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We made an Xmas eve morning trip to help this boy!

With the collaboration of four different people/rescue groups, an emaciated Thoroughbred gelding was rescued today. The horse was first brought to our attention by Deborah J. of Huntington Beach, CA. TIER & Deborah made contact with the owner who had fallen on hard times and was not able to feed this horse properly for an extenteded period of time. TIER, Deborah J., FalconRidge Rescue and Blue Apple worked together to make arrangements to get the horse to safety quickly.


2/2/2011 - Dusty Crosses the Rainbow Bridge

Good morning Gail,
I write to you with a very heavy heart, as I must tell you we lost our Prancer Dancer man to a very aggressive case of pneumonia Tuesday morning.  He suffered a terrible choke episode last Friday morning following breakfast.  The Vet came out immediately, removed the choke and was then called back in the afternoon as Prancer was lethargic and had developed a fever.  He was started on antibiotics Friday afternoon after it was determined he must have aspirated some of the feed into his lungs from the choking episode.  Saturday morning he was much worse and it was determined he could be better cared for at San Luis Rey Animal Hospital so we drove him up there where he was radio-graphed and determined to have pneumonia.  He seemed to rally a bit on Sunday and even Monday morning, but by Monday afternoon things started in a downward spiral.  I was called first thing Tuesday morning and told he was in pain and they couldn't control it any longer.  We agreed euthanasia was the best option.
I agreed to a necropsy as this was a shocking situation from which everyone at BAR is still reeling.  The results showed 60 of Prancer's lungs were necrotic from an extremely aggressive infection.  Prancer had had a previous choke episode six weeks or so ago.  The only hypothesis for his two chokes was his cribbing and fitful windsucking which he must have engaged in with a mouthful of unchewed food. 
The sad irony is that last Thursday afternoon I was walking the ranch and stopped to watch Prancer and his two buddies Shaman and Strawberry racing, kicking up their heels, (and farting).  I thought to myself it was unfortunate I didn't have a camera as you would love to see photos of him playing and having so much fun.  He looked terrific!
We are finding a measure of peace in knowing Prancer knew he was loved very much by everyone at Blue Apple Ranch and was always treated well and given the best of care. 
And in closing I will share with you I was given a painting for Christmas of a select few horses at BAR, some of those closest to my heart.  Prancer is in that painting and his beautiful face shines brightly now forever.

7/24/2010 - 7/24/10 Feeling Good!

Quick update - Prancer is LOVING his newest pasture buddy, and even jerked his handler around a little bit on his way out to HIS field yesterday.  He was excited and wanted to get moving!  Prancer's once again filling back in, and we're very encouraged. 


7/16/2010 - The Reunion!

We had a Reunion! Dusty/Prancer's previous owner made the trip to TIER, picked me up, and we traveled to Blue Apple Ranch where Dusty will live out the rest of his life.

Dusty had been off his feed for a couple of days and had been placed in one of the HUGE stalls with large turnout so he could be watched over carefully. When we arrived at Blue Apple's impressive facility we were immediately taken to see Dusty. He was standing in the stall with a listless look. He had been seen by the vet, was being given special rations, ulcer medication, and being monitored.

Previous owner Kristen quickly went to him, talking, rubbing, putting her head on his neck/shoulder. After a few minutes, you could actually see a spark begin to form in his eyes! I said my hello, gave him a hug and backed off so that Kristen and her mother could spend some quality time with their old friend. Kristen brushed, talked, hugged on him for a bit and then she led him to the incredibly spacious paddock/turnout area which had a shelter, automatic waterer, and was covered in grass. Dusty poked around for a bit at the fence line and had conversations with other horses. We left him to meander around while we were loaded into a golf cart and given a tour of this wonderful facility by Lynn. Blue Apple is doing remarkable work in helping horses that have been cast aside.

We returned to the paddock/turnout and Kristen went to get Dusty. He was no longer listless and enjoyed and nice easy stroll back to his stall where he was groomed some more and loved on. We left Blue Apple knowing that Dusty was in the best place ever and that his every need for the rest of his life will be met.

Lynn of Blue Apple Ranch reported that Dusty has perked up and is doing much better. It seems that the visit from Kristen and her mother helped him to feel better. He has even expressed an interest in buddying up with another TB at the facility and perhaps they will be able to be partners.

Thank you Lynn, Blue Apple Ranch and Kristen!

7/19/10 - Update from Blue Apple Ranch

Prancer continues to perk up, enjoying his daily turn outs now with Shaman. This lovely fellow is eating well and I'm hopeful whatever sent him into a downward spiral has passed. The timing of Kristen's visit was well-placed and I believe it gave our Prancer the "shot in the arm" he needed to rally back. The Universe does work its wonders, doesn't it?


Just got off the phone with the girl who used to own Dusty. Dusty was getting older, somewhat arthritic and she didn't want to push him to do Gymkhana any more even though he was willing. She had been told that a little girl had fallen off her horse, broke her arm and was afraid to ride that horse again (10 yr. old QH). She met with the mother somewhere at a facility and they traded horses. The mother of the girls said Dusty would only be used for trail riding by her daughter 3 or 4 times a week. She received updates for awhile and then lost contact.

Dusty's previous owner says he loves kids. Her mother even rode him on trail a couple times and she hadn't ridden since she was quite young. Her sister, who is non-horsey, rode him also.

6/24/2010 - Previous Owner saw him on our website!

I was looking at your website's success stories and I noticed a horse name Prancer/Dusty. I just wanted to know if you have anymore updated information on him.  I owned him for 7 years. I gave him away last May to a little girl who wanted a nice trail horse. She had a gelding that had thrown her off and broken her arm and she refused to ride him again. So we traded horses. However, I would have never given him away if I had known where he would end up. I told the people I gave him to, to please call me if they ever wanted/needed to give him away again. When I got him, the vet could not place an exact age on him because his teeth were already grinded down due to cribbing. The vet finally concluded that he was anywhere from 12 to 15 years of age. His tattoo was also already bled into his skin and I could not make it out. The woman I got him from had gotten him from the auction. She said he was very skinny and she had put about 200 pounds on him since she purchased him. I put about another 300 pounds on him (at least). When I first got him, his name was Charlie, but it didnt seem to fit him, so I named him Dusty (his nickname was Daddy though). He was a BIG handful when I first got him. He immediately took the place of alpha in the herd. After I trained him a bit, he became the perfect trail horse and I eventually started to use him for Gymkhana. He LOVED it! He had a lot of git up and go. I've sent a couple pictures to show you his earlier days. The first picture I sent was taken when i first got him. I was 8 years old and he was my birthday present. The rest are just pictures of him in Gymkhana. If you could please email me back that would be great! This boy is very special to me and I thought he was going to a forever home. Thanks sooo much for helping him out!!!!!

Sincerely, K.


Prancer is at Blue Apple Ranch
Here is the latest info they have shared with us:
Prancer is doing just fine, he's a really nice boy - always friendly and engaging.  I wish we knew more about him - just curious.  He's the one whose tattoo bled into his lip and he's cribbed his teeth down to nubs.  I guess he is who he is now!  He's on the list actually to be assessed by David, in the near future.  He's put on some weight, and easily made friends with the big boys.  He's a little pushy and holds his own very nicely in the herd.


Update from Blue Apple Ranch:
Prancer is doing very well, and turning out to be a real charmer.  He's an expert at opening gates and his fun personality is finding its way back into his life.  Prancer now spends a good part of each day grazing in a pasture with a large OTTB gelding named Harvey.  As Prancer turned out to be a little 'pushy' we had to find a buddy for him that could stand up to that, and we did.  He's gaining weight nicely, and loves to run and play.  It was a delight to witness some full blown bucks yesterday as they raced and played in the pasture together.  Yee Haw!


We received an update on Prancer. He is such a lucky guy to be able to live the rest of his life at a wonderful Sanctuary. After his arrival he was given a huge stall all to himself, a brand new blanket for those chilly nights and is being fed nutritious feed.

He&rsquos been kept in the stall to give his system time to adjust to being fed properly and to monitor his food consumption, water intake and to make sure that his overall health is progressing.

All the attention and wonderful care seems to be doing the trick! He is steadily improving and has become a little pushy in that spacious stall. Since he is doing so well, he was turned out yesterday to get him moving around a bit. He really seemed to be having fun! He does tire easily, just totally out of shape and flabby, but it was good to watch him run and play. Another attempt was made to read his tattoo, but it seems to have bled into his skin and it couldn't be deciphered at all!

Although the tattoo cannot be read and his racing identity cannot be discovered, we know who he is. He is Prancer, the horse that was saved from starvation & neglect on Christmas Eve morning. An awesome Christmas present for Prancer......the gift of life!!


We cannot thank Blue Apple Ranch enough for making it possible for Prance to have a FOREVER home!

Just a quick update to let you know our man Prancer is settling in very nicely.  He seems to be eating non-stop, poor fellow.  We're doing our best to keep him satiated without allowing him to "overdo it". 
I spent quite a bit of time grooming him today and he is just a delightful fellow.  He seems to be making friends with another skinny gelding, so hopefully it's feeling more like home....
Best wishes for a Happy New Year from Blue Apple Ranch!  Take good care and be safe.
Blessings to all!

We are pleased to announce that Prancer went to his forever home this morning!  Before he left he ate a big bucket of soaked pellets w/equine senior and 2 flakes of hay. 

I had a one sided conversation with him in which I told him that he was going to his Forever HOME!  I told him he would have his own stall, large fields to roam about and many new friends.  This place would perhaps remind him of his younger days before he started racing.  Days of sun and fun with friends in pastures, eating fresh grass, running and playing.

We put a halter on him, led him to the fancy trailer.  He stepped right in and buried his nose in the Orchard hay provided! 

I was informed he still has his head in the feed bin at his new home!  HA!  He has received a brand new blanket for those chilly nights/mornings and his neighbors right now are all geldings.  He will be sure to make new friends quickly as he is one of those horses who hooks up with other horses right away. 

We are so pleased for Prancer!  My hat is off to those who worked quickly to get him to a safe place.  Thank you all!


We made an Xmas eve morning trip to help this boy!

With the collaboration of four different people/rescue groups, an emaciated Thoroughbred gelding was rescued today. The horse was first brought to our attention by Deborah J. of Huntington Beach, CA. TIER & Deborah made contact with the owner who had fallen on hard times and was not able to feed this horse properly for an extended period of time. TIER, Deborah J., FalconRidge Rescue and Blue Apple worked together to make arrangements to get the horse to safety quickly.

This older boy really needed a soft place to land and TIER picked him up this morning, gave him a stall, provided fresh water, soaked pellets combined with Equine Advantage and some alfalfa.

Not to worry......he's only getting small amounts of feed to begin with. I am soaking pellets & adding Equine Advantage. He is cleaning it up. He is also able to eat alfalfa. He does leave the stems behind, but there are other residents who will clean that up. He doesn't appear to be quidding his hay, so that's good!

He is an aged TB and we will TRY to read his tattoo. His upper front teeth are gone from cribbing and his backbone is showing badly. Blue Apple agreed to take him in and he will be transported within the next few day where he will live out his life and never experience an empty stomach again!

He is an extremely kind old man. Bright eyed and interested despite the fact that he is soooooo thin. He leads well, stands well, hopped right in the trailer and was smart about unloading once we arrived. He is very personable and loves attention. We placed him next to Tsan Tsant and the two old timers have been conversing back and forth. Such a sweet boy. We are so pleased that he has a forever home at Blue Apple. They have decided to name him Prancer!


3/16/2010 at Blue Apple Ranch

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