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TIER provides rescue /sanctuary for mistreated, abandoned, and neglected horses in need of a safe place to land, room to breathe without demands or the need for defense and to be able to heal. A place to mend, be loved, cared for, and given a chance to be valued for who they are.

Your contributions assist in providing food, shelter, water and medical attention for the horses of TIER.


3/24/2019 - UPDATE: Lucille & EmmyLou Travel Plans

Good Morning.  My apologies for not updating on the status of EmmyLou & Lucille's status.  Their transport saga got sort of messy there for a bit. get another one of my LONG posts trying to explain the situation.

Lucille had originally been scheduled to come to TIER some time back, but then EmmyLou arrived so we thought we should let them ride together.  Then Lucille appeared to be having front hoof issues and was sore.  We had her x-rayed, purchased therapeutic boots for her and had the farrier come back out to put backward shoes on.  We modified her feed in case it was a factor

While that was going on, EmmyLou seemed to have some discharge from one nostril.  It was clear and there was no indication of upper respiratory issues, etc.  It is thought that it may be coming from a tooth problem and we had her teeth floated.  The float of course helped with her chewing, etc. but did not rectify the drippy nose.  That will need to be addressed by an Equine dentist once she arrives at TIER.  (Dr. Jacob Johnson is our dentist of choice.  A little pricey, but so worth it!)

The girls' health situation have been addressed and they were then scheduled to be picked up on 3/20/2019 and they were seen by the vet who issued Health Certificates.  We were notified by the transport company that they were subcontracting the haul to someone else.  This does happen sometimes due to transport schedules and not normally a big worry.  In this instance, we were not comfortable with this particular situation as we did not want the girls to possibly be exposed to anything that might compromise their health after having been in quarantined to insure they were healthy to travel.  

I made the decision to cancel that particular trip.  The next available trip that the original transport company had available was for April 12th and arriving April 14th-15th!  That would be 23 MORE days of boarding fees.  So, I started contacting transporters that we trust to have clean trailers, would administer medications during the haul, that would take the horses off the trailers to rest when they stopped overnight and that were coming from TX to CA sooner than April 12th.  It took awhile.

We were able to arrange transport with a longtime friend/rescuer/transporter (Hallelujah!)   The girls are now scheduled to be picked up next Saturday, 3/30/2019 and will most likely arrive the following Tuesday, 4/1/2019.  Although there is a change in transport costs, we are relieved to know the girls will be here soon!

This has been one convoluted adventure for sure!  We could not have helped these girls had it not been for the donor who contacted us offering to pay some of the initial costs, and our supporters who have given generously to help us care for them and get them here.  We sincerely thank you!

We do not normally rescue horses out of state as there are many sad souls locally in need of a safe place to land.  We are excited that the "Texas Gals" will be here soon and we are so looking forward to meeting them after all this time.

Thank you for being there for these lovely mares. We could not have come this far without you!

6/8/2018 - AT LAST! Shelter is back up!

After a dust devil whipped through the property and took down one of the corral shleters, it took us a month to be able to afford to have it repaired and reinstalled.

Fortunately, costs were reduced due to our wonderful neighbor Lewis bringing his tractor over to lift the shelter into place after a new pole had been cemented in, new "L" brackets had been made and the damaged tin sheets on top were replaced.


The "L" brackets were inserted into the ground poles and long screws/bolts were put in to make it sturdy and less prone to flying in the wind.

6/3/2018 - Hoof Fairy

I remembered! (Sort of) Farrier was out and I remembered to take pictures....for awhile. Several of the TIER residents had their hooves trimmed, front shoes replaced. Our farrier, Val Dean, did check on Joey's shoes/pads, abcesses. Fortunately, healing is happening, but it will take a long time as the neglect was profound.

In the pictures with Rio & Pilgrim you can see the shelter from the adjoining corral is still down. Hoping we can get that repaired and back up soon as it is getting sunny and hot.

Contributions for farrier care or shelter repair are very much appreciated and needed.  PayPal:

5/10/2018 - Move the Broken Shelter

Thank goodness for the kindness of our neighbors! Lewis & Linda brought their tractor over to move the wind damaged shelter out of the corral. The cemented support pole that was laid flat also needed to be dug out.

5/8/2018 - Loose Horse!

Loose Horse! HA! Put Lincoln & Kane in the arena for a day/overnight. They seemed to be enjoying themselves. Zeke, Pirate & Moses were out and about wandering around, but I didn't get pics of Moses & Pirate.

Zeke made a point of visiting with Deacon & Joey. Volunteers Cameron and Nichole were out to do some grooming on Glory, Mariah, Zeke and Joey. What a nice morning!

5/8/2018 - Dust Devil Damage to Shelter

The hits just keep on coming sometimes. 1st, tire on manure cart BLEW; 2nd, Gail's dog of 17 yrs named Zelda had to be assisted across the Rainbow Bridge; and now, 3rd, Never underestimate the power of a dust devil!

 Whirling wind/dust demolished one of our shelters and ruined a corral panel. Totally bent a cemented support pole down to the ground!

Fortunately, no horses were harmed in this incident and they have been moved to the arena until we have the funds available to fix this mess. Sigh.

2/3/2018 - Let There Be Shade!

THANK YOU to our Donors who helped with the costs of purchase & delivery of a shelter for our new 35'x 60' corral!  And a Grateful THANK YOU to our wonderful friends David Y. and his son-in-law Brad who came out to assemble the shelter, dig holes for the support poles they had to measure/cut and set in cement.  They also had to modify the shleter so it would work correctly with the support poles.

Our awesome neighbor/friend Lewis O. brought his tractor over to lift the shelter onto the support poles.  Between Lewis, Dave and Brad, it took no time to set that cover!  Thank you ALL!

Whew!  It had been a struggle to find a shelter that we could afford and then the task of having it put up was another issue.  I called several places and people to see what the costs would be and it was way above our budget.  So, I contacted friends & neighbors to see if they would be willing to do the job.  No hesitancy in their replies.  Dave came out to see what was needed and said "I'll see you Saturday".  Lewis said "Just call me when the boys are ready for the tractor".  We are truly blessed to have such great people come together for TIER.

1/24/2018 - Special Horses/Secret Santa Goodies Arrived!

12/20/2017 - CAROL's BOYS


The weekend of October 18, 2013, Carol Darnell passed away in her sleep. The world lost an amazing human being. Those of us who had been fortunate enough to know Carol lost a dear friend and an inspiring mentor. Carol left behind a legacy built on her love of the Arabian horse, Orchids, Art, Antiques, other animals, and friendship.

Many people came together and networked to help place her dogs, cats, horses. It took a Village and I am amazed at what they all came together to do and got done so quickly.

Kristy M., traveled to Oklahoma at Gail's request to help with the placement of Carol's dogs, cats, horses.  At the time of her passing, Carol was on the BOD of TIER and had been an avid supporter from the very beginning.  Kristy made sure that all the animals were placed.

4 years later, her two remaining Arabian geldings, Tonithetiger (TONI-almost 20 yrs. old)

(current picture of Toni)

& El Jahklan (Jake - almost 18 yrs. old) are in need of rehoming. 

(Current picture of Jake)

Carol's boys will be coming to California to live out their lives.  Transporting these two boys and setting up space for them is an unexpected expense.  TIER has put up an additional corral for the boys, but we also need to purchase and install a shelter for them.

So, TIER comes to you to ask for your assistance.  We need to put a deposit on transport costs and pay the balance upon arrival.  To that end, we need to raise 1,000.00

A 24' x 8' New, clamp on shelter runs almost 500.00 which does not include delivery or installation.  We are searching for a used shelter for sale.

Transport and shelter costs (shelter/delivery/install) needed are close to 1,800. 

We hope to have the boys in California by the 2nd-3rd week in January.  Any help to get the boys here would be so very appreciated.  Thank you for listening/reading and being there for TIER and Carol’s Boys!

Carol on most favorite Arabian stallion that she got to meet in person in 2000.

7/17/2017 - Pepper Trees-Thanks John H.

BIG HUGS to John H. for his donation of 3 pepper trees to replace the ones chopped down by accident. Once they grow up they will provide more shade for the horses.

Also, thank you John for planting them AND bringing peppermints for Archie and the gang! (Archie is still wondering where you went with that tub of peppermints)

7/15/2017 - PF1 has arrived!

Welcome Home PF1 (Pasture Feeder # 1)! Thanks to Debi, TIER is the proud owner of a pasture feeder that is just the right size for the girl donkees! Hopefully we will soon be able to acquire PF2, PF3 & PF4 for the rest of the big pens. Thank you a bunch Debi!

4/27/2017 - A Wonderous Gift!

In early April 2017, we were contacted by the Weidner Cares group about the possibility of being chosen for their annual Weidner Cares Community service day.  We were honored to make the list of possible non-profit candidates and undeniably elated at being chosen as the recipient of their So. Cal Community Service Day!  WOO HOO! 

The project coordinators, Nick, Cindy, Stephanie and Alex (Alex came all the way from Washington) were phenomenal, knowledgeable, detailed and so personable!  50 (yes, that is 50!) Weidner employees came out and and did an Over The Top job!  Their attention to detail was wonderful.  We had worked together on a project list (it was LONG) and they asked if there were other projects to add to the list just in case they might be able to tackle them.  They completed EVERYTHING, including mucking out 1/2 the corrals!  TIER volunteers Andie, Diana & Stephanie helped tremendously by being here and explaining where things go, while they pitched in with the work at hand.  Thanks so much ladies of TIER!  

The list included, painting, sanding, staining (shedrow barn stall fronts), dead tree removal, drip irrigation & a timer for "Carol's Corner" and an area around the arena, cleaning/organizing the workshop (they even donated 2 huge Gorilla Shelving units!), welding together 2 new hose racks, gave us some new plants, moving railroad ties, fencing in the well area AND the hay area, and adding horse wire to the existing barrier fence!  They donated and installed TWO 8'x24' shelters for the large areas where the donkeys currently reside, cleaned/painted 3 picnic tables, organized the "bone yard" (where we keep extra pipe, fencing, broken corral panels, etc.), installed cabinets over the washer/dryer and fixed a drawer that constantly came of it's runners.


They completed EVERYTHING and asked for more tasks!  Can you believe it??  

TIER is so very grateful for their generosity, upbeat attitudes and skills.  I was overcome with it all.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think that we would be able to afford or complete these projects any time soon.  We had hoped to be able to tackle them over the next few years as donor funds are utilized for feed, farrier and vet costs.  I continue to be amazed every morning when I go out to feed and see what these wonderful people accomplished in 1 day of labor and laughter.  Our "To Do/Wish List" has been drastically reduced!  

I did speak to them at the lunch break about rescuing, the plight of BLM burros/horses, how much their gift meant to the horses in our care and to the people of TIER.  Diana handmade address & check book covers in colorful print fabric as a thank you for each of these folks!  Diana is so thoughtful!There are just not enough words to convey our appreciation.  Grateful doesn't seem to truly emphasize how we feel. The Weidner Cares group have truly made a difference in lives of the horses currently at TIER, the lives of those that may come to TIER, daily management and the lives of our volunteers and supporters.  THANK YOU WEIDNER CARES!

10/18/2016 - Verifi-Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries

TIER - True Innocents Equine Rescue has been verified with Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS) since 2011. The certificate below is our RE-verification. GFAS performed a site visit shortly after our move to a larger property last year. We could not do this without our Donors, Supporters, Volunteers and BOD. THANK YOU!

7/21/2016 - The Hits Keep On Coming...

After feeding, filling water buckets, administering electrolytes, adding salt to feed, medicating scrapes, giving Pirate his psyllium and other daily chores, I made a run to the local feed store for more supplies.  When I returned I stopped at the house first.  No water.

I was in panic mode as I thought something had happened with the well.  Thank goodness I had cleaned/filled all the water barrels for the horses before the water quit.  A couple of our neighbors have had to have water trucked in because their wells were down and I was really worried.  I grabbed my coffee and went to the front porch where I could calm down and figure out what I could do next. 

I noticed a dried water trail coming from the workshop/barn area.  I went down to that area and found that the main pipe to two of the water bladders had broken and that the water had been cut off.  It was around 4:00 pm and the gentleman I had personally hired for the day to clean stalls was gone.  I called him and he told me that when he noticed all the water gushing out of the broken pipe he turned off the main.  Thank goodness he was here when that happened! 

We have found that quite a bit of the PVC used for water on this property is different kinds of PVC pieced together willy/nilly causing issues off an on since we moved here.  (The pipe for grey water from the house is a nightmare that I have been personally trying save up to have fixed).

That late in the day I was sure that I would not be able to get a plumber out here.  I called Joe who has been working with me on the grey water issue.  He was on his way home from Los Angeles where his day job is and told me he would be out here in an hour.  LOVE that guy!  He did a temporary fix on the pipe and then came back the next day, put in METAL pipe and also replaced some other valves that had been giving us problems.

The fear of not having water for the horses in this heat wave really rocked me!

6/18/2016 - Pushy Panhandlers!

Do you find those pushy panhandlers at the rail annoying? BE WARNED this is the Jackie & Paco act when carrots and apples are brought their way.

4/3/2016 - The Demise of Sidekick #1

It was with laughing anticipation that we introduced Sidekick #1 and Sidekick # 2 to the TIER residents.  Sidekick # 1 moved into the corral with Jackie, Belle & Paco.

Jackie soon claimed Sidekick #1 as her property.

Sidekick #2 was put in the roundpen with Moses & Garrett.  Garret was interested in the newcomer, but Moses felt that a toy was something he wasn't interested in at the time.

Early the following morning, Sidekick #1 was found with it's clothes shredded at one end of the corral.

The mangled insides were lying in a heap.  Crime photo of Sidekick #1's outsides & insides were taken while Jackie (the murdering Burro) looked on with disdain.  The remains were lovingly placed in the dumpster.


11/9/2015 - Bostonian Visitor to Tack Sale?

TIER Tack Sale had a Bostonian visitor at the sale. Lucy was checking out the "dog bowl" with the horse theme around the edge and trying out the Circle Y Saddle. Sadly, the stirrups on the saddle were too long for her.

11/8/2015 - 11/7/2015 Used Tack Sale/Fundraiser

There are not enough words to thank the TIER VolunTIERS properly for all their hard work at our Tack Sale AND Corral Cleanup yesterday!

Diane P. did the bulk of organizing the layout for items, created signs & put them out so people could find the place Carol Cederborg Melissa Etter, Katelyn Davidson, Belinda Hines, Stephanie McGregor, Joyce Banks and Pat of Pat's Tack helped for days to prepare for the event.  Organizing, cleaning, tagging, set up/tear down, etc.  Thank you ladies!

RCU students (as usual) along with Jon Davidson came out in force to clean pens, scrub & fill water barrels, clean the hay area, etc. so things would like nice for our visitors. These young people come out on a regular basis and help the horses so very much!


7/15/2014 - Hay, Hay, Hey

Because of our supporters, we are able to purchase hay in bulk which allows us to pay a bit less than feed store prices.  Thank you ALL!


Many thanks to Bobbie F., Cara S., Carol F., Catherine B., Char C., Corinne B., Holly F., Irene J., James C., Kathi J., Krystin P., Pamela C., Steve F., and Tim C., who donated via Secret Santa for Horse Rescues for the horses of TIER!

The goodies have arrived! We are so very grateful for your participation in this year-end fundraiser which helps the horses of TIER to get those things that are needed around the rescue.

Below are pictures of the Secret Santa goodies and the TIER residents.

Marshall wanted a fly mask with nose piece

Sunny asked for bucket brushes to keep the TIER water buckets sparkling clean.

Virgil asked for body brushes for himself and everyone.

Zeke requested extra lead ropes and lunge lines so volunTIERs can take the TIER residents for a walk (or the horses can walk the volunTIERs).

In Memory of Carol Darnell This was a special request, to honor the memory of Carol Darnell, a wonderful friend to all equines and to those of TIER in particular. Every year, Carol donated a case of vet wrap. We asked Secret Santa participants to honor her memory by donating in her name.

Not only was Carol's annual gift of vet wrap honored, but TIER also received Cowboy Magic Detangler/Shine, Fly Spray bottles, Ivermectine wormer, brushes for manes/tails, and an extra fly mask w/nose for Melvin!!

Thank you for your generosity, kindness, caring and support! It was a GREAT Xmas fundraiser made possible by Wendi N. of Special Horses and, of course, our wonderful donors!

12/21/2013 - The stockings were hung on the feeder with care...

Twas 5 days before Christmas, when all through the corrals
the horses were munching hay, not even a donkey did bray.
The stockings were hung on the feeder with care,
in hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there.

Thank you VolunTIERS Diana P., DJ & Marilyn!

10/6/2013 - San Dimas Rodeo 2013

We just don't know how to thank all our volunteers for the hard work they put in at the San Dimas Rodeo this weekend.

As USUAL, Diana & Mel set up the booth and tended to the booth BOTH days all day! VolunTIERS Andie, Bri, Marilyn, DJ and Janice came out in full force to help out.

We had a wonderful time and raised funds for the horses of TIER! Thank you to Bob Hardcastle, Jeri Hardcastle & Erin Cyr who volunteer with the rodeo and made sure that everyone was taken care of.

6/11/2013 - Journey Home Update-Freedom!

We are happy to announce that the horses have arrived at their final destination - SANCTUARY!

Your generosity, along with assistance from the ASPCA & The Ark Watch Foundation has made their trip possible!

We would like to send you our deepest thanks for your contributions which helped to transport TIER horses to Black Hills Horse Sanctuary in South Dakota and the Duchess Sanctuary in Oregon where they will live out the rest of their lives free from neglect and abuse.

Transportation, health certificates, and vet fees for such an endeavor were costly and with our budgets so tight to cover just feed and everyday care, we were afraid we would miss this great opportunity.

We would also like to thank Celine Myers, founder of the Duchess Sanctuary and Ark Watch Foundation for her hard work in making this effort happen by coordinating with the sanctuaries to get the horses in and transport details!

Also, we wish to thank Sandi Anderson and her husband Rick for assisting with loading the horses when it was time to send them on their Journey Home!

This is such an important event for TIER and for the horses. We can further focus on our remaining horses, rehabilitation, training, and finding great families to adopt them.

Thank you again for helping make this possible.

6/8/2013 Chino (front), Autumn (Left-behind Chino), etc. as they head out to their first taste of freedom

The Journey Home &ndash Freedom!

The look that these mustangs have in their eyes is one of wonder and confusion. There are seven in the group and they traveled here from California and Nevada together. After years of captivity seeing an open gate must be a mistake. Next they check all around the large pasture outside of the corrals and barns. This gives them a sense of security and if there is a problem they can easily come back into the corral. After around the perimeter they settle down to graze. One of the reasons we want all of the new arrivals to adjust to a period of time close in is that in times of danger they come back here as they know this is the safe zone. Most all of the mustangs on the Sanctuary periodically check out what is happening down here to see if they want to stay for a while in the winter. As soon as the grass starts to green up they are all ready to hit the open range.

Preserving the American West-Saving One Wild Horse at a Time!

Susan W. Watt, Program Director

Institute of Range and American Mustang

Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary, Hot Springs, SD

The newly formed group have their first taste of Freedom! Autumn leads the group as she tastes the air!

The Lucky Seven explore open range. What a wonderful new life adventure!

6/10/2013 - More Photos from 6-11-2013

Here are some photos after the horses were turned out into the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary house field this weekend. Here they can stretch their legs, munch some grass, and just learn to roam around. We can see them from the Visitors Center and Susan can see them from her house. We are still giving them a bit of hay daily just because they are used to it.



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