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#104. Solid Black QH type Gelding. Appx. 15 yrs. old. Appx. 15.3 hands. This horse is strictly a companion horse. He has an injury to his left knee and an old rope burn on his right rear fetlock. The knee injury is old and is hard. This horse is absolutely gorgeous. Whoever used him up, used him to the limit until his leg could no longer do the job. He is somewhat underweight and could stand a few pounds. It would not be a good idea to get him up to his full weight (his build indicates he was once a powerfully build horse) due to his knee. A wonderfully kind horse.

It is very doubtful that he will find a home due to the condition of his knee. Last evening, I spoke with Linda Moss, the driving force behind Equus Sanctuary about this horse and his future. Linda informed me that Equus Sanctuary, would take this wonderful horse and provide him with a retirement home for life if we could raise the funds to pay his ransom and transport to Equus. We are calling this wonderful horse "Treat" as it is Halloween (Trick or Treat!). It would indeed be a "Treat" to help this fine horse get to Equus Sanctuary where he can live out his days as a horse. A living, breathing, giving, horse. Where he can spend his retirement in the company of other horses, grazing and being exactly what he was intended to be. A horse! If anyone can assist TIER in helping Treat, we would certainly appreciate it and so would Treat! Thank you all for what you do, have done and continue to do for the horses that need us!



Yee Haw! Thanks to some generous ladies (thank you Alex, Nicki and Lorian!!!), we were able to come up with Treat's (his new name) ransom and hauling costs!!! Treat will be leaving the feedlots to live the rest of his life at Equus. The latest picture of this handsome horse will be out soon! Thanks to these ladies and people like those on this list, horses like Treat do have a future! They get to be horses!   Laughing, playing, grazing, sighing, breathing in and out horses! Thanks Equus for being there for horses that need sanctuary and the chance to be just who they are!



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