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#188. Bay TB type broodmare. Wide blaze. Appx. 16 hands. Appx. 16 - 18 yrs. This is a nice mare that is having an awful time with the flies. She is not allergic, but they bother her eyes. No infection......yet. It is not known if she is broke to ride. read her tattoo, but all I could read were the last three numbers which are 416.

After countless phone calls, e-mails, more phone calls..........a wonderful lady named Dana has brought two horses home! Dana was determined to help #188 (Now nicknamed Tess) home and also wanted to give #204 (Now named Cabernet--Cabby for short) a chance to work through his "attitude". Dana has worked with many horses, gives lessons. After speaking with her at length, it was felt that she was experienced enough to work with Cabby and surely able to care for Tess. Cabby had been injured in the feedlot (he and another horse had a discussion about who was boss). The injury to his neck (a cut) and a very large swelling in the chest area did not deter Dana and she loaded both horses in record time and took them home! Yeah Dana! We will be looking forward to updates on these two horses.



Tess has been doing fantastic too! She lives to take care of Christina (the little girl who rides her). Not bad, she's starting a show career at 29 years old! But she just packs Christina around and they even jump! It's so fun!


Tess is doing great! She is getting close to sound! My barn owner says she's the horse with 9 lives! We should have called her Morris! She is such a great patient too. I told my vet to get back out here and do her teeth! He didn't do them because he was afraid we would have to put her down and he thought it would be a waste to do. I really think I am going to retire her in July. The girl deserves it!


Well, all is going great up here with Cabs and Tess. Tess has truely come around like an absolute champ! We did about 2 weeks of roundpen work with her to get her confidence and trust. Now she'll let us do everything! We have been able to ride her both with and without a saddle and in nothing but a halter and lead rope!!! She is so stoic and tolerant! Not bad for an old gal that probably hasn't been ridden in 12 or so years! We've been taking it very easy with her and have limited the few rides we've done so far to a max of 10 minutes. We have walked and trotted. She is so smart!!!

Cabby is doing great as well! We have been able to ride in the arena and on the trails with really no problems. And he is just the most incredibly athletic horse! He can move!!! I can not wait to get that guy into a Dressage arena! Warmbloods watch out!

Both are putting on good weight and seem to be so happy with their lives now. When they finish filling out I will definately email some pics to you!

I'll update you again soon!




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