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#112 Light Chestnut Arabian Gelding. Strip and Socks on front. No papers. Appx. 12 yrs. old. Appx 14.3 hands. This horse rides, but he has not been ridden in quite a while. He and #111 above came from the same owners who overfed, and as a result, he is also heavy. Cute guy, very curious with a nice head!

Shaydra's long time buddy in weight gain is this little gelding, Angelia thought they should remain together! Sahara (his new name) will be traveling with Shaydra to their new home where they will trim down, get in shape and have their own humans to look after them. Sahara is quite excited about the prospect of moving to much better quarters and having his dear friend Shaydra with him! Thanks Angelia! We will be anxiously awaiting the progress reports and pictures of these two wonderful horses!



Ohhh this boy breaks my heart! He is in training and it makes me cry to watch the turmoil he is in. Someone did something awful to this poor horse. If you even lightly rub your foot on him when your in the arena he spins to bite then he try's to lick and chew and then back to the bite. We call it a lick and chomp! Karen has worked wonders with him and he is trying so hard. If he is out on the trail he is fine. He is brave and he is ok if you ask something of him. It seems most of his abuse took place in an arena.  He LOVES to go on the trail.


Just wanted to give you a quick update on how Sahara and Shayla are doing. They're doing great !

Took Shayla out for her first ride the other day and she did really well considering how long its been since she's really been ridden. She was pretty hot, I think partly personality and partly no exercise, but was responsive to the bit. She was nervouse about the new surroundings and did spook at some things, but did my favorite type of spook. Of slowing or stopping and looking at the object and then walking by when I gave her a firm squeeze. No shying away or running away. Just stepped by warily, I was very impressed. We walked(well jigged, which I excused for the time being) and trotted and she slowed and stopped from pressure of a basic snaffle. Didn't work on any leg commands, in case she was sensitive, didn't want to many new things at once. Ran into another horse on the trail which she handled just fine. Though did try to kick the guys dog when it ran up on her heels, perfectly understandable, was fine with my dog(but he tends to go on the side or front, not in the back). Will have to later see if its anything coming up behind her that makes her let out a two-footed kick or just the dog. Haven't had a chance to take Sahara out, though I have gotten on him.

Both are relaxed and I think feeling at home. Last week was when I think they finally settled as they've started to show their oats by running and playing.

Sahara is currently eating the corral and barn. Got some pepper spray stuff until I can get him out consistently and releave his boredom.

Both love to be groomed and stand there sighing and leaning into the brushes. Both have pretty good manners, though Sahara is a slight nipper when loose, hasn't tried past his first two tries during his first week here, though he still puts his ears back and tilts his head toward you. I think he just likes to look nasty.

They're getting along pretty good with my mare(kristy). Though Sahara seems to be her pick on horse for some reason. Nothing to bad. No injuries and no food domination, but she does chase him around and growl at him about 80 of the time, then of course she wants to lovey with him. Her and Shayla seem fine. Kristy is the dominant one, but they tend to get along. Weird thing is Sahara has claimed the stall as his and tends to stay in there even when Krsity is being bitchy and won't leave, just stands his ground. At least don't have to worry about him being kicked out in the rain.

Well, that's it for now,




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