ribbon! (He won 5 in his first show!!!) I'll have pictures of the ribbon up soon. And somebody thought just enough of Cabby to throw him away? Just shows that one person's trash, is another's treasure. Cabby, Tess, Tori, Orion..........all are living, breathing, loving treasures! Just like all horses!



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