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Trick Lizard (BOB)
TIER was recently contacted by Riverside County Department of Animal Services regarding the stallions being housed at the San Jacinto facility. September 2017 Animal Services once more received a report of horse neglect at the same property Iris & Maisie came from. The horses were at the property during the March 2016 investigation. However, they were in much better condition than the other 23 seized by officers last year and were allowed to remain at that time. After a new report of neglect this year, the owner relinquished ownership of all the now underweight 14 Thoroughbreds.

That said, TIER has taken in ID#A1393323 a 10 yr. old dark bay/black stallion. (Picture at left taken 30 days after arrival at RCDAS)

After many days of research, we think we have identified this soon to be healthy and handsome boy as Trick Lizard.

THANK YOU again to Dana S. for making the journey with me to San Jacinto to pick him up. His hooves have already been trimmed by our farrier. After he has put on some weight/becomes a bit more healthy, he will be gelded and have his teeth done and have an overall health checkup at that time. He is underweight and not in the best condition at the moment.


11/4/2017 - And they call him...BOB!

Foster Failure!  Trick Lizard not only has a new barn name, he has a new home!  And a new station in life......he is now a gelding.  His Foster Friend likes him so much that they named him BOB (Hungry Bob) and they have adopted him!

Pictures to come when we can get them.  Bob's new owner isn't internet or camera savvy.  So...we are just sharing good news today.  Woot Woot!

10/21/2017 - Dated Pictures

Trick Lizard is currently being fostered and will be adopted to his Foster person once he is gelded.  Our Foster Friend is not able to send us updated pictures of this boy yet.  Not an internet/email savvy individual.  We are working on that.

Pictures below are of Trick Lizard a from few years ago.

Copy and Paste the following link to get a better view of Trick Lizard's Pedigree:



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