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#169. Fleabitten Gray Arabian Gelding. Appx. 15 - 16 yrs. old. Appx. 15 hands. This is a very nice horse that needs toning up. He is overweight and flabby right now. Long, long mane, tail, forlock. He is registered, but the papers are not available at the moment. Papers will be available at some point. He rides very well, but is somewhat energetic. Would require an experienced rider.



Its with a heavy heart that I type this email to you as I know you will feel just as devastated as I feel right now.
This past Sunday (July 19, 2009) Royal crossed the Rainbow Bridge to be with his other friends from TIER and all the other fantastic horses before him. The sudden loss has absolutely devastated me and it&rsquos hard to even describe the hurt but I know you and the rest of the TIER family would like to be informed and you completely understand the heartache.
That little horse was my world, he taught me so much, forgave my mistakes and we loved each other so deeply. He was so much more than just a horse to me, he was my furry 4-legged soul mate and my partner.  I will forever and always love him.
Thank you Gail and thank you TIER for saving the most wonderful horse. He was my dream come true and without you I never would have been able to experience a relationship so precious between horse and human.


(Rainy's Mom)

Just off the press. Up to date pictures of Rainy and Royal!

Rachael and I loved talking with you last week as always. You are such a special person in our lives. I'm so honored and deeply touched that you allowed me to adopt this wonderful little spirit. He means everything to me. Isn't he beautiful?
Most importantly he is healthy, happy and uh hem....a real character. He makes me laugh all the time. The picture of Rainy's nose is most appropriate. Curious and into everything in a wink of an eye!

June 1st. will make two years that Rainy has been with me!! Hooray!! Can you believe it? We've been riding since last September and in just the rope halter you see in the pictures. His favorite snack is red grapes and watermelon. Loves his fly sheet, blanket and flymask with ears. We walk together all the time and after our walks we decide what we want to do next. Ride, play, graze, a turnout with Royal or a bath. Turnouts are most enjoyable to watch. Royal and Rainy can get so silly that Rachael and I are laughing till our sides ache. What fun they have.


Yep, its true... We finally got some new pictures of the boys. And don't they look good?! :) It was long over due, but we had taken some and it seems like they would never make it off the digital camera. So here are a few. This weekend we would like to take some more. As you can see the boys have really come a long way. I was able to get some pictures of Royal and I showing what we are currently working on together. Its taken some time to get him this confident with a rider but it was worth every minute of it. (Yep he's bridle-less) He is so incredibly smart and such a quick learner that it really spurs me on to keep introducing new things to him. Rainy too is doing very well with being ridden now. We are slowly teaching him how to pick up proper leads while in a canter. Let me tell you, when he gets into his nice lope he is a fuuuuuuun ride! Very smooth and you can just relax. Rainy doesn't go anywhere in a real hurry. We have so much fun with these guys. We hope you all enjoy the pictures and we will try to be better at getting up to date pictures more often. Thank you again for our special boys.

Now we'll let the pictures do the talken )


That it will been 2 years since I brought the love of my life home? sits back and thinks Wow... We have learned SSSSOoooo much about one another and have really built a bond and a trust that is very special. Doesn't show in the horse industry that often. Unless you love horses like us crazy people here. Been meaning for so long to get new pics posted. We really need to do that. I think Gail is gonna kick my butt if I don't soon
But everyone knows or has had that feeling when you just feel like bragging about your horse. Maybe you had an awesome work out that day or they were just super sweet when you needed it most. I am probably biased, but I am here to say that I think Royal is the absolute sweetest thing that has ever walked on 4 hooves. I love that boy so much, he has added so much to my life. We have learned together and he has come such a long way from where he was a lil over 3 years ago. No telling what he was suffering from before Gail rescued him. I am just so glad that he is mine. I wouldn't trade him for anything in the world. May sound super weird to some, but he is like a best friend. LOL He see's me more than my own boyfriend and parents! So I'm here to brag and remember all the little trials that him and I have worked thru.

As of now, Royal has been trailerd out and ridden out at Casper park. Rainman came with us and a friend of mine. Royal's girlfriend this week is Velocity and she has really come to love him. Royal, Rainy and Velocity all walk together and love to be in a herd. Makes for wonderful trail partners. The boys are great, doing well enough to venture out on trail was awesome. Huge feeling of accomplishment. I am just so thankful and proud.

Thank you Gail for everything you do. Mom and I miss ya and we'll get some anniversary pics to you soon. November 15th will be the 2 year mark! Guess I'll have to get a carrot cake or something... Can you tell Mr. is a lil spoiled??? Love ya guys. I'll be back soon with up to date pictures.


As for Royal, he is fantastic. Still heavy, but we're worken on that. We had to spend lots and lots of time in the beginning working on this guy with trust issues. Then it was working on ground manners then riding skills. We have learned a lot from each other and we are a pretty remarkable team. Royal and I have a very special love for each other. That horse is a very large part of my life and I cherish him deeply. We have a great mutual respect and bond that we have created. Very few horse people allow themselves to have this with their horse. I guess this is as close as its going to get for having a child. That is truely how it feels. I'm sure others on this board feel the SAME exact way. His training has come along very very well. Because of the rain I haven't been riding much and we are a tad rusty. Come spring we're both going to be toning up and doing a lot more riding. The riding part is what we need to work on the most. Everything else is just great... (Well unless you bring up a plastic bag... Still HATES plastic bags) Also making great progress on "thinking things thru when standing on your own lead rope". He would come unglued with that one. With a little time and work he has come not freaking out when he steps on it. That's pretty much all I have for now...


Hello everyone! It's Rachael just dropping by to give an up date on Royal. After 4 months he is now starting to whinny at me with his greets everyday! (I just love that!!!) He has lost some weight, not a lot, but some and looks very handsome. As for his training, he is doing GREAT! I have ridden two days in a row this week for the first time and he did outstanding. He's doing it all in just a saddle and halter. He was never really taught what a bit was and really dislikes it in his mouth so we do everything in halter for now and he loves it. I have really had to work with him to get his fear of being ridden to where he now doesn't mind it. We had to do a lot of "fun" games to make it seem like it wasn't a punishment to have a saddle on, also when he does have the saddle on, it doesn't mean Run, run, run!!! I am really proud of his improvements on the ground as well as saddle work. We are able to finally go to the next step and do a lot more riding this will really help him and I from getting bored. Plus help drop some more weight! I have established my rank in the hierarchy (which is top Mare! Hee hee hee!) He knows that I am Mom and he's staying with us. We went through some testing periods, but who doesn't. He also is still a little spooky while ridden in some parts but has come a LONG way from where he was. He learns VERY quickly and amazes me when he does catch on so fast! That's an Arab for ya!

He's the sweetest thing that ever walked and my family and I just love him to death! I have turned him into a carrot-aholic, to the point of eating carrots with wormer on them. (That is another hysterical story in itself) He will do anything for a carrot! Likes cookies, apples are ok, but a carrot.Now your talken!!! Royal has also come to liking his leg wraps. He will play with the Velcro for hours, shaking it until it stops making that typical velcro sound. Then he spits it out and wants me to fasten it again so he can pull it apart. It's rather funny to watch. I have to get him a Jolly Ball soon! He needs it!

Anyway, that's how my beloved is doing. I also want to say thank you again to Gail and Blair. Without them he wouldn't have had his "third times a charm." Being on a feed lot once is bad enough but twice, Sheesh! I am thankful to have such a sweet spirit in my life. He truly is wonderful.Thank you Gail and Blair.

I will be getting new pictures on the way that I took this week so ya'll can see how he looks. To me he looks the same, maybe a little thinner. His mane and tail are growing back nicely too! I'll get those to you asap.

11/19/2001 - New Photos!

11/15/2001 - This wonderful boy has been adopted! Congrats REK!

Just wanted to share with everyone that Royal has a home. He came "home" with me today. We had fallen in love in the past couple of weeks and he decided that we loved me enough to WANT to come home with me. We have pictures on the way very soon. He is such an smart, loving, darling horse. Our personalities match very well and he is such a champ! He impressed me sooo much by how well behaved he was when we were leaving and when he showed up to his new home. We took lots of pictures but just need to get them developed. I knew he was fine when I saw him role in his stall within the first 5 min. Also a few times after that. He really likes his neighbor (they started to play already, not just pecking order stuff but playing!!!) He's very talkative too. Says hey to every horse that walks by and he has a little appy girl across from him that thinks he's very sexy. (she's in heat) I'm extremely pleased on how exceptionally well he is doing. There will be more up dates later on tonight(after Igo back to tuck him in for night night) as well as through the weekend. Tomorrow is deffinitly getting a bath!!! He rolled so many times! He is SSSssooo wonderful! I'll keep everbody up dated and I'll be back later.


Royal is a fleabitten gray Arabian Gelding who is 15 - 17 yrs. old. He is personable, curious and sensitive. Royal is needs that special someone to spend time working with him and being consistent. Due to his sensitivity, he is quick to learn, wants to please. He has a wonderfully kind nature.


#169 will be coming to TIER tomorrow! A lovely lady has offered her assitance in getting this horse out of the feedlots. He will be seen by a veterinarian and farrier as soon as he arrives.

Royal is the perfect gent. Fat and in need of a beauty treatment for his mane and tail knots. Maybe later today.... He is a wonderful boy and nice mover. Will check for a freezebrand later.



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