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3/1/2003 - 12 yr. old Gray Arabian pony. 13.1 hands. This pony is quite talented! He has been camping, is great on trail and has done gymkhana with a 7 yr. old young lady who is an advanced/intermediate rider!! The pony bowed a front tendon in November 2002 while doing gymkhana with his young rider. He was placed on 2 months stall rest. After a little over two months he was ridden and still favored the injured leg. He was again on stall rest for a couple months. When he was ridden once more it was noted that he was still sore. The vet who saw him indicated that this pony needs 9 months to a year stall rest. It is thought that since he is very herd bound to the owner's other horses, that when they take the other horses out to ride, the pony strains the bowed tendon while he runs and calls for his friends. The owners of the pony cannot keep him contained for the 9 months for a year rest required and contacted TIER before they sent him to auction.


7/30/2017 - A Lovely Memorial Gift

Thank you to Joyce B. for the lovely gift in Memory of Sammy.  Joyce created this likeness of Sammy, fired it in her own kiln and painted it to look like our wonderful boy.  Sammy has his wings. 

3/29/2017 - Sammy Is Gone

Our wonderful Sammy has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  Despite all the efforts by Dr. Hoyme, he was unable to be saved.  Sammy had a cantaloupe sized stone (enterolith) that caused intestinal blockage and subsequent rupture/leakage.  His heart rate was very high when we arrived at the vet clinic.  The vet ran several tests and told us the prognosis was not good.  We had hoped that if his heart rate could be brought down he might be a candidate for surgery.  He was given may liters of fluids throughout the day and night.  Although his heart rate reduced, Dr. Hoyme felt that he could not be saved.

We and the Vet were amazed that Sammy did not exhibit any signs of pain.  There had been no pawing the ground, looking at his flank, rolling or wanting to lie down.  The morning he went to the vet he had been turned out to see if moving around might help and if he had any interest in eating weeds/grass.  He walked about visiting with the other TIER residents and came when I called his name.  He followed me wherever I went.  When we got him to the Vet Clinic he kept wanting to be near me and put his head on my chest.

I have been a basket case since I received the call from Dr. Hoyme stating the treatment wasn't working and having to tell him to let Sammy go.  The deaths of Virgil (chronic diarrhea), Sunny-The Golden Girl (heart failure) and then to suffer the loss of our sweet, sweet Sammy all within 8 days was a bit much for me.  My apologies for not updating sooner, I just took some time to cry.  I think I will be grieving for some time.  It was painful to lose dear Virgil after trying so hard.  The swiftness of Sunny's unexpected heart failure and passing was a shock and I still haven't wrapped my head/heart around it.  Losing Sammy is ...


Thank you to Cindy H. for transporting Sammy to the clinic so quickly and to our donors who contributed to Gail's Birthday Wish for Sammy!


3/29/2014 - Lovin his Grooming Sessions!

THANK YOU Kristi, Mary Lou & Haley for all your hard work today. Rumor has it that Sammy LOVED the multiple grooming sessions!

7/8/2013 - Sammy's New Mask!

Huge thanks to Sammy's friend Janet L. for sending him a fancy Cob sized Cashel Fly Mask!  We love these masks because they are sturdy and the area around the ears are soft.  The opening at the top front for the forelock keeps him from having "helmet hair"! 

In spite of her recent health issues, Janet L. thinks of others...especially Sammy!  She has also generously donated Command Cetyl HA Pellets to make sure that he is comfortable and his joints are moving comfortably. 

Sammy & TIER ask that you please keep Janet in your prayers for a return to good health.


After Sammy was turned out, he rolled and made a mess of himself.  He is usually pretty good about keeping clean (for a white horse that is), but today was the exception.

He happily munched hay and surpervised while volunteers did the hard work.


11/30/2012 - Photo by: Linda Lyons East

Sammy in a gorgeous Christmas halter kindly supplied by Linda Lyons East for his Holidya photos!

9/1/2012 - The Supervisor!

Yesterday was VolunTIER day and, as usual, Sammy supervised all the work!  Here he is keeping a close eye on Doug's rake handling skills!

Sammy also made sure that all the volunteers knew he was in charge!



Sammy loves to "strut his stuff" for the Volunteers (and anyone who pays attention to him!)  Thanks to Janet L., Sammy has been getting a joint supplement (Advanced Cetyl-M) which has definitely contributed to his athletic flash!

Sammy USED to be one of those Gray horses that always shined.  Now, he find great delight in rolling in the dirt and getting as messy as he can.  Yay Sammy!


Sammy loves to "strut his stuff" for the Volunteers (and anyone who pays attention to him!)  Thanks to Janet L., Sammy has been getting a joint supplement (Advanced Cetyl-M) which has definitely contributed to his athletic flash!

Sammy USED to be one of those Gray horses that always shined.  Now, he find great delight in rolling in the dirt and getting as messy as he can.  Yay Sammy!

1/1/2012 - The Tooth Fairy Came!

Sammy figured he would like to bring in the New Year with a glowing smile.  So, Phillip R. (Equine Dental) came out on New Year's day to smooth the sharp points on Sammy's teeth.

It wasn't long before Sammy was second guessing his decision!

Phillip "guesstimated" Sammy's age to be around 20 yrs. old which is what we thought. 

Phillip took his time and did a thorough job of smoothing out the sharp edges.  Sammy had one tooth on the upper jaw/left hand side that had very sharp edge which was beginning to bother the inside of his cheek when he chewed.  Although Sammy was a bit put off by all the mouth action, he will be able to chew his hay and pellets comfortably now.

11/20/2011 - Sammy finds ANOTHER Fan!

Yesterday 11/19/2011 was a VolunTIER day and Sammy was a star (as usual).  One of the little girls that came out (Audri) fell in love with him and he was such a gentleman.  He's such a good boy.

In one aspect it is sad that he cannot be ridden due to the damage done to his front tendons.  Had he been taken care of properly he would have made some young girl a wonderful mount and companion.  Unfortunately, there are not many people that would want to adopt a horse that cannot be ridden.  But, we are blessed to have Sammy with us!

Audri also liked Newman and we did get a picture of that!  Check out Newman's page:

10/10/2011 - Sammy has some new Duds!

Sammy would like to express his thanks to his sponsor JL for providing him with a wonderful joint supplement (Cetyl-M) and an AWESOME navy blue halter that is very own!


Truthfully, I think he just wanted to strut his stuff in his stunning halter!  Isn't he just beautiful?  We think he is and so does he!  HA!

We are grateful for JL's sponsorship of Sammy/Samson. 

9/25/2011 - VolunTIERs give a hand

Cleaning pens, scrubbing water buckets, grooming, etc. weren't the only activities VolunTIERs engaged in.  They also gave Sammy a hand.....

"Scritches" are also freely given and much appreciated:

Some folks even commented that he was pretty enough to be a Unicorn!  Sammy was surprised that these VolunTIERs figured out his secret identity! (Picture courtesy of Bonnie S.)


Sammy had his feet done today and as usual, he was the ultimate gentleman.  He is just the sweetest Arabian pony!  He is stabled next to Sugar Bear and they talk together quite a bit.  He is such a clown.  When he is turned out with Paco or Pepper, Sammy thinks it&rsquos all fun a games.  He will stand in the middle of the arena, rear up several times and then start chasing them.  Paco loves it!  He does that donkey running which looks so different from horses and then he will begin to holler.  At first, I thought he was frightened (not Paco!) but I think he is hollering from the sheer joy of playing with Sammy.  You&rsquod never even know that Sammy is close to being in his 20&rsquos!  That&rsquos an Arab for ya!  He is just the most loving pony and comes when you call his name.  He is great around kids or novices and is just soooooooo cute!


Sammy continues to be a favorite with VolunTIERS and visitors!  He is the only horse/pony on the property that will actually come when you call his name.  He is the sweetest guy.  Visitors Bill & Gary from Peppermint Ridge (a loving group home for developmentally disabled adults) really enjoy Sammy.  As you can see from the picture with Gary, Sammy does have &ldquoWhite Pony Syndrome&rdquo.  White Pony Syndrome is simply that white ponies love to get dirty!  HA!


Sam's owners were unable to find another home for him, so instead of going to auction, he came to TIER.  He is quite headshy, but with time and patience that has decreased.  Sammy is very personable.  But, his first few months here he displayed gas colic symptoms and was treated with Renitidine for three weeks.

The vet's original assessment is that the bows are quite severe and he has re-injured himself.  Vet recommends a year layup and then see how sound he is.  Although Sammy&rsquos soundness has improved greatly, whenever he is turned out for an extended period of time he tends to play hard and begins to limp.  Sadly, Sammy is not sound for riding.



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