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Rare Angel
#35 Brown/Bay mare. 1986 Model. This mare is very underweight. 15.2 - 3 hands. Racetrack broke/broodmare

By Rare Performer
Rare Angel
Out of Adorn By Royal Knight

Rare Angel was rescued from the feedlot two days before she would have shipped to an out of state auction. Angel was a racehorse, then a broodmare and her bloodlines include Nasrullah, Princequillo and Native Dancer. Rare Angel was rescued by the Exceller Fund, a group of caring individuals who purchase thoroughbreds who are in danger of being sold for slaughter. Rare Angel can never be ridden, due to her "broken" knees, but she lives in happy retirement at the United Pegasus Foundation's Tehachapi, California facility. Angel even has a boyfriend -- a TB gelding named "Prizefighter". Prizefighter was purchased from the feedlot in December by the United Pegasus Foundation.



Whew! Look at this beauty now! Taking care of a horse the way they should be taken care of really works wonders! This mare was tossed away. One person's Trash, is another person's Treasure. Rare Angel is truely a treasure! She was just as much of a treasure during her pitiful days before she ended up in a feedlot, as she is today!

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